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EDIT: 12/27/2017 Added some new rules.

These rules are subject to change!



  • Anthros
  • Humans
  • Feral Animals with human intelligence
  • Dragons
  • Mystical creatures
  • Aliens of varying designs
  • Certain 'fan characters', but only if they can pass off as any of the above visually.
  • A minor array of robot-like entities (this is up in the air though, but feel free to try offering your robot character and we'll see if it works out. There's only a specific kind I will allow)


  • Obvious Fan Characters from popular franchises (ex. Sonic FC's, MLP, Pokemon, other extremely unique stylized FC's)
  • Official Characters from popular franchises
  • Very LARGE characters (unless the event asks for them), ex. nothing bigger than a horse
  • Nude characters (they need clothes if they are even remotely humanoid. Feral animals don't count)
  • Characters that require being in water to live (unless the events is asking for such, or you'd designed them in a way that allows them to live on land)
  • By submitting a character, you are agreeing to allowing me to use that character as I see fit for their one instance in the comic. Do NOT expect any sort of compensation for your character being in it if HYBRIDOR earns money later. This is a chance to be included in the comic, not an entitlement to shoehorn your character into it permanently.
  • Once you've submitted your character, BE PATIENT. Constant badgering of 'when is my cameo showing up?' will lead to me removing them. Have patience. they will show up when I need them =)
  • If your character is a clear FC of another franchise, you are allowed to redesign them so they fit better as original characters. But I will not be redesigning them myself. That is YOUR job.
  • There is a chance that I will allow a real-life photo as reference for a character, if you lack a drawn reference. For example, let's say the cameo you wanna give is your pet cat, but you don't have any drawn image of him/her anywhere. A good photo of the cat can possibly work, so long as the image is good quality and lit well.
SUBMISSION FORMAT (if you've won a cameo slot, READ THIS!)

Send me a private message through your website of choice with the following information:

  • A link to a full-body reference image of your character
  • What color comlink you want them to have (not needed if your character is a DPU)
  • A very brief summary of JUST their personality (to help me keep them in character)

To clarify further on why I'm not accepting certain Fan characters...To keep Hybridor copyright safe, I want to avoid any and all obvious hints from other popular franchises...even if technically it could exist there XD

If anyone has anymore questions, just ask. I've made this journal as a helpful guide to anyone who is hoping to win their character a temporary appearance in Hybridor. This way you have some time to 'redesign' them to fit the rules, if you were even that bent on getting a cameo in that is. Don't worry if you miss out this time though. There will be more chances to get cameo slots in the future!

If you have any questions lemme know =)

Special Event: Early Prologue SneakPeaks

Wanna see what the new Prologue pages to Hybridor will be like? You can see them now if you join the 2$ tier of Hybridor's Patreon! It also comes with other side goodies too! Just a win for everyone right?


Art Status

:bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack: = Not started yet
:bulletblue: :bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack: = Brainstormed how it will look
:bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack: = Sketched out
:bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblack: :bulletblack: = Line art complete
:bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblack: = Flat colors done
:bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: = Finished

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CrystalFossil's avatar
Hello, I have a question about character size. While my dragons doesn't have their height listed, most of them are around the same size as a horse. (In other words, they might be a bit too big). Would it be possible to submit a dragon as a cameo, but have them drawn a bit smaller in the comic?

Ulta's avatar
I can totally do that! (yay a dragon! Gimme gimme!)
All-is-Dust's avatar
So due to such being mentioned here in the journal, I've got a couple questions, and i was initially hoping that here would be a good place to ask them, of which it's nice to know that it is XD

Anyhoozles, getting to the questions at hand...

1. On the off-chance that you say no to a provided thing, would you be willing to accept a different thing if alternate options are available, or does providing that initial thing kick off that "one-per-person" thing? {i.e. If i provide a character ref, but something about it provokes a red flag for things you won't accept, would you allow me to provide an alternative that fully falls into the categories of what you will accept? If yes, great, if no, is it because of the "one-per-person" rule?}

2. How many legs are you willing to work with? Is it a "No less than two but no more than four" kind of deal?

3. Are close up images required for reference photos or additional reference photos? Or are you good with the Front View + Side View + Quarter Side View?

4. Would you say no to additional reference photos and/or close up images?
Ulta's avatar
1. If you get a no, you can try again with an acceptable character. It's only when the character gets accepted does the 'one person rule' get used up.

2. It can have 16 legs for all I care. Bring on the legs! (this is an alien world afterall. The pic with the cameos has some with 8). Just make sure the creature isn't like several stories tall and it should be good.

3. I don't think it's required unless there's some detail that you reeeally wanna make sure I include that only a close up can make visible.

4. Give as many refs as you think you need. Though try to keep them to a small amount so that my drawing canvas doesn't get cluttered and in turn I don't get confused. The front/back/side view is usually enough, but again if a close up or other angle is needed to show a detail you wanna make sure I draw, then make sure you point it out with the ref that shows it.
All-is-Dust's avatar
So, in summary;

1. If i get a "no", i can resubmit, but the moment i get a "yes" the one-per rule kicks in.

2. [INSERT VARIABLE AMOUNT] Of legs/limbs in general is of no consequence as long as the character doesn't exceed the height limit of a single-or-more story building.

3. Close up images for references are optional, but not mandatory.

4. Don't spam reference photos too much.

All-is-Dust's avatar
So, question, for those of us not artistically inclined (i.e. having the drawing capability of a dumpster fire) would you accept photos taken via camera, as long as appropriate details are provided in the note that we send?
Ulta's avatar
Hmmmmm it's a bit of a stretch. My goal here isn't to do caricatures or profile drawings. My goal is to just allow those with already drawn characters to get a shot at seeing them in the comic. If I had to go by a written description or in this case, a hyper-realistic photo, it's a lot of work on my part to convert that into digital form.

However, it doesn't hurt to try =) It might depend on the whatever the photo is of. If it's a human, yeah good luck with me being able to convert them to digital majesty easily...I suck at that royally. If it's an animal I might have an easier time. Won't hurt to try.

Right now though I JUST closed Cameo submissions. So no more new submissions. But this'll give you time to maybe find someone who might actually draw whatever the photo is of. By the time it's open , you'll have a ref for me to use =)
All-is-Dust's avatar
Not gonna lie, when i started reading this, i confused "or" for "of", which really threw off allot of things, but now that i know the actual CORRECT wording of what you wrote, i can now provide a response of my own :XD: ah the joys of drain bramage

If it's possible to provide a description ALONGSIDE the photo, to provide any additional details, i can do that, but the photos that i had in mind were those of Bionicle MoCs i had made by hand (huzzah for needn't worrying about humans :XD:). So in essence, more two-to-three parts robot to one-to-two parts animal-ish, given the MoC i initially had in mind.

As for the timing of the cameo submissions, i JUST noticed a minute ago the edit you had made for today, cause i saw the promotional in my inbox :XD: but hey, to err is human :D pobody's nerfect and all that shtuff.

If it's still easier to use an already drawn reference instead of reference photos, i can see what i can do till the next cameo event comes around :)
Ulta's avatar
It would be more useful, especially since I know now that it's a bionicle. Is it a custom one? Cause if someone else can easily identify it as a bionicle and just a 'robot' then I might not be able to use it at all since I can't use any 'copyrighted' stuff. It's liek me putting in a Ziod robot and trying to say it's original, when it clearly isn't XD

Still if you do get someone to draw it, then you can always allow them some freedom when it comes to how it looks! So we'll see! Next time you see this show up in your inbox, it'll mean it just opened so least you won't confuse it for that XD
All-is-Dust's avatar
The bionicle is very much a custom made figure, so no need to worry about copyright infringement here XD And I'd be more than happy/willing to provide additional details in the description of the photo :D

Hooray for no confusion! XD
Ulta's avatar
Sweet! In that case, other than getting someone else to draw it out for you, I MAY take it if you take photo's of it's front, back, and a quarter side view. As long as I can easily see the details so I don't ruin it for you =P Keep this in mind for next time and we'll be golden =)
All-is-Dust's avatar
Oh, almost forgot to mention in the response i provided, the one with the Kermit emote.

When it comes to the photos, whilst i will provide them come time for the next cameo event, there will unfortunately be more than one photo, but that is only to meet the requirements needed; i.e., front, back, and quarter side view. Normally i would put all photos into one image for you to use as a reference sheet, my image editing skills are in the same dumpster fire as my ability to draw.

And just for added security, i will be providing left side and right side ref photos as well, and i will tag you in each image :D The details will be provided in the note, as well as links to the images, per instruction to the established rules for the cameo event.

And to reiterate so that there is no confusion, and that i provide acknowledgement to the established conversation; All discussed in this comment will be provided on time for the next cameo event :D
Ulta's avatar
Haha you are so formal. Awesome. Glad to see you will be organized like a champ when the time comes :thumbsup:
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007inator's avatar
So I have a question ... I have a character that's considered alien but it falls under a popular franchise naming dbz can I still put the suggestion down or no?
Ulta's avatar
Hmmm DBZ characters usually have a distinct style to their faces miight be stretching it.

Dunno. Can you link me to an image of them? If they seem okay I'll let you know =)
007inator's avatar
Alright I got to make the reference first I'll make it real quick then get it sent
AshleyWolf259's avatar
Does Fat characters count as Large? =.
AstraNovaa's avatar
Argh this looks so fun to partake in, Unfortunately i have nothing but sonic oc/fc's!
I'll definitely share this out for you though! :D
Ulta's avatar

And hey Starlight and a few others WERE Sonic FC's at one point. It's not really hard to redesign them! It's mostly the noodle limbs and the muzzle/eye structure that makes a Sonic FC...a sonic FC XD If you know what I mean. turning them anthro isn't too hard imo (but I'm not here to do that for folks =P )
sweetdreams125's avatar
Would a character that is you be allowed??
Ulta's avatar
I'm not sure what you mean by that.

If you mean a character that represents yourself, then maybe. You gotta read these rules and see if the character you wanna submit is allowed.

Cameo Event Rules
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