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This journal is basically gonna explain what's been going on this entire time and what my plans are going forward. If you like Hybridor, be sure to read this! It's got good news! To start with, I will explain why there was a huge gap in updates. Hybridor only earns money through it's Patreon, and while it's enough to cover 1 of my bills, it's not exactly making enough for me to make it my 'job' yet. During my holiday break to work on the next Chapter, I was approached by some game devs who wanted some of my artistic help, and offered to pay me. I couldn't refuse such an opportunity, so I shifted to focus on that and see if it would go anywhere. The good news is, it was enough help for me to leave my mark, and I will have my name in the credits of this game and also will have my mark left behind in the form of a playable character I helped design. It's all really exciting stuff! The bad news is, my services are no longer being seeked out, at least for the time being. There's potential still, but it's not something I can sit and wait for. I also got my Covid shot during this time, so I was sick for a little while.

This just leads to more good news for all you readers though. Now that my time is back in my hands, Hybridor is back to being my main focus. And my plans for it's resurgence are gonna be quite large. For starters, the comic will be hitting ComicFury and FurAffinity, and resuming on all the sites it's been viewable on as well, which is Deviantart, Webtoon, Tapastic, and the new Hybridor website (you can find the new site by typing www.hybridor.net in the url bar of your web browser). Out of all of these, the Hybridor website is probably the BEST place to view the comic if you like Traditional comic page style, but if you like reading comics on your phone, Webtoon is so far the best. But if you happen to live on any of the other sites, you'll be able to fav and read it there if you so wish! As far as DA is concerned, I spent hours yesterday literally fixing a ton of broken links on the comic, since apparently the move to Eclipse broke several of their OWN codes. It's defiantly not a site built for comic hosting @_@ But since I love my DA readerhood here, I took the time to make sure it would be as easy to enjoy as possible here. So if you find any broken or weird links, let me know! You also might be noticing something weird...where did the Prologue go?! It's gone. Sorta. I'm replacing it with a NEW prologue that will start being posted in June! The old one will be slightly revised and thrown into a exclusive tier on Hybridor's Patreon. Like a behind-the-scenes side comic if people wanna refresh or see how Starlight ended up off her island. It will be having some slight changes, so it won't be entirely the same as you last remember it! (it had some old info and some characters weren't behaving accurately). Once the new prologue is fully posted, Chapter 4 will resume on all websites that are not starting fresh, while the fresh websites will just get massively good uploads until they are caught up. Might be a nightmare for me to keep track of, but I will do my best!

What I'm hoping for with this resurgence is that new and old readers alike will enter the story with this new and better prologue, and then hopefully they'll refresh their memories and re-read the comic all the way till where it is now. By then, Chapter 4 will have begun and the comic resumes as normal from then on =)

Patreon will be getting a small revamp as well, so some tiers will be changing. Anyone who's a patreon of mine will be alerted of the changes via the discord.

I'm excited to get back into making the story. The new prologue imo is SO much better than the old one. While the old one wasn't exactly bad, it wasn't a very good leg to start the story on. This new one should really set the tone properly, and I am quite proud of it. So I hope you guys enjoy it! It will drop on a Wednesday in June. Which day? We'll find out =)

There are a small handful of art things I need to finish up and fix before I can start posting. Many of the other sites need some of their pages fixed, and I'm the only one who can do so. I wanna make sure Hybridor gets love on all places it's viewable on to try and gain the maximum amount of readers possible. So share it with your friends when posts start dropping!

I can't wait to interact with readers again! I miss my DA readers and talking and interacting with you all. See you next month! This will be my slightly late birthday present to you all! XD

© 2021 Ulta
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Looking forward to seeing more Hybridor content! Wishing you the best as always, good luck!

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Thank you ^^

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Glad to have you back! I didn't even know the old prologue was removed ^^;. Can't wait to see the new one when it comes out!:la:

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Good to hear ^^