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Dangerous Games

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It's that time of the year - time for a Halloween comic, that is! Here we join Sam, Ravat, Vi, and Tinsel as they are captured by a mysterious individual who forces them to navigate deadly puzzles. Each is designed to force cooperation, but with a twist - both give the opportunity for one to betray the other. Will the teams cooperate and work toward mutual survival, or will the less reputable participants betray their partners and escape on their own? We'll see...

This comic is inspired by SAW and similar "deadly game" scenarios. It was a blast to work on and served a secondary purpose - testing just how fast I can produce pages. I began this on September 17 and finished on October 17 - thirty days/ five weeks apart. With an equivalent size of 8 pages, this is a huge improvement from the 1/week cycle I've been operating on before. Hopefully this means I can work on releasing TWO pages of Shadow War per week from now on!

Ravat, Viriathus, and Tinsel all belong to :icondreamkeepers: Sam is mine.
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Awesome work! ^_^
Lord-Kiyo's avatar
Good work to incorporate Saw into it.  Good luck in the contest.
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Thanks! Good luck to you as well!
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Poor Vi, I think she got the worst out of that, besides Ravat and and Tinsel. Good comic, it was an entertaining read.
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Though Vi will likely make a faster recovery, she definitely experienced the most painful wounds from this ordeal.

At least broken bones tend to numb after a while and dying stops hurting once you're dead.

Glad you enjoyed the comic!
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This is a very cool and fun comic very entertaining. I like this combination of Dreamkeepers with Saw. I like how this plot went and the ending. I have to say very good work on making this comic and just in time for Halloween. also I like the way you drew the characters and backgrounds and I find your character Sam cool. Have a nice safe Halloween!. =)
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Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and hope you have a fun and spooky Halloween! 
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I enjoyed reading this Comic. Great Work, Ulki!! =D
Ulkischlavski's avatar
Thanks! I thoroughly enjoyed working on it and learned quite a bit as well!
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I hate Saw, but this was pretty awesome.
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I'm only vaguely familiar with them, but I like the the whole "deadly game" premise.
lizzymae17's avatar
Yeah, it's pretty cool. Twisted, but cool.
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that was an awesome comic of hallowwen ehmm...
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