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By ulliroyal
This Fractal was chosen for the Benoit Mandelbrot
Fractal Art Contest 2007 and should have been in the exhibition. Unfortunately I could not check my mails for a while so I missed the deadline for the Hires-File ... happens.

cya. ulli
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© 2007 - 2021 ulliroyal
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Beautifully done!!!
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i could never imagined such a well designed uf work. i think i should start thinking about uf one more time :D
mehrdadart's avatar
Wow. Really wonderful and awesome. :clap:
Helewidis's avatar
:wave: Hi there!

Just to let you know I featured your work in an article about fractal: [link]

Thank you for sharing your work! :blowkiss:
xXSaltAndPepperXx's avatar
It seems so complicated yet so simple. :clap:
Must :+fav:
sergo321's avatar
its realy nice what software you used?
ulliroyal's avatar
Thanks a lot, its done with ultrafractal
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slightly reminds me of a mobo. Nice. ^^
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At first, I though that this was some sort of building layout. Fantastic work!
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Congrats on DD, great art has been featured :clap:
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vetty kool, mang! B)
xyphid's avatar
so complex and creative, yet, seems so unappealing to me (no offense of course, just pure honesty)
angeladams's avatar
square fractals???!

I love it!
Arkestus's avatar
This is brilliant! Looks like many bridges crossing and it goes on forever! A well deserved dailly deviation :)
Muruku's avatar
Very Nice.
Methinks it would have even been more appropriate for a Barnsley contest than a Mandelbrot contest? :-)
harlequinfool's avatar
O_O This is prettyful and puzzling looking. ^_^ *likes it muches* Like stairs. Lots of them never ending. o_o
inspiredimperfection's avatar
makes me think of futuristic traffic jams and intertwined highways.. very awesome
shedied's avatar
Reminds me of the den where we had my dad's Kenwood stereo back when they were designed to look more like furniture than technogadgets, and on the right, reflected on the alum fridge it seems somebody left a plate out instead of putting it in the sink =)

wonderfully done. it's almost like math is your paintbrush
chiipyo's avatar
Fractal's good.
Shows u a personal world.:heart:
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