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Uploaded new prints on Society6 this week!


Inktober 2018 is all done! I'm going to turn some of these drawings into art prints on my Society6 shop later this month. If there's a particular one you'd love, please let me know! :heart:

Inktober 01 / 2018 by ullakko  Inktober 02 / 2018 by ullakko  Inktober 03 / 2018 by ullakko  Inktober 04 / 2018 by ullakko  Inktober 05 / 2018 by ullakko  Inktober 06 / 2018 by ullakko  Inktober 07 / 2018 by ullakko  Inktober 08 / 2018 by ullakko  Inktober 09 / 2018 by ullakko  Inktober 10 / 2018 by ullakko Inktober 11 / 2018 by ullakko  Inktober 12 / 2018 by ullakko  Inktober 13 / 2018 by ullakko  Inktober 14 / 2018 by ullakko  Inktober 15 / 2018 by ullakko  Inktober 16 / 2018 by ullakko  Inktober 17 / 2018 by ullakko  Inktober 18 / 2018 by ullakko  Inktober 19 / 2018 by ullakko  Inktober 20 / 2018 by ullakko  Inktober 21 / 2018 by ullakko  Inktober 22 / 2018 by ullakko  Inktober 23 / 2018 by ullakko  Inktober 24 / 2018 by ullakko  Inktober 25 / 2018 by ullakko  Inktober 26 / 2018 by ullakko  Inktober 27 / 2018 by ullakko  Inktober 28 / 2018 by ullakko  Inktober 29 / 2018 by ullakko  Inktober 30 / 2018 by ullakko  Inktober 31 / 2018 by ullakko
I was interviewed for this lovely article for the blog called "I find artists on Instagram": Forest art by Finnish illustrator tells of tales of mystery and magic

I've been on a vacation with minimal online activity for a week and it was lovely to come back today with news that one of my ink paintings has received a Daily Daviation! Thank you psoty and efelidi for the DD + many thanks for everyone else for all the nice comments and faves! Hello to all the new followers as well. (:

Inktober 25, 2017 by ullakko
I was honored to receive a Daily Deviation yesterday for my Swimmer watercolour! Thank you so much Ero-Haru for suggesting my painting and efelidi for featuring it! :heart:

Swimmer by ullakko

Prints of this are available in my Society6 shop:…
I was recently interviewed about Tolkien, art and my work as an illustrator! The article is in French and published here in Tolkiendrim:

Interview d’Ulla Thynell, illustratrice

FREE SHIPPING & 10% OFF WALL ART on my Society6 shop!
Click here to get the discount:…

(Offer expires August 7, 2016 at Midnight Pacific Time.)

* * * * * *

In other news, one of my watercolor paintings got a DD last week! Super happy! Thank you psoty for suggesting the DD and Moonbeam13 for the feature! Thank you also for all the kind comments and faves - they are much appreciated. :heart:

Frost by ullakko

New book is out! It's a Finnish fantasy novel for kids (middle-grade):
Mimirin lähde: Matka Asgårdiin, toinen kirja
Written by V. M. Toivonen and published by Aurinko Kustannus 2016
Front cover & map design and illustrations by me!

Kirjan voi tilata omaksi minulta:
Hinta 25 eur + postitus 7 euroa. Kyseessä seikkailufantasia, jonka ikäsuositus on 9+.

Myyn myös sarjan ensimmäistä kirjaa Fimbul-talvi, molemmat kirjat yhteishintaan 40 eur + postitus 10 euroa.

Kirjoja saatavilla myös kustantajalta:

My art is featured in the latest ImagineFX magazine (issue 122, film art theme)! I have a spread in their FXposé Traditional art section, with a short interview thingie along the images where I tell a little bit about my work. Super happy about this. :)

One of my featured paintings also got a DD this sunday --- Stoked!! I'm so happy about the positive exposure and grateful for the nice comments and all the new watchers and favs! Thanks to Scarlett-Aimpyh for the suggestion and TheCreativeJenn for the feature. :heart:

I really hope I'll be able to paint some new Tolkien stuff during my summer vacation - I've been missing it!

Elvish Feast in Mirkwood by ullakko
Banner Randomly Illustrated2 by ullakko

Menovinkki Helsingin suunnalla liikehtiville: kuvitustöitäni on mukana digitaalisessa ryhmänäyttelyssä Randomly Illustrated, joka jatkuu lokakuun loppuun asti Helsingin keskustassa, Kirjasto 10:ssä!

Kirjasto 10 sijaitsee Elielinaukiolla Postin ja rautatieaseman lähettyvillä, ja on avoinna ma-to klo 8-22, ja pe 8-20 ja viikonloppuna 12-18. Sinne siis kurkkaamaan! :)

Lisätietoja näyttelyn Facebook-sivulla:…

Group exhibition “Randomly Illustrated” is currently displayed in Library 10, Helsinki (near the central railway station and post office), including some of my own works amongst others!

Here're some of the other artists and fellow graphic design students participating the show: (She also made the drawing featured on the event banner above!)

Fimbul-talvi by ullakko   Map of Midgard by ullakko

Kuvittamani nuorten fantasiakirjasarjan ensimmäinen osa on nyt saatavilla - FIMBUL-TALVI: Matka Asgårdiin, ensimmäinen kirja (kirjailija V. M. Toivonen, kuvitus Ulla Thynell). Tein kirjaan etukannen, värillisen kartan sekä mustavalkoiset piirrokset lukujen alkuun. Kirja sopii erityisesti nuorille lukijoille (n. 9-vuotiaista ylöspäin), mutta pidin sen lukemisesta itsekin. (: Tarina perustuu skandinaaviseen mytologiaan.

Tästä voi ladata luettavaksi kirjan ensimmäisen luvun.

Kirja saatavilla esimerkiksi näistä verkkokaupoista:

Aurinko Kustannus
Akateeminen kirjakauppa
Suomalainen kirjakauppa

Kirjan voi myös tilata suoraan minulta (tiedustelut sähköpostitse ulla.thynell at (book illustrations) by ullakko

* * *


New middle-grade fantasy book "Fimbul-talvi" was published recently - the illustrations are mine and the book is written by V. M. Toivonen. It's the first part of the series "Matka Asgårdiin". I'll let you know in case the book is translated into other languages in the future!

Three of my Silmarillion themed illustrations were recently published in the newest Aiglos (issue 19), a Polish annual magazine featuring Tolkien themed articles, essays and artworks. Here's more about the publication for all the Polish speaking Tolkien fen out there:

Six of my Tolkien themed artworks will be displayed at Oxonmoot conference, hosted by Tolkien Society and held in Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, during 11th - 14th September!

Bag End Garden by ullakko Yavanna, colored by ullakko The King of the Golden Hall by ullakko
Leaving Hobbiton by ullakko Fangorn by ullakko Lothlorien by ullakko
So, fellow artists, illustrators and designers - who else has a Tumblr or a Facebook page dedicated to their creative stuff? Here's an opportunity to promote! I'm also interested in seeing other artists' own websites or online portfolios.  Just curious! And you are most welcome to follow me on those sites as well, if you are so inclined. (: My links:
FACEBOOK (my illustration page)
TUMBLR (my art blog)
WEBSITE (my gallery/portfolio)
Feature time!
Here's a selection of enjoyable artworks from around DA:

5 by kakasu1990 Moonrise by wovenlines
Inside Out pgs 38/39 by Kayla-Noel
14VOLKa () by 25kartinok Yule by Sarmati The horse of fortune by perodog
S e e r . t h e  R i d e by Mokinzi<da:thumb id="402205398"/> Before fading away by RedGella
Moth Faery by Kaelycea 2013 Dusk by prema-ja
Old age by shironooe Hydra Final 02 by egilthompson
Orpheus in the tartare by Vargasss Winter Repose by Seyorrol
Figure on a Train by WayForge Siheyuan by fantasyant
KAFKA - Ein Landarzt by anja-uhren saw myself by LiskFeng
What a lovely way to start the year 2014 -
my ID pic got a DD! (:

My ID by ullakko

Happiest of New Years, my friends, followers and bypassers!
I've been drawing a lot lately, but it's all work-related so I can't post any of the drawings online just yet.. which is a pity since I do love updating my DA gallery.

I'm now working on two new children's books, which means I'll be very busy the whole summer. I want to get most of the illustrations done before september, because I'm starting full-time studies this fall! It's a bachelor's degree in graphic design, Helsinki Metropolia UAS. I already did a bachelor's degree in theoretical philosophy, but I've always wanted to study art/design, and now I have the proper excuse for that. ;) ( excuse though for having studied philosophy, other than being young, aimless and thinking about weird stuff too much).

Anyway, hope you're all having a great summer! Here's a compilation of some lovely findings from DA:

:thumb369297968: Cerise et le Cerf by Rozenng flying squirrel by smmiller09 Microcosm by koyamori Frozen Solitude by AlexeyRudikov There's a Dragon in the Attic by brightredrose   Old Goat and Heron Page 1 by 3-hares Chapter 3, Panel 84 by daniellieske Fishgirl's Berth by CarolineLaplante meeting by KalaNemi Once upon a Forest Floor by ColibriLovesYou and how's the water? by bubug Dust Particles by Tiuni all's well that ends well by pettryb Catchers of darkness by JuliaNikitina Missy of the Catpond by STelari Apricot Residence by iiiislee Osaera by Kaelycea White Boar by joolita Eye to Eye by ElaineThompsonArt Funeral by 6133
The Middle-earth News interviewed me on my Tolkien themed illustrations. Here's the published article!