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A Felvargs Passage of Courtship is a set of two trials that a Felvarg must complete in order to participating in breeding. Until a Felvarg's PoC's are completed the Felvarg cannot breed nor give away slots to other players, however the Felvarg can still do other activities within the group. Please read through the journal carefully and if you have any questions comment below.

Members must have the provided form present in each applicable PoC/Hierarchy Update image in order for the images to qualify.
Note: It is against group rules to sell/trade/or write a slot to a Felvarg that does not have it's Passage of Courtship.

Be mindful the wild prompts will be added spontaneously until there is a fluid amount of prompts to choose from.

Please copy and paste, then fill out the form below for each image prior to submitting it to be judged:

Passage of Courtship Template:

Name/Import Image:
Prompt (The Beginning -or- Internal Instinct):
Prompt #:
Additional Extras: (Any additional images or Literature present. Please also list any applicable bonuses.)

 Each image must depict at least 75% of the Felvarg.
Images must be colored, shaded, and have a complex background.
Up to 2 Felvargs may participate in a single entry.
Each image must be at least 500x500px or larger.
Literature entries require 1,200 words each and all Felvarg in the entry must play a main role and be mentioned fluidly throughout.
( Literature Tip** Mention your Felvarg at minimum, in some way, every 200-300 words.)

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Perspective? We allow it, however if we feel as though the perspective was abused to dodge the requirements above, our Passage of Courtship admins have the authority to send images to corrections. So long as roughly 75% of the Felvarg is present you're all set, we are very reasonable when judging visual percentages.

1-20 RNG roll - Per Image
1-30 Unbiased effort score (Based on other works in your gallery.) - Per Image
+15 for short story including at least 500 words OR an additional image of colored fullbody sketch quality or higher. - Per image
(STANDALONE BONUS) +5 for depicting a single Felvarg in each image. (Not counting Felvargs added to complete a prompt!) - Per image

  • Additional images/Literature must be created strictly for the Passage of Courtship and cannot receive any other rewards to qualify.
  • Additional images must be a colored fullbody sketch or higher quality to qualify.
  • Standalone bonus will qualify if there is only a single Felvarg being judged for it's Passage of Courtship. Adding Alphas or other Felvargs to complete one of the below prompts will not remove this bonus.
  • If 2 Felvargs are present in a set of PoC's, they can each complete a different prompt so long as it's clear they are each completing the prompt selected for them. However the image should only contain 'The Beginning' or 'Internal Instinct' prompts respectively. (IE: One Felvarg should not be doing a Beginning prompt and the other an Internal Instinct.)

Each image will be totaled and then added together to create a final score, which then determines the medal achieved.

 80 points or less scores Bronze (+5EXP)
 81 - 109 points scores Silver (+10EXP)
 110+ points scores Gold (+15EXP)

Your medal will be placed on your Felvarg's import image!


  Look for the prize goods! Each month a new prompt will have the chance to reward a special prize!

Choose two 's, one from 'the beginning' & one from "internal instinct".

The Beginning


The Beginning: Spring Gifting
Friends and family will always have your back no matter what. May is often known for thanking loved ones for everything that they do for you. With all the sunshine and the blooming flowers that grow during this month, there's no better time to treat a special someone. Depict your Felvarg showing a loved one how much they appreciate them. Do they present them with a handcrafted gift made with love? Or perhaps they surprise them by taking them on a trip.

 Seasonal May Bonus: 75% chance to return 1x Pawpaints

 The Beginning - #1: Our experiences shape us from a young age, what can seem like a small moment in hindsight can set you on a path you may never have expected. Depict a singular moment in your Felvargs formative years that ultimately led them to who they are today, be it good or bad.

The Beginning - #2: Each Felvarg needs to find it's voice. Depict your Felvarg as a pup, practicing their very first howl.

The Beginning - #3: Looking tough is not as easy as it seems and it takes more practice than one might think. Depict your Felvarg pup attempting to snarl or look menacing at something. Perhaps its a rock or maybe even a small unsuspecting animal.

The Beginning - #4: Our loved ones help us grow and learn to love and trust. Depict your Felvarg as a pup playing with another pack member or their Sire/Dam.

The Beginning - #5: One must learn to survive, as a pack we must all learn to pull our weight and we all know, practice makes perfect. Depict your Felvarg as a pup stalking or taking down one of the small prey listed: Mouse, Bird, Squirrel, Frog, Fox, Raccoon or Possum

The Beginning - #6: Scary thing leaving the safety of the den, but alas we must. It's time for your Felvarg to take it's first solo adventure. Depict your Felvarg pup leaving it's den for the first time and exploring the great beyond. (Must include an official landmark/location in Ulfrheim.)

The Beginning - #7: At some point, every Felvarg needs to discover who they are and to do this, they may start off by imitating the ones they look up to. Depict your Felvarg mimicking the actions of a parent, sibling or pack member.

 The Beginning - #8: As a youngster it is easy to get into trouble and hard to get out of it. There's always something that just seems to be calling your name. Depict your Felvarg getting themselves into some sort of trouble. Do they devour a bushel of berries before dinner? Get sprayed by a skunk when they got to close?

 The Beginning - #9: Losing you baby teeth is a milestone of youth that everyone must go through. Some look forward to it, some are not pleased with having a gap in their fabulous smile. Show how your Felvarg lost their first tooth, or was it teeth?  

The Beginning - #10: They say that sharing is caring, but what they don't mention is that sharing is hard. Depict your Felvarg as a pup learning how to share with a litter mate, pack mate, or Dam/Sire.
 May Monthly Bonus - 40% chance to return a Map of Ulfrheim

The Beginning - #11: Depict your young Felvarg coming into contact with something they’ve never experienced before, what kind of reaction do they have? Are they afraid, are they excited?

The Beginning - #12: Me, my and mine. Sharing might be hard but sharing is not happening here. Show your Felvarg hoarding or otherwise protecting something which they have decided is completely theirs.

The Beginning - #13: When you’re young, sometimes the line between right and wrong is a little blurry. How does your Felvarg display their sense of justice, be it with friends or family? How do they know what is right, and what is wrong?

The Beginning - #14: Learning to share is important, but learning to understand and share the feelings of another is an even more important part of growing up. Depict your young Felvarg displaying empathy for a family member, pack member or friend.

The Beginning - #15: Ulfrheim is no stranger to water so it’s important for a Felvarg to be able to sufficiently swim. Depict your Felvarg taking its first swim- Does it like the water or dread every second of it?

Wild Prompt: Surviving in the wild is no easy task, sometimes it is even life or death. Depict your Felvarg at a young age exploring the great wonders of Ulfrheim alone. Bravery must be achieved at a young age and there is no better time than now.

Internal Instinct


Internal Instinct: Parched Flora

They say April showers bring May flowers however it has been a rather dry spring in Ulfrheim so far. As you walk through the Vale of Whispers you see many flora attempting to sprout from the dry ground but they seem to be struggling without the showers that they are used to. Depict your Felvarg tending to the various flowers around the Vale. How do they help provide the flowers the nourishment they are lacking?

 Seasonal May Bonus: 10% chance to return 1x Squirrel Companion

Internal Instinct - #1 : Your Felvarg is roaming the woods when it stumbles upon a frightened pup, the pup is clearly lost and petrified. Depict your Felvarg guiding the pup to safety or calming it in some way.

Internal Instinct - #2: While hunting large prey you realize it too is hunting something, up ahead it closes in on two small abandoned pups, who clearly stand no chance against the ferocious beast. Depict your Felvarg fending off the danger and rescuing the innocent pups. 

 Internal Instinct - #3: Each day can be a new adventure in Ulfrheim, but it's not everyday where you get to experience something entirely new. Show your Felvarg going on an new and unknown adventure, whether willingly or not.

Internal Instinct - #4: Your Felvarg is laying near the rushing lake waters when cries of distress call for it's aid, thrashing around in the water an abandoned pup wails in fear. Depict your Felvarg entering the waters and rescuing the unfortunate pup, or soothing the pup after it's safe on dry land.

Internal Instinct - #5: A gathering is forming at the Shrine of Freyja and all the possible mates are within your grasp. Depict your Felvarg attempting to court/impress another Felvarg, are they shy? Perhaps charming?

Internal Instinct - #6: Danger could be lurking around every corner in Ulfrheim. Every Felvarg has to face off against an array of threats to survive and keep those they care about safe. Depict your Felvarg going up against a dangerous element or enemy.

Internal Instinct - #7: It is important not to let your fears get the better of you, nor to ignore them and hope they go away. Depict your Felvarg facing and/or overcoming a fear that they struggle with.

 Internal Instinct - #8: Our dreams and goals make us who we are, and it is important that we all have them as we grow. It is not every day, however, that we get to achieve them. Depict your Felvarg achieving one of their dreams or goals, however large or small.

 Internal Instinct - #9:  Word has spread that the mighty Fenrir will be visiting the Village of Hearth. It's a great privilege and honor to meet Fenrir, himself. After all, the mighty titan usually keeps to himself so any public appearance is a sight to be seen. But how does your Felvarg react to seeing the father of all Felvargs? Do they bow to show their respect? Show off a trophy they've earned? Or just take in the knowledge Fenrir has to offer them?

Internal Instinct - #10: Times are tough and not easy as a loner. It is during this time that the ones who usually wander on their own have to seek help elsewhere. Show your Felvarg having to get over their pride and seek help.

Internal Instinct - #11: You have encountered something that you simply cannot defeat or overcome on your own. Strength lays in numbers, and friends can be your best allies. Show your Felvarg coming together with others, be it family, friends, or strangers, to overcome this obstacle.

Internal Instinct - #12: We can’t always win them all, but we sure can try. Depict your Felvarg’s reaction to losing, or winning, a heated competition. Are they a sore loser or a respectful champion?

Internal Instinct - #13: It is important for your Felvarg to understand their basic need for self preservation, which governs their need for material supplies and security. How do they protect themselves from harm and ensure their survival?

Internal Instinct - #14: Maintaining relationships isn’t always easy, but in the end it is always worth it. Depict your Felvarg showing they care, even if it isn’t in the most conventional manner.

Wild Prompt: Your first kill, alone, the prey? a beast high in the mountaintops on the island. It will not be an easy task and stealth is key, depict your Felvarg prowling or otherwise preparing to strike, how will you go about staying undetected and will you fail due to the mountains lack of resources?

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can Infertile Fels participate in PoC, obviously for Exp only? and is there a penalty to them?