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Night mirages / Granite grass
I drift through the city
high with wild electricity
diffused in cold air
I skip through the city
brush my trembling self
against glass necklaces
of shimmering mirages
I dance through the city
let rumbling foamed nightlife
pour into my shoes
soak me with colours
of a mantis shrimp
and I am so impatient
eager to jump headfirst
into the murky folktale
and I will lose myself
in a hunt for forest beehives
feverish from hemlock
blind from bewitchment
and I will lose myself
following uncertain paths
with hungry hands
heavy raspy breath
and I will lose myself
entangled and allured
with the sound of steel
and granite grass
oh I will
I will lose myself
in the sweetest incense
of forbidden dark fairytales.
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Cigarette burns
I try to believe
fix my eyes on the horizon
and breathe in the light
the colour of clear waters
I try to remember
keep volcanic rocks
away from growing
over my softness
but there are just so many
dead spots in my light
like a flock of cigarette burns
on quiet linen skies
and needles in my chest
that were planted to cure
make me bleed out
the deepest of dreams
and the most fragile
of all my insides
grows cold again
covers with frost
I try to be hard
as hard as only it can get
I try to be harder
than life without love.
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Shine on me
I'm broken
mercilessly shattered
into hundreds of thousands
of tiny pieces
over and over again
makeshift joined together
with bits of thin wire
scraps of ribbons
colorful tacky threads
shapeless chaotic collection
of riddiculities and pain
love dense like the sun itself
and void deeper than cosmos
I'm terribly, insanely broken
but nothing in this world
reflects light as beautifully
as my shattered self
in the darkest despair
so shine your light on me
oh please, don't ever stop
hurt and crush me
but shine
please shine
oh, shine shine shine
shine your light
on me.
:iconulfrvandreren:ulfrvandreren 4 1
Snakes and freezing mud
you who ask me
why I laugh
I've got guts full of illness
unsettling dark feelings
I've got guts full of illness
ominous gurgling tallow
of future images
I've got guts full of illness
thick and caustic
and it's going up my throat
oh lords
you ask me
why I laugh
I've got hands full of stones
hot and steamy
I've got hands full of stones
soaked in herbal juices
of dizzying summers
I've got hands full of stones
and I choke so hardly
trying to swallow them
oh lords
you ask me
why I laugh
I've got a river of freezing mud
waiting to drown me
I've got a river of freezing mud
on the edge of conciousness
wanting to fill my brain
I've got a river of freezing mud
and it's going over the dam
going to bury me
oh lords
don't let the snakes
get into my blood this time
don't let them
don't let them
don't let them
oh lords!
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I drink autumn
filtered sunshine
warm wood
fresh hazelnuts
and smoke
I melt
peel off the time
filled with warmth
letting myself
be loved
I dissolve
spread into the
golden cobwebs
trembling harmonies
in the air
I vanish
lost in the tides
cradled by colours
and with such a quiet
of my mind
I drink autumn
my amber blessing
hoping that I cannot shatter
into the pieces
while being liquid.
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I wake up
to a cold light
and frost in my bones
makes me shake
I wake up
to a cold quiet
and fire in my eyes
crumbles reason
I wake up
to a cold world
and water in my lungs
makes me wanna surrender
but you said
"I promise"
and so - oh, honey -
everyday I wake up
to a fight
and I fight
trying to stop the ocean
from leaving my blood
and I fight
trying to stop the landslide
from crushing my faith
and I fight
trying to stop the horizon
from abandoning me
'cause you said
"I promise"
but oh, honey
sometimes the cold
empty space
in my life
hurts so badly
and oh, honey
sometimes the fight
gets so hard
it makes me sick
despite your promise.
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Taking time
(you asked me
what I do in life
and what I do is)
I'm taking my time
straightening lines
and burning buttons
watching white sheets
slatting in late sun
enjoying wild wine
turning to crimson
and tattoos fade
together with tan
I'm taking my time
idyllic autumn
time time time
thinking of friends
locking themselves
shattering glass
eating my cheese
waiting for lovers
to become free
or at least vanish
from my crooked life
I'm taking my time
lazy golden
time time time
feeling pains wander
through whole my
worn out body
not caring anymore
saturating myself
with amber whiskey
laughing my head off
despite cold fear
I'm taking my time
warm sunny
time time time
turning words around
in my restless mind
hearing them finally
fall into the right places
all I need now
is a little bit more
time time time
time time time
time time time
to waste.
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Mature content
Ghost in the building :iconulfrvandreren:ulfrvandreren 0 0
I might be lonely
I might be lonely
choosing wild narrow roads
brambles, ferns and briars
and only rhythm of steps
to comfort me
oh, I might be lonely
letting torrents of energy
storm through me
mad carnival of colours
glitter in my void
so lonely
roaming the city
deep in the night
throwing up bile
from pain
oh, I'm so lonely!
but when I lie down
in another foreign
empty bed
and galaxies are slipping through me
I know I'm never alone
'cause my art never leaves me
and oh, only this keeps me alive
through all those long long
lonely years.
:iconulfrvandreren:ulfrvandreren 2 0
Heading South
I'm heading south
to meet the ocean.
swallowing miles
like a hungry dog
with blood under nails
pain in all teeth
with thunders in stomach
fingers in the sky
and hope
I'm heading south.
leaving sweet Aussie
locked in memories
of milky Tipperary
leaving friends
hanging laundry
on the lines
leaving all but hope
I'm heading south.
can't wait to hear seagulls scream
and waves rumble
like a second pulse
can't wait to feel the city live
torrents of energy
ecstatically rushing
through me
and the stake slowly slips out of my core
and my substance does not leak away
and I can breathe again
with no pain
and I'm still alive
so alive
so alive!
heading south
to embrace the ocean.
:iconulfrvandreren:ulfrvandreren 31 13
I was volunteering in a hostel in Cashel.
One day young Aussie came to our place and something unusual happened. The moment he walked into the kitchen, I knew he was special. His energy was like a torch, like a forest fire, like THE Sun. His magnetism was bending the space around him into an orb. He came in like a sudden summer heatwave and I didn't even register what he looked like, so absorbed with his goodness.
I instantly developed a desperate crush on him, which never happened to me before.
When I could finally focus my eyes on anything, I've noticed how beautiful he was. His eyes were the colour of Ireland - oceans of blue with islands of green in the middle. His hair was like autumn - an array of sunny golds, gently slipping into crispy ginger and mellow chestnut. And when he touched me, electricity ran through whole my body and I knew that God himself couldn't have had more beautiful hands when he was creating the world.
His name was Sam and for the next two days I followed him
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ulfrvandreren's Profile Picture
Ulfr E. Vandreren
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
English is not my first language so minor mistakes are inevitable, I apologise for them.

I've been writing poetry and short stories in my native language for 14 years, I've also managed to collect quite a portfolio of awards and publications on the way.

I wanted to write in English for quite some time but it's a real challenge.

I had some failed attempts when I was ending up writing some quasi-literature piece half in English, half in my other language, absolute garbage. Only very recently, at night from 27 to 28 June, I "broke the wall" and wrote my first piece in English (cheers to Cashel Holiday Hostel!). And so a new chapter in my life started - and I'm oh, so excited! It's like rediscovering writing, absolutely ecstatic.

What I create in English is completely and utterly different from what I was creating in my native language. I'm planning to try slam poetry one day and one of my biggest dreams is to have my poetry used as lyrics - since I believe that nothing conducts and brings poetry to life better than music. My current writing style reflects those desires.

My biggest writing inspirations are Neil Hilborn, Mumford & Sons and Patti Smith's books.

I had rough past and it inevitably affected my mental health, which is something you'll probably notice in my art. But I'm trying to keep my demons on a leash and enjoy life as much as possible.

I'm synesthetic & an empath.
Oh. My. Gods!

I can't believe I've got Daily Deviation! :happybounce: 

I just logged to my account yesterday evening, after quite a while offline (my internet connection sucks lately), and I was absolutely astonished seeing all the messages! I've been on dA for over a decade (that's my second account) and never thought I'd get a DD...

What is even more amazing, Heading South is the first ever poem I wrote in English. Since I started writing in English just a while ago, at the end of June, I was quite unsure about if I'm going in the right direction or not, and quite often I catch myself simply lacking vocabulary in English. So needless to say, I'm sooo happy to see all you wonderful folks faving and commenting on my scribbles! I'm having some really tough time in life lately so such an appreciation makes me double or triple as happy as I would be normally. :)

Huge thanks to BlackBowfin for suggestion and to all of you, wonderful people, for a warm reaction! Keep on rocking!


P.S. I just realised that I got DD the same day Mumford and Sons officially released their new single, and I wrote Heading South thanks to M&S... Cheers to them for being awesome! ;)


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randomMeAndBob Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I love your work, keep it up! :D
And welcome to deviantart!
ulfrvandreren Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Ah, thank you so much! ^///^ I just started writing in English not even a month ago.
And I've been on dA for over a decade, it's main account is such a mess... :D So I decided to set up that one as clean and nice portfolio I can show to people with no shame. :P
randomMeAndBob Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
A fresh start can always be a good idea. And you're doing amazing! English is my native language and I still struggle writing it properly! :laughing:
There's a lot of rules and weirdness that doesn't really make much sense, but it'll get easier with time. :)
ulfrvandreren Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you! ^///^
Nah, I've been writing poetry in my native language for 14 years so now the only rules I follow while writing poetry are my rules. :P
English rules, on the other hand...some of them still mindboggle me, despite living in Ireland. ;)