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Wyrd Sisters

I was supposed to do this with my twin sister but she couldn't make it at the last minute. Hurrah for photoshop!

I don't usually upload stuff so big but it needed to be big to see the detail (so I added a copyright notice too), please respect the photographer's copyright and do not repost/edit etc!

All photography and editing by David Holmes
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TrippleDragon's avatar
Interesting location and a very compelling composition.
lglush's avatar
too bad there wasn't more openings
PlasmaTwin's avatar
I love this! You've captured so much atmosphere!
Edit: Sorry, I didn't see that the question had already been asked and answered. :)
That's awesome! Where was this taken?
KurtKrueger's avatar
I feel as though I shot this! I love it!

~ Kurt
Oxidizing-Angel's avatar
Very cool and bold :)
LloydB's avatar
Found this location yesterday, ended up putting my foot in a bog on the way back. Also found the house nearby I like the old stove got some ideas for a shoot using it.

Will have to seek out some special locations, found Kennall Vale mills over the weekend, simply blown out by it, much better than i expected, infact I have a model shoot planned there.
ulorinvex's avatar
oh cool :)

That reminds me, I'm coming back to Cornwall in April!
Bear54's avatar
Very cool shot. What a fun location, an interesting old structure. Your poses really fit with the scene.
b13visuals's avatar
Great posing! I really like the tension in the middle pose! Well done!
Stigmartyr762's avatar
That you in all three openings? :?
dragoninlondon's avatar
Brilliant images, really a pleasure to see them!
LloydB's avatar
Really great picture, I like your poses.

I haven't come across this building before.
LinaCampuzano's avatar
I've been through the whole gallery and i luv it... Beautiful shots, a twin sister... I have alaways wanted one but...
EricJohn's avatar
This is awesome - fantastic work!
Roshen-Art's avatar
What is the location, out of curiousity?
ulorinvex's avatar
somewhere in Cornwall, I'm not sure exactly where
Roshen-Art's avatar
Thank you for the info. :@)
AcesHearts's avatar
damn at first i thought it were three different models! you look so different in every picture, its unbelievable... i love this soo much its really a great idea.
azdaja's avatar
this is wonderfull :)
squishysart's avatar
excellent idea :) xx
Project-Firefly's avatar
Poupee-Obscure's avatar
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