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Early this year I was approached by a game company who was struggling to design a character for their game. They saw some of my works and wanted my help, and offered to pay me. I couldn't refuse! So I took the offer and did work designing them a character. A dragon to be specific. For a videogame!

Say hello to the Bioluminescent dragon, a future playable creature in the Steam game called Day of Dragons. (the image is made by Jia Hao, a pro 3D modeler for the game)

Bio Dragon

I helped designed this beauty's concept (not the skin or color, the overall body shape and danglies and such). And the devs of the game showed interest in me helping them on more dragons. It is not a perma-position, but I'm hoping this might lead to one if I keep at it. I mean how could I say no to something I designed becoming playable characters in a videogame!? So yeah, I've been focusing on that while attempting to do Hybridor on the side. Unfortunately as you can see, the game stuff has so far really not helped me get much to anything done. I'm extremely sorry about that. I will be trying to get my butt back in gear during times I'm not doing game stuff. But hopefully this will clarify why I've been slack on Hybridor things.

This game is holding a contest to make a new skin for this creature too, and can win the dragon for their game. So if you are interested in making your own (or voting for mine lol...I made a Hybridor Ulta coloration so far!), head to their discord and join in on the fun!


Hope this helps clarify what I've been up to. I will be working to try and get Hybridor stuff back up and running asap. Either way, exciting stuff is happening!

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It's so nice to see that a lot of artists in the community were able to contribute to this creature's design!

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'ey you found me! And yep, this is definitely the 'community dragon'.

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That's awesome Ulta! Congratulations!! I'm so happy for you and my fingers are crossed it leads to even greater things!!

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Wow, that's great news, congratulations!
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DUDE CONGRATS! You get to make a skin design of your choice for a game out of your interest, and you get payed!!! Talk about the commission of a life time!

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Technically I didn't make a skin for it, but I'm joining the contest in hopes my skin wins for it XD

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That's awesome to hear ^_^ Congrats on it

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Congrats on that opportunity! Keep going :D.

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AlfaFilly's avatar

This is so cool!!! Congrats on the opportunity!! I hope you get to do it more!

And no problem on Hybridor. Keep chasing these neat chances! :D

Ulta's avatar

Neat chances ahoy!

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It might be the flower they put with the dragon, but it looks smaller then the Micro Feather Dragon.

This is prob my favorite dragon so far. Glad I paid the extra to have it in game.

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According to the devs, it's suppose to be bigger than the Micro but smaller than the Acid spitter. So like the middle size between them at a class 2

Hybridor could wait, let's just see the results of the game first. :)

I'm not gonna join the discord server though.

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The results look exciting, so I can't wait for updates too!

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Damn, congrats on scoring a lucky chance like that
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Thanks! I hope this luck holds out

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Oh wow that's pretty cool and really lucky that they came to you for help:nod: But it's understandable that you haven't been able to do your own thing. But again it's still cool:nod:

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I'll still be trying to do my own thing since unfortunately I don't make enough from the game help. But still!

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