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Explore the mountain tops of the island.

Worthless Stones by Ulfrheim
Worthless Stones
VALUE: 25 Felcredits
They are truly worthless.

Mortarium by Ulfrheim
VALUE: 50 Felcredits
This was used to mash herbs and seeds, it still smells like them.

Blood Candle by Ulfrheim
Blood Candle
VALUE: 75 Felcredits
The coppery scent of this candle confirms your fears that it's made with real blood...

Crow Skull by Ulfrheim
Crow Skull
VALUE: 75 Felcredits
Did you know birds had nostrils? I sure didn't.

Spirit Beads by Ulfrheim
Spirit Beads
VALUE: 100 Felcredits
A calm energy fills you as you hold these beads.

Cluster of Eagle Feathers by Ulfrheim
Cluster of Eagle Feathers
VALUE: 100 Felcredits
These could easily sell for a pretty credit.

Bone Charm by Ulfrheim
Bone Charm
VALUE: 125 Felcredits
This magical bone charm is very interesting, I wonder what its used for?
Enchanted Amulet by Ulfrheim
Enchanted Amulet
VALUE: 125 Felcredits
It's very smooth, someone put in a lot of work to make this.

Spirit Shaker by Ulfrheim
Spirit Shaker
VALUE: 150 Felcredits
The bells around the antler ring out to you, as if calling you closer.

Incense Burners by Ulfrheim
Incense Burners
VALUE: 200 Felcredits
A thin layer of ashes cover the burners, a strong scent coming from them.

Handcrafted Incense by Ulfrheim
Handcrafted Incense
VALUE: 275 Felcredits
Apparently these can be burned to ward off spirits, or just make your house smell good.

Tunic of Hope by Ulfrheim
Tunic of Hope
VALUE: 300 Felcredits
Is it suppose to bring hope to the wearer or spread hope to those around them?

Heirloom Leather Wraps by Ulfrheim
Heirloom Leather Wraps
VALUE: 325 Felcredits
They still smell strongly of freshly tanned leather.

The Thorn of Fenrir by Ulfrheim
The Thorn of Fenrir
VALUE: 450 Felcredits
It is said that this dagger was used for some sort of ritual.

Ovkar's Walking Stick by Ulfrheim
Ovkar's Walking Stick
VALUE: 450 Felcredits
You've never seen carvings quite this intricate before.

Drums of Yggdrasil by Ulfrheim
Drums of Yggdrasil
VALUE: 500 Felcredits
The symbol of the Tree of Life is proudly painted on this drum.

Rune Coins by Ulfrheim
Rune Coins 
Value: Special Currency

Spiritmender's Satchel by Ulfrheim
Spiritmender's Satchel 
Reveal Contents

Hawk Egg by Ulfrheim
Hawk Egg
Send this item to the nursery.

Strange Nordic Box by Ulfrheim
Strange Nordic Box
Reveal the contents from the box to receive an additional Mountaineering roll.

Hedgehog by Ulfrheim
Increase the rarity of the items located in chests received while questing by 5%.

Owl by Ulfrheim
5% chance to return with more valuable loot while tracking small prey.

Shrine by Ulfrheim
Reveal for Curse or Blessing.

Rune of Resources by Ulfrheim
Rune of Resources
Redeem for 5,000-10,000 Felcredits, rolled randomly.

Rune of Mutation by Ulfrheim
Rune of Mutation
Redeem to apply 1 randomly rolled Mutation to any unused Genotype.

Rune of Experience by Ulfrheim
Rune of Experience
This rune is infused with knowledge. Redeem for 5-20EXP, randomly rolled.

Opal by Ulfrheim
Use to exchange the gender of an unused genotype.

Bag of Magical Beans by Ulfrheim
Bag of Magical Beans
Use these magical beans to trigger a special event.TBA

Cluster of Lavender by Ulfrheim
Cluster of Lavender
Apply this item to your breeding as a safety net to re-roll titan x titan build odds; should no titan build be present on the first roll.

Touch Up Kit by Ulfrheim
Touch Up Kit
Touch up an offically uploaded Felvargs lineart, eyes, flesh, halo, fur and/or brush texture. A touch up kit can only be used as its title suggests, there cannot be any visible changes to the designs marking placement or colors.

Mirror of Recapture by Ulfrheim
Background Exchange Frame
Use this frame to exchange your background to that of a custom background your Felvarg has already learned, or one of the many backgrounds the group offers its members.

Import Background Set: Haldor's Pass by Ulfrheim
Import Background Set: Haldor's Pass
A background set that can be applied to your Felvarg.

Please reveal contents in the Monthly Redeems Journal.


This icon is NOT free by Ulfrheim Mountaineering shares the same activity requirements as Adventure, Tracking, Fishing, Mountaineering and Excavating. These requirements are set so that members can inspire to improve, we encourage you to grow. Aspire to inspire, create things together and be proud of your talents.

Mountaineering specific requirements:

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Images/Stories must be in a mountain setting/mountain side.

General Rules:

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by UlfrheimActivity entries must have a completed activity form in the deviation. (See below for details.)
THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Up to 3 Felvargs may participate in each activity image, simply to return rewards. Additional Felvarg can be present solely to obtain EXP.
THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Each entry may only be submitted to the group for rewards a single time.
Players caught submitting multiple times will be punished, please don't abuse this system, we will catch it.
THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Collaborated entries may only be submitted to the group for rewards one time.
Please speak among one another to decide who will submit the entry.
THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim All pieces are rolled using our activity roller, which is entirely random. Enhancing items like traits/companions can increase the rarity of the reward.
Failure to include additional bonus items in your Activity form can result in the image being rolled without them. It is your job to fill out the form correctly.

Digital/Traditional Artwork:

Icon 0001 Artist by UlfrheimArtwork Requirements: Lined, Colored, Simple Background - Depicting 75% or more of each present Felvarg.
(Artwork can include a lineless medium provided simple shading is present.)
Backgrounds must have some form of depth, random blobs or undefined images will not be permitted.
THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Images must be full body and visibly show 75% of the Felvarg.
Activity admins will use their own discretion when deciding if the Felvarg is 75% visible, while we will consider perspective it must be reasonable.
THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim The Felvarg must be focused on the task at hand.
If you submit an activity image in Fishing and the Felvarg is sleeping on the mountain side it will not be permitted.

Literature Entries:

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim The story must be at least 1,000 words in length.
We recommend this program to check your word count:
THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Literature collaborations must contain 700 words per person partaking and must be labeled.
(Each person's name above each of their replies.)
Each story must focus on the task at hand and the Felvargs receiving a roll must be extremely relevant/active to the story.
Each Felvarg must be mentioned fluidly and reasonably often.


Make sure to include the following information in the deviation description:

Link to import/ID#:
Link to Tracker:
Additional Bonus Items: (Tack/Companions/Traits)

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