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Reoccuring Activities

Welcome to the groups reouccuring activities journal. This journal will update with the groups quest, storybook, and beast hunt. Please note the '' icon will display how many Felvargs may receive rewards from a single entry in each activity.

Quest: Spring is in the Air


Artwork: Lined, Colored, Shaded, Complex Background or Greater Quality


Literature: 1,200 Wordcount+ (Collaboration: +200 WC)

Submit all completed quest entires here! Be sure you have the items requested in your cache when commenting with your completed quest form if you want to try for the bonus reward!

Supplying the bonus items for this quest is entirely optional. Players may choose to simply complete the entry requirements for the baseline rewards this quest offers! Each item increases the rarity return for the bonus reward. So players may submit with as many as they can find.

"Kotok needs your help! While small in size this dwarf makes up for it in spirit and passion. Kotok is wildly known around the island for his good deeds to those Felvarg puppies that have been lost and forgotten. He can often be seen with a band of Felvarg puppies at foot or delivering supplies to those less fortunate. As the cold icy grips that lay hold on the island begin to ease, spring will soon set in, and when it does, Kotok's job will become increasingly difficult as he finds spring releases a whole new band of needy Felvarg puppies who require his assistance. Its a thankless job but someone has to do it, and Kotok takes great pride in his work. Its hard work collecting supplies from all over the Island and Kotok is offering a great many spoils to anyone who can assist him."


Depict your Felvarg carrying a burlap sack full of goods you have collected to aid Kotok. (Optional) Each of the following items you supply, will increase the chances you return Kotok's most prized possession.


1x Long Lost Treasure, 1x Fertility Potion (Optional Bounus: Return an Old Teddy Bear, Small Hide, Medium Hide, Heavy Hide and Fox Tail to have a chance to reward you 1x Fenrir's Keepsake, which will award the player a RRF. The more items you return, the higher the odds you will trigger the bonus reward.)

Beast: The Terror!


Artwork: Lined, Colored, Shaded, Complex Background or Greater Quality


Literature: 1,200 Wordcount+ (Collaboration: +200 WC)

"February 3rd 2021 - A wave of cold wind moves over the land of ulfrheim with gifts of frozen snowflakes that create a magical winter wonderland. The once wild, trashing shores of Hongerige have now froze over. Slabs of ice just thick enough to travel on provide excellent locations for ice fishing. As Felvargs take advantage of this rare occasion, they begin to experience a rare and dangerous threat. The Great White, also know as The Terror, has been snapping fishing lines, ripping up fishing nets, and breaking through thin parts in the ice looking for an easy meal. Proceed with caution for if you fall through the ice, hypothermia is not the only thing you'll need to worry about."


Depict your Felvarg taming or otherwise ridding the ocean of The Terror.


1x BADGE, 1x Waterlogged Goods, 1x Message in a Bottle, 1x and a 30% chance of 1x Import Background: The Deeps

Storybook: Where is Loki?


Artwork: Lined, Colored, Shaded, Complex Background or Greater Quality (Location: Sanna's Grasp)


Literature: 1,200 Wordcount+ (Collaboration: +200 WC) (Location: Sanna's Grasp)

"Ylva paces in a panic! Surrounding her the trinity sit alongside Fenrir, Saga and Freyja as the silver coated silk speaks in a panicked voice, "Yes, but where is he!?" They seem to be discussing the whereabouts of Loki. While some think he is lost to the void, others think he escaped.. but how is that even possible? Fenrir watched him jump into the void that lay deep within Helheim's Gate. Surely no thing godly or not could survive that?"

Depict your Felvarg participating in the meeting, you must include at least 1 other participating alpha above. They could inject, make themselves known, or even spy. Complete this Storybook objective with an entry matching your Felvargs official personality for a 50% chance to trigger a bonus reward varied on your Felvargs response.
Core Reward(s):
1x Spiritmenders Satchel, 1x Each Scroll of Peace/Power/Knowledge/War, 25% Chance to obtain a 'Stoneskin' Trait.

*TIP* To scroll with ease trigger the box by hovering and then click the middle of the box, then use your arrow keys to navigate up and down.

Activites Introduction (Please Hover)

Once you have a Felvarg accepted and uploaded to the group, you may be wondering where to get started. Although they are by no means necessary for your participation within our game, activities are a fun and useful way to build your character's story while also netting some nice in-game rewards to apply to your Felvarg or exchange for Felcredits (the game currency, used to buy even more goodies from our Village Market). Normal activities have no time limit, so you can complete them at your leisure in between other work. Additional special activities feature entry windows, but don't fret if you miss out on a specific prompt -- there will always be more opportunities to enter in the future, and the prizes will vary to keep things exciting.

Getting Started!

Before you participate in activities, you must create a journal to use as your tracker. Admins will use this journal to distribute your rewards ready for you to redeem later. If you havent created a cache (user bank) with us yet, you can do that now. If you don't one will be created for you when you make your first redeem.

Be sure to view the general activity requirements in the box below this one.

Create your first activity image. Make sure to include a completed activity template form, which you can find at the top of this page. Once completed submit your activity to the group in the correct activity.

Once you've submitted your entry to the group all you need to do now is wait. Felvarg's many admins will roll the activities in the order of which they came into the group. Once rolled, your rewards will display on the tracker you supplied us with. Be patient, our group is vast and we get hundreds of activities a week! Don't worry, our team works fast, you should see your rewards in as little as a few hours, to a few days.

General Activity Requirements

Although each activity has its own specific requirements, the rules below apply universally to any activity you complete. Please make sure to look over each activities specific requirements, which can be found on each activity above, before you create a submission so that it meets all of the criteria.

Each member may only submit a maximum of 2 entries into each activity folder, daily.

Activity entries, regardless of type, must have a completed activity form in the description of the deviation.

All images submitted for rolls must be official! We can not accept files attached to activity images in order to make markings or backgrounds more clear for the admins.

Each activity entry may only be submitted to the group for rewards one time. Players caught submitting multiple times will be punished; our team keeps a close eye on submissions and it is not difficult to tell when people are reusing entries. If more than one person's Felvargs are depicted in the piece, the form for each Felvarg should be included in the description of the work, but only ONE person should submit it to be rolled.

Collaborated entries may only be submitted to the group for rewards one time.

Backgrounds may be anywhere natural to our world to receive rewards. Fields, mountains, plains, rivers, lakes, forests, or anything of this variety!

You may include other ARPG critters into your images. The only time you cannot do this is when the images are for Quest, HU, PoC or anything specifically lore locked.

Felvargs in your activity entries should be focused on the task at hand. Felvargs off task will be hit for corrections. An example would be your submitting an image for Fishing when in the image your Felvarg is sleeping instead.

Art Activity Requirements

Regardless of the medium, your Felvarg, and any other features, including marking colors, must be easily identifiable based on their design. For art, all markings must be present, although they don’t have to match the exact locations and you don’t have to put in every ticked mark. It must simply be recognizable. Make sure not to make your Felvarg too small, so we can identify who they are at a glance.

Show at least 75% of your Felvarg. We will take perspective into consideration but abusive use of it will be hit for corrections.

All entries should be 500 x 500 or greater. This means you can even do 600 x 400 just be careful not to make the image too slim.

While we do allow the use of brushes, images abusing the use of brushes will be hit for corrections.

Images with a partially transparent background are allowed. Just make sure your Felvarg is still inside the canvas in a way that makes sure its participating in the task at hand still.

Lineless work is acceptable. Just make sure to add some soft shading and depth.

Rushed entries will be sent back for corrections! Activity admins will use your guide as a general idea as to if your images look rushed!

Understanding Simple vs. Complex Backgrounds

There is a fine line between understanding simple backgrounds and how they vary to complex backgrounds. This breakdown will explain the two and make it less confusing.

To start here is two examples of what is simple and what is complex. Example ONE - Example TWO.

What defines a simple background? A simple background consists of minimal to no shading, along with flat and solid objects. Simple backgrounds have basic, undetailed shapes that are simple placeholders for where detail should be. However, there is such a thing as too simple. Some amount of effort should be put into any background -- after all, you will be receiving rewards for completing your piece! You cannot simply use a bucket fill with a flat horizontal line to make ground and sky and call it a day. Even simple backgrounds should feature focus points (trees, rocks, water, or statues, for example) and it should still be clear at a glance what kind of setting your Felvarg is in. It should also be clear where the ground and sky begins. Random unidentifiable blobs will not be acceptable!

What defines a complex background? A complex background has depth, shading, and detail across a large portion of the piece. It is obvious at a glance that the background received careful attention, and that effort was put into it. It does not need to be a masterpiece, and art is only ever compared to your own gallery. However, you should try to provide a sense of distance in your work, and add textures to things like trees, ground, and rocks.

Literature Activity Requirements

Literature entries have a word count minimum. Regular activities (Adventure, Tracking, Fishing, Mountaineering, Excavating) have a minimum of 1,000 word count. Complex activities (Quest, Competitions, Jormungandr, Diving, Hierarchy Updates, Beast Hunting) have a minimum of 1,200 word count.

Collaboration have a seperate word count requirement. When collaborating add +200 wordcount to your overall needed wordcount for the activity.

Each Felvarg must be mentioned fluidly throughout the length of the literature entry. We suggest mentioning your Felvarg 1-2 times per paragraph. Be sure to keep your setting in mind as well. When participating in an activity, details of that activity must also be mentioned in the same fashion to ensure that the Felvarg’s participating remain on task. For example, a fishing entry must mention fish and water, a hunting entry must mention the prey of choice.

Information on Filler: While we respect literature filler is unavoidable to meet word counts, the group still requires the entry to be focused primarily on the task at hand. Flexibility is far more acceptable in entries that allow the user freedom as to what is happening in each Felvargs story. For example, in adventure, the group will allow more filler than usual in these entries as we do not give a direct request or task. However, with activities that have a direct task required of the felvarg should remain on task. Examples of healthy filler in specific task entries may include how the Felvarg feels, the location, what they smell, see, hear, or even taste.

Be mindful of where long literature RPs are broken off per submission Entries are judged separately, so if one submission does not focus on the task, then it will be sent back for corrections, even if the next one or the one before is fine.

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