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I'm working on a game project called Tiny Chao World. By working I mean I'm drawing out the graphics for it before starting. These donations will basically act as commissioning me and motivating me to at least work on the sprites and graphics a little better. No guarantees it will happen though. This applies to every project I have going for here too.

Of course, you can also donate if you just feel like it. No idea what to do with the points, but this at least will show some of your support you have for me.

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Sorry it took so long just to write this up and to even begin sharing my thoughts. But since I now have the opportunity, it's about time I share what is going on with me.

I have a new laptop! This laptop is an absolute beast even though it's not really a gaming one. But this can play Dolphin emulator without much trouble! I'm able to play most if not all the games I would hope to be able to play on this! Not only that, but any problems that was on my older laptop is not present in this new one! What happened with my older laptop? Well, there is nothing wrong with that one, other than the constant blue screening. I thought it had gone to shit, but it turns out the problem was a faulty charger I had with it, and I had no other charger. Because it wasn't charging properly, it had acted as if in Battery Mode, so performance dropped immensely. I wasn't feeling so happy until I had gotten my new laptop, but learning what was wrong with my old one was a bit of a kicker, but not much of one since I knew what I was getting soon.

Okay, besides that, how are my projects doing? Well, what you're about to hear isn't much of good news, I'm afraid...

Though it's on my to-do list eventually for reasons I'll explain later, I'm trying to make a custom Chao Spritesheet for Chao Adventure 1 and 2. For 1, it's making the Hero and Dark alignment and other special Chao, and for 2, it's just the special Chao. I haven't been working on it very much. It involves a lot of thinking and much help from Chao experts other than myself. As you can probably tell, I'm heavily reliant and inspired by feedback, but it can't just be generic responses, as one should be aware. And as we all know, I'm not exactly much of an artist. This project will take a lot out of me because not only do I have to think what each Chao should look like, I also have to make all the animations for them. If you look at my Spritesheets of the games, that's a lot of sprites.

One of two main reasons I want to make such sprites is because I want to work on a project called "Tiny Chao World". This is going to be remakes of Chao Adventure 1 and 2, and the Tiny Chao Garden. But there will be more than that. For now, I'll only say that much. If I'm going to make a game, I really should more than anything have the resources first. My biggest lack right now is a game maker. I'm looking at Game Maker Studio 2, which looks to be the tool I need. I would learn Unity, but I'm just not ready to tackle a coding language. Before you say that could be the same for GMS2, it's really not. It has so much to DnD that I could probably make this a reality with DnD alone and if I'm creative enough, which I am one for creativity. I've used RPG Maker VX Ace before, and I've done more than I'd expect out of it with it's event editor alone.

Speaking of RPG Maker, remember Chao Adventure RPG? Sorry to say, but it's almost a dead project by this point. I've lost most if not all of my motivation and creativity to work on it. And I lack the resources and brains to continue anyway. I simply cannot work on it without a team, which I'm sure I'm not going to get anymore. There's still a small chance it may come back to life again, but it's not my highest priority. It's almost the least of my concerns, it's kinda sad actually.

Anyway, another thing I want make these sprites for is presentation for still eventual Chao videos I have plans for. In case you don't know, I plan to make Chao videos very soon. As I go over Chao, I will do special "bios" on every type of Chao, similar to Chuggaaconroy with Pokémon, or BikdipOnABus with his Crystal playthrough. I don't want to get into much more details yet, as it's going to be a while before I can even attempt to safely say that's what I'm going to be doing.

Videos in general has been on hiatus for a very long time, but that's because of the laptop problem. I'm still setting up, but videos will come back soon, assuming my headset is still working. I will "finish" Sonic Adventure, and return to DK64 soon. It will be better than ever, I hope. I've learned so much more, and I have subjects I would like to talk about. I hope to achieve just that in upcoming videos.

I'm curious, but has anyone actually been following my Google Docs? I am updating my docs, but not very often, and not very much. I'm not exactly in the best condition to do much. I can't really think, and I can't really act. That's my top priority before I do much else. My sleeping schedule is messed up, I don't have the best foods to help me work better, and my family isn't in very good condition. It's ruining my ability to work hard, both physically and mentally. When I can work on stuff, I really should start to focus on one thing at a time, and start to do more than just look at something that's unfinished. I should open it up and see how it's unfinished and see if I can do something or spend some of my time to think on it. I hope to prevail.

One last problem on my mind... I can never really think ahead. Though I have thoughts now, I can't assure that I'm going to do these things. It's always been a problem with me. I have plans or thoughts and can't or won't do 'em. Maybe it's due to how everything else is making me think. I don't know. There's still other stuff that's bugging me, but I'd rather speak in person or privately message. It's for the best to not say it here.

I sure hope you had a good winter, and look forward to spring soon! I certainly hope you don't feel as ill as me or any of my close ones!


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Progirl88 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I know how you feel, I’m there too but somehow we. Have to get out of all of this, is not easy specially when people tell us to do it but they don’t even tell us how. We are gonna pull out of this, maybe not as fast as we would like but we will and when it happens everything will be amazing. Keep on fighting, not for others but for yourself, make you feel great again. If you ever want to talk or something just let me know, I’m here if you need anything. Have a beautiful day.
Ognimod Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2018
Sorry I've been so absent! My mind hasn't been focused correctly for a while.
(2 Replies)
Hitz-NA Featured By Owner May 13, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Hey there Ultima!
I'm a friend of Sueno, pleased to meet you.
I've read her journal about you.
Man, never give up on what you do or what others think about your interests and likings. The time that you like and you're happy with what you do, that's the most important.

I've taken a look to your gallery, your sprites are really neat! Plus they are from 2015, that means I'm sure you can make them even better today. Continue this way!

Your friends are here for you, and I'm ready to encourage you and support you for the future.
Take care. :)
Ognimod Featured By Owner May 13, 2018
Sueño sent me; I will try my best to encourage you. =)
itbdilth Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2017
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