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Silent Hill - Pyramid Head



I aplogize for this showing up so many times on people's devwatches, DA is giving me a ridiculously hard time right now, between not uploading the image right and making it ONLY the preview image, or just the full deviation.. THIRD TIME IS A CHARM, RIGHT?

... There was a WHORE here... but now she's gone. 8D

Too bad it doesn't fit in the title XD

Anyhoo, yeah. This is my third go at uploading this goddamn thing, so I apologize again. I'd been working on this on and off since the Silent Hill movie came out ( and you can see the movie influences, mixed with the game one, for instance, PH's head and outfit are movie based aside from the fact that his head is red instead of iron black). I spent a fair amount of time on the background on this, and I hope it shows because everyone knows I absolutely hate backgrounds. But I really seriously tried this time. XD This is probably one of the few things I've done that I actually like. :3

Slightly magnified detail shots can be found here [link] in scraps.

I hate Maria. XD

Mature'd for those who hate blood.

Edited 1/19/08
Attempting to take away annoying preview image. :o
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NICE i actually hate maria thats why i like this photo :)