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If you want to help Hybridor get to 2 pages a week, or it get a hired team to make it visually better AND be produced faster? Then read on! A cooler summary of this journal can be found on my most recent deviation.

Basically, I'm offering quite a few rewards over on my Patreon in hopes of earning enough funds monthly to both survive, and to help Hybridor get even better, faster. My real job has been cutting my hours drastically and I'm starting to run into money issues, so here I am, offering services in hopes of earning the lost funds. Link to Patreon is found here: THE GOAL IS TO REACH $700 monthly ON PATREON. If this goal is reached, Hybridor's submission schedule will go from 1 page a week, to 2! IF THE $2000 monthly GOAL is hit, then...first off, holy smokes, is this reality. And second, it'll mean I can hire more folks to help me make the comic, and this will result in higher quality pages AND faster production, which means more pages each week! Since it's the start of the new month, right now is the best time to support the Patreon and become a member of the Hybridor family. You'll get lots of neat rewards instantly, and you'll be doing me a huge service with your generosity. Plus you'll be helping towards increasing Hybridor production speed, which means more pages faster, AND better!

No pressure to anyone reading this of course. If you can't, that's fine. Just share the word about the comic and point more readers to it and all should work out ^^ Thank you to anyone who ends up supporting, and all readers who read Hybridor, supporters on Patreon or not! This project would be nothing without it's reader base, and I am blessed to have each and every one of you giving time to read my silly project.

Here's to another 4 years and beyond!

© 2021 Ulta
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Heya, thanks for the Llama.:#1:

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No problem! Thank YOU for the llama and watch too!

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Did you think about crowdfunding? To create a campaign like Alector Fencer made her "Myre" project. You may start from something small, make pre-order option for your supporters and develop it up to a book or a series of books.

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I've thought about it, but I dunno if the interest is there. Hybridor wasn't ever meant to be a book though, always a webcomic. I didn't make the pages to be properly sized for books =(

Could maybe do something else, but given I dunno how to do merch either, I'm unsure what XD