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By ulliroyal

I'm still happy with my 3D-WizardSoup-script and Apo 3D hack.

Since there are requests, thank you, and this image appears almost first when you search Google images for "ICEFLOWER" or "Apophysis 3D" I decided to create my first print.

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A beautiful and ethereal work of art!!!  Heart   Clap   +fav 
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beautiful..  !! how do u guys make..sorry CREATE  such out of dis world stuff!?? i wanna learn
any suggestions?
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It's (too) easy. Like everything.  Watch my tutorial:…
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Thus is UBER-sick!!!!
Tutorial please?
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thanks mate, hope that helps: [link]
The rest is finetuning ;)
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So beautiful... LOVE it.
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:bulletpurple: OMGosh, this is so beautiful!
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yeah thanks! At least one of my 1000 Flames became a classic :)
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:bulletpurple: You are more than welcome. Do I taste a bit of sarcasm lol :-)
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No, not at all sarcasm. It is a nice look over my shoulder.
Meanwhile i see that making fractals is similar to a meditative ego shooter PC Game with a little bit of more or less creative output. ;)
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:bulletpurple: Hahaha, I love your reply.
Have fun making more classics!
ulliroyal, I don't see how to purchase this art as a 300 dpi image. I'd love to have that. What is the way?

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Hi Sharon,

thank you for your love on ICE FLOWER.

On Deviantart you only can press "buy print" and then they'll send it to you on canvas or paper after some more clicks. I already sold a copy on a private view. For a closer contact and maybe details for canvas style or size you can contact me.
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absolutely amazing!
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Very nice!!! good works
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Thank you, Kim, seems to become a classic :blowkiss:
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Super Apo, I'll have to try that script, haven't used 208-3dHack much since getting into MB3D a year ago.
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Thank you, It works in a way with Apo7 too, xyrus must have changed something with the gradient/Rendering and perspective numbers, soon I will post a corrected update.
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I'm not real crazy about Apo7, for one I don't use Win7 anyway and a lot of stuff with color and gamma just don't work the same, give me good old 3d-Hack anyday, a marvel of simplicity.
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same here, a pity that 2.08 hack(:D) will expire in 5 years or so. I tried to work with zeueks source code but.. no chance. And it looks that zeuek prefers the play station now, the real stuff :rofl:
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