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Red Fox Pelt
VALUE: 100 Felcredits

Silver Fox Pelt
VALUE: 125 Felcredits

White Fox Pelt
VALUE: 150 Felcredits

Blue Fox Pelt
VALUE: 175 Felcredits

Marble Fox Pelt
VALUE: 200 Felcredits

Cross Fox Pelt
VALUE: 200 Felcredits

Agouti Rabbit Pelt
VALUE: 200 Felcredits

Piebald Rabbit Pelt
VALUE: 210 Felcredits

Tan Rabbit Pelt
VALUE: 215 Felcredits

Blue Grey Rabbit Pelt
VALUE: 215 Felcredits

Albino Rabbit Pelt
VALUE: 215 Felcredits

Black Rabbit Pelt
VALUE: 220 Felcredits

Standard Raccoon Pelt
VALUE: 225 Felcredits

Cream Raccoon Pelt
VALUE: 250 Felcredits

Albino Raccoon Pelt
VALUE: 275 Felcredits

Standard Possum Pelt
VALUE: 300 Felcredits

Grey Blue Possum Pelt
VALUE: 325 Felcredits

Brown Possum Pelt
VALUE: 350 Felcredits

Cream Possum Pelt
VALUE: 375 Felcredits

Red Possum Pelt
VALUE: 400 Felcredits

Golden Goat Pelt
VALUE: 425 Felcredits

Piebald Goat Pelt
VALUE: 425 Felcredits

Buckskin Goat Pelt
VALUE: 450 Felcredits

Chocolate Goat Pelt
VALUE: 450 Felcredits

Blue-Grey Goat Pelt
VALUE: 475 Felcredits

Roan Goat Pelt
VALUE: 475 Felcredits

Black Goat Pelt
VALUE: 500 Felcredits

White Coyote Pelt
VALUE: 525 Felcredits

Tawny Coyote Pelt
VALUE: 525 Felcredits

Black Coyote Pelt
VALUE: 525 Felcredits

Silver Coyote Pelt
VALUE: 550 Felcredits

Red Coyote Pelt
VALUE: 650 Felcredits

Silver Sheepskin
VALUE: 660 Felcredits

White Sheepskin
VALUE: 650 Felcredits

Brown Sheepskin
VALUE: 650 Felcredits

Black Sheepskin
VALUE: 675 Felcredits



Brown Bear Pelt
VALUE: 100 Felcredits

Blonde Bear Pelt
VALUE: 125 Felcredits

White Bear Pelt
VALUE: 150 Felcredits

Blue Grey Bear Pelt
VALUE: 175 Felcredits

Cinnamon Bear Pelt
VALUE: 200 Felcredits

Black Bear Pelt
VALUE: 200 Felcredits

Brown Buffalo Pelt
VALUE: 225 Felcredits

Blonde Buffalo Pelt
VALUE: 250 Felcredits

Bi-Colored Buffalo Pelt
VALUE: 275 Felcredits

Black Buffalo Pelt
VALUE: 300 Felcredits

Black Moose Pelt
VALUE: 300 Felcredits

Brown Moose Pelt
VALUE: 300 Felcredits

White Moose Pelt
VALUE: 350 Felcredits

Cream Moose Pelt
VALUE: 350 Felcredits

Bi-Colored Moose Pelt
VALUE: 375 Felcredits

Black Fleck Moose Pelt
VALUE: 400 Felcredits

Brown Piebald Moose Pelt
VALUE: 450 Felcredits

Light Hide
VALUE: 800 Felcredits

Medium Hide
VALUE: 850 Felcredits

Heavy Hide
VALUE: 1,500 Felcredits


This icon is NOT free by Ulfrheim Tracking shares the same activity requirements as Fishing, Adventure, Mountaineering, Archeology and Excavating. These requirements are set so that members can inspire to improve, we encourage you to grow. Aspire to inspire, create things together and be proud of your talents.

General Rules:

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by UlfrheimActivity entries must have a completed activity form in the deviation. (See below for details.)
THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Up to 3 Felvargs may participate in each activity image, simply to return rewards. Additional Felvarg can be present solely to obtain EXP.
THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Each entry may only be submitted to the group for rewards a single time.
Players caught submitting multiple times will be punished, please don't abuse this system, we will catch it.
THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Collaborated entries may only be submitted to the group for rewards one time.
Please speak among one another to decide who will submit the entry.
THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim All pieces are rolled using our activity roller, which is entirely random. Enhancing items like traits/companions can increase the rarity of the reward.
Failure to include additional bonus items in your Activity form can result in the image being rolled without them. It is your job to fill out the form correctly.

Digital/Traditional Artwork:

Icon 0001 Artist by Ulfrheim Artwork Requirements: Lined, Colored, Simple Background - Depicting 75% or more of each present Felvarg.
(Artwork can include a lineless medium provided simple shading is present.)

Backgrounds must have some form of depth, random blobs or undefined images will not be permitted.
THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Images must be full body and visibly show 75% of the Felvarg.
Activity admins will use their own discretion when deciding if the Felvarg is 75% visible, while we will consider perspective it must be reasonable.
THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim The Felvarg must be focused on the task at hand.
If you submit an activity image in Fishing and the Felvarg is sleeping on the mountain side it will not be permitted.

Literature Entries:

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim The story must be at least 1,000 words in length.
We recommend this program to check your word count:
THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Literature collaborations must contain 700 words per person partaking and must be labeled.
(Each person's name above each of their replies.)
THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Each story must focus on the task at hand and the Felvargs receiving a roll must be extremely relevant/active to the story.
Each Felvarg must be mentioned fluidly and reasonably often.


Make sure to include the following information in the deviation description:

Link to import/ID#:
Link to Tracker:
Additional Bonus Items: (Tack/Companions/Traits)

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