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Art process video: Heart


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Painting/drawing with smooth drawing paper 200gsm, Copic Various Ink alcohol ink, Caran d'Ache Luminance pencils.

Disclaimer! This video is not intended as a tutorial, in the sense that I don't really recommend this technique with this particular ink - unless you're looking for an expensive, messy and challenging way to do art, I guess. :) Using alcohol inks this way is quite impractical and I usually avoid this medium with commissions or basically anything that needs to be planned ahead. I would probably recommend trying pigment rich watercolours or some other types of ink first.

Music: Cumulus Nimbus by Quincas Moreira

Finished, scanned piece:

Heart by UllaThynell
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Beautiful! I love your work, so respectful of nature, with beautiful colour, texture & light, and full of imagination, peace and joy 💚

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Thank you! 🌷

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Wow, never so such a type of painting...what is that that you spread on the paper at the beginning? Printing ink?

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Thanks! It's Copic Various Ink alcohol ink – I recommend reading the description under the video because I've explained it in detail there!

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This is actually quite amazing, love the finished result. I find this method of creating something unplanned to produce some of the most unique results when it comes to environments and can totally help to break you out of being stuck and actually being creative. Wonderfully filmed too.

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Thank you so much! Pink Rose (Meaning: Grace, Happiness, Gentleness)

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I was shocked when I realized you were using Copic inks right out of the refill bottle. Never seen anyone do that before.
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Yeah I'm quite unorthodox with art tools. (: This technique/experiment originated when I had a big pile of half-used copic refills (I used to do a lot of marker drawings but eventually got sick of markers and moved on to other tools), and wanted to find a more exciting way to use my old refills. I love the textures and colours that come from this technique but I really don't recommend anyone buying new copic refills for this kind of use, because they're expensive to buy and won't last long (not to mention that this is probably the most impractical illustration technique I know). :D
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Yeah that was half the reason I was shocked. I know how much those bottles cost. Guess you could get a similar effect with the eyedropper from an ink bottle. Lately I've been using my Copics to lay out the shadows before working over the piece in water color and gouache. Makes it a bit easier to plan the lighting.
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Its really awesome!

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Wow, that's so amazing.
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Wow, I'm mesmerized!! :thumbsup::love:!!!
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This is awesome, you're so talented and creative :) I rarely see such painting technique. Thanks for sharing the process!
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Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! :)
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Very interesting technique! Never thought you'd have this totally abstract approach in the beginning :la: Now I want to try this myself, thanks for the inspiration :heart:

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Thanks for commenting! :)
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Maravilloso!! o como se diga en tu idioma!!

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I'm jawdropped with what you did. Wow, it's impressive how you manage to manipulate the ink and create a landscape out of it! Now I'm excited to try out similar stuff with watercolors. Congrats for the great work! Keep on doing your best!

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Thank you so much! I appreciate it salmon heart bullet

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You're welcome! You deserve all the compliments for good arts!

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I know, you didn't intend this as a tutorial, but while messy, this technique looks like it's tons of fun. :D I have to try around with that too~! :D Also love the effect you achieved with it, the art turned out fantastic! <3

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