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Very old stuff (2013)  <-halp Penguin <-blog <-nsfw blog <-
for ones who want to see all the spicy, content that is forbidden on other web-sites Flame Flame Flame 
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Not really the usual crying baby Usagi. :lol:
Too much hanging out with Seiya i see... :P
Poor Ikuko... 
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this is sailormoon retired
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Tsukino Usagi has quite her moon princess royal manners and became a modern-day dirty punk girl... Luna and Artemis will be disappointed.
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Dang, she looks like she's in a bad mood.  What happened?
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This is so cooool~!
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Oh, geez, YUMM! Sailor Moon meets Tank girl!
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That's simply great!! Love this!
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It's awesome. I love it!
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It's so is a bit off, in terms of style. But overall, it's completely fresh :)
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Aaaand you're back. Yay.
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Love this! It would be perfect if Tuxedo Rose was standing beside her and he's wearing an Adidas track suit, lol.
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This is just awesome. Kick-ass!
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