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 1/6/2021 Hey y'all, Team Guardian with Sukkol is here with some exciting news: Freyja's Sanctuary has been updated! The Traits have been switched out completely and have been replaced by an interesting array. Be sure to check it out at the Village Market and start saving up your berries! The Village Market

1/1/2021 Good afternoon everyone! ThePaintedKitsune here for an announcement for the Adootion Center!
With the new year it is my pleasure to bring you something new going on in the Adoption Center. This is something you, as the player base, have asked for... and we have delivered! 

For the past month the Welcomer Team has been working on something wonderful for the entire player base! It is my absolute pleasure to bring all of the Flevargs community the Scrap Yard:…

The Scrap Yard is a new place where you may see some old genos. This is no mistake! Any player can now claim a geno from the provided document - with a bit of a twist. 

Be sure to read through the entire journal before claiming, and we truly hope this is as exciting for you guys as it was for us to work on!

12/24/2020 Good morning everyone, team Felvargs wishes you all the best as the holidays begin for those who celebrate. Sukkol is here with the activity team with some important news to share regarding
Currently, there is an issue with that is not allowing us to comment on comment threads. This means that, unfortunately, we're unable to send your rewards to specified activity threads until this issue is fixed. For now, we will be placing rewards at the top of the comments/as a regular comment instead of replying to specific threads.
We apologize for this inconvenience but hopefully dA can get to fixing this issue soon! Stay safe and happy December :heart:

12/10/2020 Good evening! Hope you guys are keeping warm because it's time to go out and play in the snow! Felvargs Feltide is live!

We've been very busy behind the scenes working on content for you! We know that in the past there has been little to no information when it came to Literature. We absolutely love when our players write beautiful stories about their Felvargs and we know that literature is a great way to build relationships among other players characters in the form of RP. The activity team has worked hard over the past week and a half to update the Activity Guidelines Journal to include more information on literature so that you all may go forward with more confidence and write those beautiful stories! We look forward to your creations! Keep your eyes peeled for more updates!

11/4/2020 May I have your attention please!? Your neighborhood street mutt Luna here with some very exciting news from the Design front! After some deliberation, we have decided to open up the Seasonal Marking guide a little bit, removing Tipped and Shadow from the list of markings that forceably cover Seasonal Marks. This means Seasonal marks may now display above these two markings if you so choose! We are eager to see what layering combinations our lovely members come up with under these new guidelines~ Happy designing!~

10/16/2020 Hello everyone! Are you ready to get spooky? Well, wait no more! The Halloween event Varg O' Ween is live!

09/28/2020 Hello everyone! The Autum Fever Sale is live with super special Lore related Felvargs for grabs! Check it out here!

08/11/2020 Hello everyone! Katakire here to let you know that the annual felcredit sale is now live! Click Here!

8/07/2020There has been some confusion about the sale date. Some players have reached out to us stating that they are seeing the date as Thursday August 13th. Rest assured that the Annual Felcredit Sale will go live on Friday, August 14th. We have not stated a time. What we believe players are seeing is that the counter may be stating something different due to your personal time zone. We have the counter set to 1:00AM EST  so that as the date flips for the group, the counter will stop counting down. The time is not a counter to the exact moment the sale releases but rather the DAY of the sale release.

8/2/2020 Hello everyone! Katakire here to let you know that we have updated the Emporium with many special and rare treats! Many highly desired items have been put on sale such as Treat Tickets, Rune of Expression, and a few Unique Traits! In addition to this update, everyone who makes a USD purchase from the sale will be given a ticket number and added to a raffle for x1 Heaping Bundle of Backgrounds!

7/21/2020 Hello friends! We know you are all eagerly awaiting the Annual Felcredit Sale and we thank you for being so patient with us. We hope that you can be patient just a little while longer, we have set the date for Friday, August 14th to give you all a little bit more time to save up. We have added a countdown timer to the front page. If you would like to toss us some suggestions while we are working to put it together we would love to hear your thoughts. You can reach out to us via the note system!

7/05/20 Hello everyone! Katakire coming at you with a "Recruiting All Areas" announcement! Felvargs is looking to expand our admin team and have opened every area of the group! If you are interested or have ever been interested in joining our team, head on over to our admin applications journal and read up on how to apply! We look forward to hearing from you!

In addition to our applications, we have put up a poll on our front page! For the past few weeks Team Felvargs has been toying with the idea of implementing editable trackers hosted by our website! Head on over to our front page and make your opinions heard!

Last but not least we would like to congratulate Chamodile who's very own Hanelei 2573 won Felvarg of the Month! We would also like to congratulate Sephasaur for winning the giant varglotto pot of 17,500FC and goldcatmask for winning the very rare Rune of Expression in our monthly Potluck!

6/12/20 Hey guys! Remember The Moonwell Sale will be closing tonight at midnight! Get your last-minute purchases in, we still have a few more coat applications as well as the rarely offered Semi-customs!

We would also like to announce that Team Felvargs is looking to bring on a few more admins. We are looking to hire 2 nook admins as well as 1 hierarchy update admin! If you are interested, please check out our Admin Applications journal located on our front page. (I would link it but Eclipse just won't let me).

5/31/20 Thank you all for being so patient! The Moonwell Sale is live! Hop on over to check out all 3 new coats! Admin Applications journal to learn more about the role! We look forward to having you on the team!

We have not forgotten about the new coat additions, we would like to wait to release these new contents as well as the 3rd wave of the event for a bit longer while Covid-19 dies down or at least becomes more manageable. We can not in good conscience put up a big sale while the majority of everyone is dealing with the effects the virus has had on each of us. As promised, however, until then, we have updated the Emporium with a few amazing goodies for you all! Along with the new additions, a few of your favorite items such as the Fertility Potion, Elixir of Lust, and Coax Trait have gone on sale! Please note some of the items are exclusive and rare, so they will be limited. We hope that our addition to the Emporium will hold our supporters over while we wait to release our new coats, which are 110% ready when things return to normal. We appreciate your continued support during this time, it has been hard on everyone but our artists and coders have definitely felt the effects of the virus and we would like to use this funding to give them more work during these trying times, paired with our yearly costs choosing a poor time to need paying, the Emporium will hopefully help us continue smoothly. As a thank you all sales throughout the month of May in the Emporium will be added into a raffle for a direct descendant of a trinity child of their choosing. Thank you truly, from Team Felvargs to you.

We would also like to congratulate lost4u2find who's very special Haakon 4800 who won Felvarg of The Month for May! We would also like to congratulate Ravendarus who won the rune of mutation and video-mind-games who won 21,000FC in the Group Games for April! If you'd like to win some goodies, head on over to our Group Games journal and join in on the fun!

4/03/20 Happy April guys! Welcome to a new month! We would like to congratulate HavokReptar who's beautiful Amore 3854 won Felvarg of The Month! Be sure you head on over to the journal and vote for next month's Felvarg of The Month and get your stone of unakite! Also we would like to congratulate our very own High Queen Kissing who was quite lucky this month and won both the Varglotto and the Potluck! Head on over to Group Games to join in this month's fun! Also there is a new Beast amung us! Perhaps you could try your hand at taming him?

3/29/20 Have you voted for Felvarg of The Month yet? Hurry up and vote! Get your stone of unakite for this month! Along with voting, why don't you visit Group Games? Jump in on some Varglotto, perhaps you'll be the lucky winner. Be one of the first people to own the Firedancer trait over in Potluck! Don't forget to swing by and visit Sigrunn, she may be stubborn but she's got great prizes that you don't want to miss out on!  

3/05/20 Hello everyone! Katakire here to throw our now hiring signs at you! We are looking to bring on 4 new faces to our admin team! We're looking for x1 Welcomer, x1 Hierarchy Update admin, and x2 Activity Rollers! Please check out our Admin Application Journal to read up on all 3 roles and how to apply to our team! Hope to see you soon!

2/28/20 Happy Weekend all! endless-adventure here, and I hope you all are doing absolutely wonderful! First off a small reminder that both the Event: Love is in the Air and Sale: Feltine Fever will be ending at 11:59 PM on March 2nd, so get in those last minute entries and purchases!

Also there has been a small but exciting update to the Hatchery trait to better suit it to our updated Hatchery process! Be sure to check it out: Guide: Traits! This update will be live as of Monday 3/2/20.

2/25/20 Hello all, Elryk-Vail here! I’ve got a few new things and reminders to delve out, and as usual per your Battlemaster updates, I’ll be writing you a wall of text. Tell my high school English teacher hello for me, and don’t forget to grade fairly! 

Have any of you noticed the curious “Player versus Alpha” in WIP on the 1v1 guide? Wonder what it’s about? Well oh ho ho — wonder no more! All the relevant details have made their way onto the guide and are now available to our players. Go take a peek: Guide: 1v1. The first eligible round for PvA will be next month in March!

Some important things to note about PvA!

- Alphas will take up either the Dreg, Elite, or both category slots. The maximum amount of pairings is still 4!

- Prizes, art requirements, and locations are all the same as 1v1.

- These sparring Alphas provide a cushy +5 EXP to make up for the fact a player will not be receiving a second image for their felvarg during that round. Not too shabby, huh?

- The Alphas will ALWAYS be tacked at maximum for their category. This means the Dreg Alpha will always be 15, and the Elite Alpha will always be 50. These are skilled warriors, y’all.

- This function is entirely optional!

This is to add a bit more spice of life to the 1v1 section, whether it be due to lore or personal preferences that can be found in our player base. Use it as much or as little as you please!

The next thing on our list is to announce the new places phoenix feathers can be located! Firstly, there will be a new trait introduced: Firedancer, which provides a small chance to bring back a phoenix feather in regular activities. This will be located here soon in the Emporium! Secondly, on top of that, starting next month all MVP rewards will now come with an additional phoenix feather! Oh what fun, plucking from the bird of the sun.

Finally, we’re here to remind our lovely players the role our admins play when it comes to judging violence in images. That is to say, **we don’t!** An admin does not know what has or hasn’t been discussed in the privacy of your own dms that you share with your partner, thus we do not know when people might be receiving entries they are not comfortable with. We do not track your violence levels, they are simply there to convey to your partner a general idea of what you’re okay with. We implore all players to be proactive with their partners and to let them know when things make them uncomfortable, or otherwise let an admin know! It does not matter if the piece is finished, cut from stone (impressive), or written in the stars (even more impressive). The group always rewards a 48 hour window to those who are in need of corrections, and we would rather everyone have the chance to look back at the pieces that they’ve received fondly. 

As always, the group asks its players to have a clear line of communication with your partner. Talk! Chitter! Bond! Be social, you damn introverts, before I go grab a big, intimidating stick. Talk about what you’d like to see, what your felvarg is like, ask what your partner would like to see, what their felvarg is like. We’re all in this together, Highschool Musical style. Go grab your basketballs, boys, cus we’re about to break into song. If fists were songs. Well, paws. Claws. Teeth. Elbows?

If you’re ever worried about what others might do with your felvarg, the group suggests listing your entry for mild violence. This way, if you get a friendly face, you can open up more doors to them! Otherwise, you know that your felvarg is relatively safe. And, if not, remember — let us know! Our admins will gladly be able to help you out.

If you have any questions or concerns, please always feel free to note the group, or to grab a Competitions admin! 

2/21/2020 Hello all! endless-adventure here, and Team Nook has even more exciting news. We have been having a discussion with the Titans and have been able to talk them into using all the available horns save for one, for which we have offered a Titan-only replacement! Feel free to go download the Titan Horn file from our Nook and enjoy!

2/15/2020 Hello lovelies this wonderful evening! Team Nook and eerea here to deliver you some very exciting news in the name of Brindle marking!

As it has been this far, Brindle was required to have moderately soft edges with solid appearance in general.
   As a new ruleset starting from this moment, Brindle can now have either soft or sharp edges as long as the general appearance doesn’t resemble Pinstripes with having strong fur strokes! We have also updated The Brindle Guide for you to see visual examples of good and bad brindle usage!
Hopefully this change inspires you and lets us meet even more of those beautiful designs in the Nook! With that fresh change, we wish you an amazing day, and happy designing!

2/9/2020 Heyyo everyone, Elryk-Vail here! Are you looking to sign up for 1v1 this month? Hurry up, as today is the last day to do so! All 1v1 sign ups are due by 11:59 PM EST. All rewards for 1v1 have been flipped for the new year, too! These rewards can be found on the 1v1 Guide.

1v1 not your thing? That's just fine! February's MVP prize is 1x Blush Application, for all you gentler souls out there. Remember: in order to be entered to win MVP, all you need to do is place first/win in either CtF or Marathon. Better start joggin'!

2/6/2020 Exciting news everyone! A special Feltine Sale has appeared chock full of wonderful goodies! Check it out Here!

1/26/2020 Hello everyone, hope you all are having a wonderful day this far! Team Nook and eerea here to share some exciting news and updates to the Nook!

In order to give you all some new ways to design we have updated the layering system with the Shadow and Siamese markings!
Previously, Shadow needed to be on top of multiple markings including Siamese;
   From now on when Siamese is present with Shadow the two can have an open layering system meaning Siamese can appear above or below Shadow however you want to choose!
Hopefully this will inspire you all lovely designers and we will see even more beautiful designs in the future! Happy designing guys!

01/24/2020 Good Evening! Katakire here with a rather large update! Head on over to the front page to check out the new Scavenger Hunt where Fenrir and Freyja are in need of your assistance! How long can you hold your breath? Beast Hunt is now active and will remain active until March 1st. Dive on in to the Emporium where you can purchase Trait: Coax that will help you tame this unruly beast! Speaking of the emporium, it has been restocked with several new goodies! Also please note that we have marked down the price of Fertility potions. This price will be active for 2 weeks (ending February 7th).

01/15/2020 Come one come all to the glorious page of Group Games! What's new you ask? Well, nothing its all the same BUT the Varglotto is up to 20k FC and the Potluck is holding the ever so desirable Cloak of Shadows. Be sure to swing by the Sacred Offerings to visit the intelligent Yngvild, I hear she has scrolls! Click Here to go to Group Games! 

01/15/2020 Hey guys! Team Felvargs is looking to hire more hands in Hierarchy Updates! If you are interested in being a part of the team, head on over to the Admin Applications Journal to read more about the positions we have open and how to apply!

01/05/2020 Good day to you all, Elryk-Vail here with some fun tidbits! Nothing major, big promise, but this will be a bit of an info dump, so hold on. 

First, you'll notice there is a new guide uploaded on Ulf and now located on the front page! Oh yes, indeed, 1v1 finally got the love it needed and all resources detailing its ins and outs have finally been compiled into one, complete source! No more skipping 3 different journals to try and figure out how in the world this activity functions. The old journals will be retired and given rest in a nice, warm blanket alongside a hot cup of cocoa to thank them for their service. 

PvE, too, will be receiving its own guide soon enough!

On this new 1v1 guide you will find new and old information. At the top, the monthly locations, dates, and rewards will be posted. You will notice the odd dates listed at the top... this is because we've decided to mix things up a bit! The dates for sign ups are now set in stone, and will ALWAYS be due on the 9th of each month. This is a permanent fixture. We've also decided to push the due date of 1v1 entries to the last day of the month, and in doing so have lifted a previous restriction. Before today, if a felvarg was not already healed, it could not be submitted into 1v1 sign ups. This lead to rushing and confusion as the results of 1v1 would roll out, and a few disappointed souls because of it. This is no longer the case! So long as a felvarg is submitted into the healing thread at the time of their sign up, they are they're good to go! They do not have to be healed, only submitted to be healed. The overlap of sign-up and healing is officially legal.

You'll also see a new line in the (ridiculously long) 1v1 activity form labeled "Preemptive Heal". Players may now request that admins heal their felvarg directly from their 1v1 form. This cuts out the middle-man of the healing thread completely, should a player wish to use it! Of course, if a felvarg has the Spooky Coon or Stoneskin, they can leave this part blank. A player may also choose to not use this section of the 1v1 activity form and instead go the route of the healing thread if they desire. It’s up to you!

And finally, you’ll notice the “Violence Level Allowance” of the guide is a bit more fleshed out. This is an on-going process as we strive to give a solid, detailed picture of what the group expects from the terms we are using. Hopefully this will clear up any confusion previously held. If you still have questions, though, feel free to note the group!

01/04/2020 Good evening everyone, Sukkol is here once more with two topics to alert to:

-The sale (UPDATED) Sale: Winter Palooza will be extended by 24 hours as of 9PM EST today, so get any last minute purchases in before the sale officially closes! Team Felvargs thanks each and every one of you for your continued support.
-Pip's Lengthy Blessing has been altered slightly, as depicted in the provided link, to accommodate for already existing physical mutations. This Blessing still affects only the underside of the Felvarg, but additional desired lengths should be obtained using the appropriate physical mutation: Pips Blessing Allowance

And with that, thank you for your time. We're excited to move forward into the new year with everyone! Have a wonderful rest of your evening. 

01/04/2020 Hello everyone, Sukkol is here with a short nook announcement! We hope that everyone had an excellent start to their year, or that it was a well deserved break. We have added to the Design Guide: Item Application guide that eye mutations will be required for changing the default position/directional gaze of the eyes. Custom eyes are still allowed, but an eye mutation will be needed to change the gaze. Having the Felvarg look to the side, for example, and/or showing the whites of the eyes will require an eye mutation. Custom pupil placement should remain generally centered, if the default eyes are not used. Have a wonderful rest of your evening! 

12/26/2019 Hey guys! Katakire here, I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday! We will be adding a Christmas Holiday Special Update to the emporium December 27th at 5PM EST. We have placed a countdown timer on the front page! You won't want to miss it!

12/25/2019 From everyone here on Team Felvargs, we would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Do not forget to swing by the Christmas Tree to get a very special present! - Team Felvargs

12/15/2019 Good day everyone, Sukkol is here to announce that Team Felvargs is looking for some hands in Design Approvals. If this may be of interest to you, then head on over to Admin Apps | Team Felvarg (OPEN) for more information about the positions open, and on how to apply! 

endless-adventure back again with some information on a new process for Activity Roll Corrections we are going to be implementing! To avoid users needing to resubmit activities which are in need of corrections, our rollers will now move images needing corrections to our "Corrections" folder and note players with the required changes. Once these changes have been made reply to the rollers note making them aware, they will then confirm everything is good to go before moving it back to the appropriate activities folder to be rolled normally. We hope this process will make it easier for admins and rollers alike!

12/05/19 Hey guys! Felvargs is Hiring! We are looking to bring one more admin to help judge Hierarchy Updates! If you are interested in the position, please head on over to Admin Application Journal to read up on the role and find out how to apply to Team Felvargs!

12/04/2019 endless-adventure here... What's this? There's an awfully sweet scent coming from the Village Market... It's berry interesting. The Village Market

12/02/2019 Hello everyone! Katakire here with exciting news! The new winter sale is live! Click HERE to check it out!  We would also like to let you know that the advent is up and ready for you to join! Be sure to make a comment to enter, don't miss your chance for Christmas goodies! Click HERE for the advent!

In addition to the above goodies, we would like to announce that the seasonal markings are live on the roller and ready for breeding! Keep an eye on the news post as both Storybook and the Christmas event will go live in roughly a week! We are excited to share with you all the new and exciting content! Happy Holidays!

12/01/2019 Good Morning guys! We would like to congratulate our Felvarg of the Month winner Roe 937 owned by Risketch! Don't forget to vote for January! The first Felvarg of the Month for 2020!  We would also like to congratulate our Group Games winners lcewoIf who won 41,500 FC and BlackFurPictures who won the extremely rare Trait: Bountiful! Keep your eyes peeled for next month's group games journal, maybe you'll be our next winner? - Katakire

11/22/2019 Hey guys! Katakire  here to let you know that you can now apply your soulmate trait using This Thread! Don't have a soulmate trait? Never fear! You can pick one up from the Emporium today!

11/14/2019 Hello again guys! Sorry for so many updates today but we would like to thank you all who voted for our fourth winner of the 2019 Varg O'Ween Costume contest! We would like to give a huge congratulations to endless-adventure and her pup Bruce 3035 who won the vote! Hope to see you all again next year with spooky costumes!

11/14/2019 Hey guys, Katakire here with a fresh and clean news post! Now let's dirty it up! Felvargs is still seeking to add to our every growing team! We are in search of x1 Hierarchy Update admin as well as x1 design uploader! If you would like to join our team, head on over to our 08/02/2017

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Thank you for all of your hard work, Team Felvargs :heart: Stay healthy and safe!
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That's really sweet of you!!

I hope these times aren't too hard on you! :heart:
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I have been lucky compared to most, thank you :heart: :hug:
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Thank you so much, your comment is very appreciated :heart: Players like yourself make it all possible, thank you for playing with us! Stay healthy and safe! Hug 
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You're welcome, Ice! :heart: I love this group and the admin team is one of the best I've come across in DA groups :hug:
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Aw thank you! You stay safe and healthy as well! <3
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You're welcome, and I will <3 Thank you!
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Aweee thank you Zaleho! We hope that you and all our players also stay healthy and safe! We would be lost without the amazing players like yourself!Heart Love 
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