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Thank you, Prof. Trammell

I followed a tutorial on that seemed to be made for me. Since I didn't quite understand why you thanked (also) me following that brilliant tutorial, I want to say: You’re more than welcome, Kent !!
(Kent Trammell \ Creating a Realistic Head in Blender)

In the "shirt" i used one of my Ultra Fractal Creations "MichelAngeloesque" [link]
Screenshots here: [link]
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wow, very realistic!
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Wow! You took your time there :D
This is awesome!
he only thing I encounter is that his eyes are too shiny
It looks like he's crying.
Although, he might just be happy he looks good xD
Anyway... Excellent job!
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If there was a DD for comments, you deserved one !! Thank you for your kind words. Well I'm glad he looks sad but not sick,like some of the time i had to watch him. In the end i could you easily name ten issues i would like to change incl. starting over:). He looks sad cause sometimes tears are the only key to paradise.
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A few months from now you'll improve much more and decide to make one that's way better and incredible. That's what we're all waiting for :D
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