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Personal work, 2013.
Done with watercolor, ink liners and Copic markers. Highlights with masking liquid and white ink marker.
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© 2013 - 2021 UllaThynell
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 Beautifully done and all the little creatures asleep in their borrows while one white figure (otter?) is awake.
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Thank you! Yes, it is an otter or a quite similar creature anyways. :)
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I love how everyone else is sleeping and this one creature is awake!
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The pinks and blues of this piece are beautiful together. ♥ Sort of a rose quartz/aquamarine thing going on. I always love cross-sections of nature like this as well. <:
Riana-art's avatar
I really like this picture for its dreamlike atmosphere. At the first glimps the river appears to be a king that is seen from the back, with the surface of the water forming the crown, the roots in the middle indicating the hair and the shoulders beginning in the area where the white animal swims. A funny effect :)
UllaThynell's avatar
Hah, that's a pretty good idea for a painting though! : D
The-CuriousOnes's avatar
This is so glorious! I just want to live there >.< 
UllaThynell's avatar
Thank you so much! :D
A-Little-Tea-Rat's avatar
So magical and dreamy ^-^
UllaThynell's avatar
Thank you again! :)
o0Amphigory0o's avatar
Beautiful and magical, as it always is!
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I have featured your beautiful artwork in my journal here:…
Happy New Year!
UllaThynell's avatar
Thank you so much, Inku! What an amazing feature to be included in. Happiest of New Years to you too! :heart:
Eluminora's avatar
I love the style of this one too. the combination of Copic markers and watercolor is unusual but lovely.
UllaThynell's avatar
Thanks, again! I appreciate the feedback. :)
zidaria's avatar
Oh, how beautiful! I love your soft colors and strong lines. The way you show above ground and below is so beautiful and well-balanced and has just the right amount of detail.
UllaThynell's avatar
Thank you very much for the comment!
b-Dedi's avatar
I saw this one before....glad I found it again so that I can fave it :aww:! It's so beautiful ! ....shows a part of a little hidden world I would also love to be a part of sometimes
UllaThynell's avatar
Thank you very much! :D
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