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Hello, every body!

It’s been a while since I updaded my gallery for the last time. I wasn't lazy, mind you? I just had to wait for a chance to get some photos of my newest paintings shot in a higher quality. Well, that happend yesterday! So I hope you enjoy the new deviations and that I'll get to post more regularly. But I don't promise anything!  

I also have a shop now on society6. Feel free to visit:

If you know German you can also follow me on facebook, where I post more regularly (and in poorer quality).…
Well, I have been here for less than a week by now
and there are already some nice reactions on my work.
I'd like to thank you all for that. I have kept my work mostly
to myself and close friends for years but decided to show it in public
two years ago. Since then some of my paintings and drawings
(and even stories) have been published in a local magazine for weird fiction
and underground literature with a very low circulation figure (only 15 to 20 copies per issue).
For those who are nosey: the magazine goes by the name of "Leben im Nebel"
("live/living in the fog") and is a product of the WhiteTrain-publishing house
(not officially established yet) located in Darmstadt, Germany. Two of my paintings
have been a part of a collective exhibition. Now this is the next step, to give more
people the opportunity to have a look at what I'm doing in my spare time.
Apparently most of the people who take notice of my "deviations" don't speak
German, so I'll adjust to this and provide a bit more information in English.
(But truth be told there aren't many people around here I have told about it yet)
I'm sorry for not responding to your comments as soon as I'd like, but currently
I'm very busy and can't spent much time with the DeviantArt-community.
Hell, I haven't been painting for months! So I just ask you to be patient.
Semester break is in sight and then I will translate my bio into English and finally resume painting.

So long!


PS: I'm also sorry for the mistakes in grammar and spelling I'll surely make over the time.
If I do, don't hesitate telling me.