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Welcome to Felvargs Hierarchy Updates guide, in this guide we will explain the groups leveling system and the rewards each level has to offer.


When leveling each level will require a set number of tasks be completed. Once these tasks are finished, members can submit their Felvargs to advance to the next level.

Level By Yamashta-daoye7b by Ulfrheim 1: Requirements - Complete Passage of Courtship (+6 Breeding slots awarded)
Level 1 unlocks the leveling system and grants the Felvarg the ability to breed, 1,000 Felcredits & 1x Randomly rolled tack item application

Level By Yamashta-daoye7b by Ulfrheim 2: Requirements - Earn 150EXP (+4 Breeding slots awarded) - Completed Integrity Prompt
Level 2 also rewards and additional 3% chance to return more valuable items while fishing, 4 additional breeding slots & 1x Randomly rolled common trait application

Level By Yamashta-daoye7b by Ulfrheim 3: Requirements - Earn an additional 150EXP (Total of 300EXP) (+5 Breeding slots awarded) - Completed Knowledge Prompt
Level 3 also rewards and additional 3% chance to return more valuable items while tracking, 5 additional breeding slots, 1x Randomly rolled common trait application & grants the ability to return an additional long lost treasure chest in every quest entry including the Felvarg.

Level By Yamashta-daoye7b by Ulfrheim 4: Requirements - Earn an additional 100EXP (Total of 400EXP) (+3 Breeding slots awarded) - Completed Vigilance Prompt
Level 4 also rewards an additional 2 companion slots (Total of 5), 3 additional breeding slots, an additional 3% chance to return more valuable items while adventuring, Allows the Felvarg to act as a figurehead granting +1EXP to all other Felvargs depicted along side it in group activities.

Level By Yamashta-daoye7b by Ulfrheim 5: Requirements - Earn an additional 200EXP (Total of 600EXP) (+2 Breeding slots awarded) - Completed Intuition Prompt
Level 5 also rewards an additional 2 breeding slots, Unlocks the ability to do the diving activity, and unlocks the ability to travel to Jörmungandr.

Level By Yamashta-daoye7b by Ulfrheim 6: Requirements - Earn an additional 250EXP (Total of 850EXP), 1 Player vs. Player win -or- 1 Competition win -or- Participate in 6 unique Storybook Prompts -or- Participate in 6 unique Quest Prompts, Reach Respected status with at least 1 clan.

(+1 Additional companion slot, +1 Custom title, Background Set: Seat of the Alpha, Chosen fortitude unique trait) - Completed Passage of Fortitude Prompt

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim  Level 6 also rewards a 5% chance to return more valuable items while adventuring in Jörmungandr. Provides the Felvarg with a 99% chance to succeed in all usual group activities.

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim  Level 6 also allows felvargs to choose and display any level background that they have learned.

Please Note: Trait applications will be traits not currently present on your Felvarg. The level 4 EXP bonus is only applicable on artwork submitted AFTER the date shown on the level 4 update, all previous artwork depicting the Felvarg will not receive this exp bonus.


Okay so we have levels, what do we need to do when we meet the requirements for each one?

Level By Yamashta-daoye7b by Ulfrheim 1: Your background does not change, however you receive your Passage of Courtship medal on your official import image and you are now allowed to legally give away/sell slots to your Felvarg and participate in breeding freely.

Level By Yamashta-daoye7b by Ulfrheim 2: Your Felvarg is awarded an additional 4 slots. (Tip** Sunset)

Level By Yamashta-daoye7b by Ulfrheim 3: Your Felvarg is awarded an additional 5 slots.  (Tip** Nighttime)

Level By Yamashta-daoye7b by Ulfrheim 4: Your Felvarg excels to level four and is awarded an additional 3 breeding slots.

Level By Yamashta-daoye7b by Ulfrheim 5: Your Felvarg excels to level five and is awarded 2 additional breeding slots, unlocks both diving and Jörmungandr.

Level By Yamashta-daoye7b by Ulfrheim 6: You unlockthe final impoty background, your Felvarg excels to level six and is awarded 1 additional companion slot, 1 custom title, 1 background set: Seat of the Alpha, chosen fortitude unique trait. (Tip** Eclipse)

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim At level 6 your felvarg may be displayed on any level of their known background.


The requirements below are specifically for prompts completed for levels 1-4/Hierarchy Updates!

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Each image must depict at least 75% of the Felvarg. (See below for details.)
Icon 0001 Artist by Ulfrheim Each image must be colored, shaded and have a complex background.
THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Each trial can depict a single Felvarg.
THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Each image must be at least 500x500px, entries smaller than this will be declined.
THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Literature entries are allowed, they must be at least 1,200 words and focus on the task at hand, each Felvarg in the literature must play a main role and be mentioned fluidly throughout.
    ( THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Literature Tip** Mention your Felvarg at minimum, in some way, every 200-300 words.)

Please Note: If your Felvarg is using EXP bonuses from another Felvarg they are depicted with in an image, please make sure that the Felvarg with the EXP bonus has their import linked somewhere in the deviation's description. That way those EXP bonuses can be verified when the HU admins tally up the EXP counts.

Members must have the provided form present in each applicable PoC/Hierarchy Update image in order for the images to qualify. Please copy and paste, then fill out the form below for each image needed.

Images without these forms provided will be sent to corrections.

Passage of Courtship Template:

Name/Import Image:
Prompt (The Beginning -or- Internal Instinct):
Prompt #: (Prompt # and link to the image.)
Additional Extras: (Any additional images or Literature present. Please also list any applicable bonuses.)

Hierarchy Update Template:

Name/Import Image:
Level # (Integrity -or- Knowledge -or- Vigilance):
Prompt # and details:


When each Felvarg earns enough EXP to excel to the next level they will be required to draw a prompt when submitting their EXP for confirmation. These prompts will vary depending on the level achieved, because of this we will break down each levels details and the prompts they enclose. Please read through the following details carefully. Each Felvarg must pass a series of trials to reach level 4, these trials include different emotions they must overcome, Passion, Integrity, Knowledge and Vigilance. You only need to complete a single prompt from each level to proceed to the next level.


(It is against group rules to sell/trade/or write a slot to a Felvarg that does not have its Passage of Courtship.)
Guide: Passage of Courtship
In order to become level 1 each Felvarg must complete their 'Passion' task, which is the Passage of Courtship. The Passage of Courtship is a set of two trials that all Felvargs must complete in order to advance to level level 2 as well as participate in the groups breeding functio


Once a Felvarg has passed their Passage of Courtship (Passion) and has earned 150 EXP they now qualify to advance to level 2. Please submit proof of earned EXP as well as one of the following prompts completed.

One: Your Felvarg must come to terms with its past mistakes and own up to the things that it has done wrong. Picture your Felvarg correcting their mistakes physically, or apologizing to a friend they may have lost.

Your Felvarg comes across an injured animal, it clearly has zero hope for survival, depict how your Felvarg would react in this situation. Perhaps they put it out of its misery or give it company while it passes.

Your Felvarg witnesses a dispute between two others who seem incapable of coming to a reasonable conclusion on their own. You must listen to both sides of their stories and serve as judge and jury to deliver a fair and just outcome.

A dangerous creature is threatening the safety of your Felvarg and the ones that they love. Depict your Felvarg gathering up their courage to confront a truly terrifying enemy in order to protect  themselves and those they care about.

Do not make promises you cannot keep, but always follow through with the ones you do. Depict your Felvarg fulfilling a promise they made to another to the best of their ability.

Life is riddled with difficult decisions that can break you - or make you. Your felvarg is faced with a complex situation that draws their morals into question. Depict this situation and/or how your felvarg responds.

Your felvarg witnesses a negative act of some sort being committed by another, be it unnecessary violence, excessive rudeness, wastefulness, or even desecration of a sacred place. Depict your felvargs response and how they turn the situation into a positive one.

Your felvarg comes across someone they don’t particularly like or haven’t gotten along with in the past and it looks like they’re in trouble. Picture how your felvarg responds and how they choose to handle the situation.

Wild Prompt: Your brutal and wild ways have led to many poor choices, even if those choices were made in desperation. After all the weak do not survive. Do you find yourself guilty for these choices? Perhaps a good deed will rectify those decisions, or perhaps a lesson to those around you that strength is key!


Once a Felvarg has passed their Integrity challenge and has earned an additional 150 EXP (Totaling 300 EXP) they now qualify to advance to level 3. Please submit proof of earned EXP as well as one of the following prompts completed.

Available Prompts By Yamashta-daoyape by Ulfrheim
One: You have been tasked with traversing the dangerous and uncharted Caves of Vaskar to prove your skill and knowledge for survival and direction. Will you find your way back out, or become horribly lost in the dark?

The elders have chosen tonight to honor the passing of those long gone and have requested your presence at the Shrine of Ragnarok. Depict your Felvarg paying their respects and reflecting on the history of this most sacred place.

Your Felvarg has been tasked with leading a hunt in order to provide an offering to Fenrir, you must show not only your skill and knowledge in the wilderness, but also your smarts and compassion when dealing a death blow.

A raven has been stealing from your Felvarg for months know. It took them a moment to figure out why certain things were going missing, but now it is time to act. Depict your Felvarg using stealth skills and their knowledge of the world and hunting skills trying to track down the raven and regain their lost treasures.

As a loner, surviving is more difficult but not impossible. Your Felvarg must show great wisdom in their choices; how do they hunt alone, how do they keep themselves warm? What tricks do they know to ensure their survival?

Your Felvarg has been given the job of escorting another through unfamiliar territory. They should display not only courage but knowledge of remaining stealthy and undetected on their journey while not getting their company and themselves lost.

There is wisdom to be found everywhere. Depict your felvarg traveling to one of the many locations in Ulfrheim and learning something from the natives, be it a handy trick, a more efficient way to do something, or the history of their lands.

You have been tasked by the elders to impart an important lesson to a group of troublesome pups. What knowledge do you choose to pass down to the next generation? How do the young felvargs respond to your lesson?

Wild Prompt: You know the island like the back of your paw, after all you never could settle into one place for long, despite this knowledge of the island you will always be reminded of where you come from, where is your Felvargs safe place? (Must include an official location)


Once a Felvarg has passed their Knowledge challenge and has earned an additional 100 EXP (Totaling 400 EXP) they now qualify to advance to level 4. Please submit proof of earned EXP as well as one of the following prompts completed.

Available Prompts By Yamashta-daoyape by Ulfrheim
A rogue feral has been reported stealing in the area, and your Felvarg has been chosen to sit vigil and guard through the night. Will you keep this intruder at bay, or are they sharper than you?

Two: Word has spread of a bountiful meadow where prey is plentiful and a fresh water source is easily accessed. You have been tasked with surveying the area for threats.

A pup has gone missing in Helheim's Gate! Your Felvarg must show great bravery as well as caution as they traverse through the haunted underground tunnels, and return the missing child to it's parents.

You and your loved ones have been forced to leave your home and seek temporary shelter elsewhere. Picture your Felvarg scouting out a new place to stay for any potential dangers before bringing them there.

Rumors of a rare and powerful plant have circulated across Ulfrheim, and stories of fights breaking out over its collection. Your Felvarg should remain cautious and observant should they try to gather some for themselves, lest another try to take it.

The peaceful village of Skalaness has become victim to nightly raids by an unknown thief! Depict your felvarg guarding the village and/or their encounter with the elusive thief.

It has been a tough season and many villages are running short on food and supplies. Depict your felvarg aiding the needy by trading goods, providing food, crafting supplies, or even helping with chores.

A pup has been found injured, alone and scared. The lost pup says that it’s parents reside in the Path of Valhalla which is on the opposite side of Ulfrheim. Depict your Felvarg making the long journey across the dangerous terrain to return the lost pup to it’s family.

*Wilds do not have a separate prompt to complete for level 4, they must chose one from the list above.


Once a Felvarg has passed their Vigilance challenge and has earned an additional 200 EXP (Totaling 600 EXP) they now qualify to advance to level 5. Please submit proof of earned EXP as well as one of the following prompts completed.

Available Prompts By Yamashta-daoyape by Ulfrheim
You find yourself deep within the clutches of Valhalla, its winding forest path spinning you in circles, reminding you that despite traveling these parts millions of times the forest could easily play tricks on you. Crashing through the underbrush you pull yourself from its grasps and before you a dark and dreadful passage lays ahead, most would turn without a doubt but the shadowy path calls to you, its gravity tugs fiercely. Do you overcome the encroaching darkness that instinctively calls upon you?

While traveling the land along Lake Heimta, you spot a figure bobbing in the waters of the lake. Upon closer inspection, you realize that it is a Felvarg that had fallen victim to the dangerous currents of the lake and is on the verge of death! You hurry down the slope, but as you get closer, you realize that going in after them could surely spell death for you too. Do you ignore your screaming instincts to take the chance to save the life of another Felvarg by diving in after them, or is risking your life for one who may not make it too much of a risk to take?

The mountains of Ulfrheim are beautiful, but also treacherous. Even the most adept mountaineers can often find trouble in their grasp. Though climbing them may leave you feeling as if you are on top of the world their steep peaks, open caves, and shifting slopes can be dangerous to the unprepared. You have chosen to tackle the reaching heights of one of these mountains in an attempt to touch the sky, but the journey will not be easy. During your travels you face a difficulty your Felvarg struggles greatly with, how do you face and overcome the danger guarding your passage?

You claim to know you loved ones inside and out, but recently something has just seemed off with one of them. Perhaps they aren't acting quite like themselves, or appear to be keeping something from you. Whatever the case is, you know you can't just let it pass and ignore your feelings that something is wrong. Depict your Felvarg approaching their friend, family member or pack mate, and getting to the bottom of the gut feeling that they are struggling right now.

Sometimes, the true power of intuition is a powerful lesson learned. You are headed out on an important journey when you get a strange feeling that you should hold off. In the end, you decide to wait to head out. Show your Felvarg discovering that an accident or disaster happened along the path they would have taken, which might have injured them had they not trusted their instinct to wait.

You've been approached by another who is trying to sell you on an idea they had that they claim will benefit both of you greatly. They are saying all the right things, appear to have thought everything through and seem to be trustworthy but something in you is saying not to make the deal. Portray your Felvarg discovering that this other Felvarg is not who he or she appeared to be just as their intuition was telling them.

Sometimes intuition can put you between a rock and a hard place - Someone you respect and admire has a grand expedition of Helheim planned, but the history of the caverns and your intuition tells you that the trip will end in disaster. Depict your felvarg explaining their gut feelings or trying to dissuade those from going on the trip.

A shady character has been reported promising dreams of grandeur to young Felvargs all over Ulfrheim, only for the naive victims to turn up missing in the days to follow. Your Felvarg takes it upon themselves to seek out this suspicious individual and find out what is going on. Perhaps you will find the missing children, too?

You find yourself deep in the heart of the Path of Valhalla, wandering through one of its numerous, winding pathways. The sun is sinking low, the dim golden light filtering through the thick forest canopy and bathing the world in the golden almost magical light of dusk. You begin to think you should turn back, glancing around you find you have become disoriented, unsure of which direction is which. Turning once more you step back, startled to find another Felvarg standing only a stones throw away. They stare back at you silently, neither of you making a move. Who are they? What do they want? How do you react?

Wild Prompt: You've met many Felvargs in passing, strangers are no friend to you. While roaming through the great city of Hearth you find yourself front and center with Fenrir himself, the mighty father of all Felvarg canvasses you closely before puffing out his chest. Do you honor the great father by bowing? or do you disrespect the very ground he walks upon? What is your gut telling you to do?


Your perilous journey nears an end, the wisdom and growth you have achieved over the great many challenges that you have been faced with is finally leading you to the fate that has always been anxiously awaiting you. Freyja's balance of light and dark, Fenrir's light or Loki's darkness will seek you out and lead you to one of the lost shrines in Jörmungandr, where you will attune with your chosen spirit mender, consuming its powers into that of yourself. Which path will you choose? Earn an additional 250 EXP (Totaling 850 EXP) & Complete the above necessary requirements. Wilds may choose any of the following prompts.

Trait: Freyja's Balance - Provides a 2% increased chance to return more valuable items while participating in any reward based activity & event, alongside a 2% increased chance to succeed while participating in all player vs. player based competitions.

Trait: Loki's Fury - Provides a 5% increased chance to succeed while participating in all player vs. player based competitions.

Trait: Fenrir's Grace - Provides a 5% increased chance to return more valuable items in absolutely every reward based activity & event.

Available Prompts By Yamashta-daoyape by Ulfrheim
Through all the hardships of your life, you have always kept your chin up and faced the darkness head on, determined to never lose sight of your goals and dreams. Depict a time where your Felvarg lost hope, did they managed to find the strength in the light to keep moving forward, or did they lose sight of the light and fall victim of its opposite.

Every Felvarg has its strengths, and every Felvarg has its weaknesses. In the past, you have shown great abilities to use your strengths to the best of your ability to help not only yourself, but those around you. However, even the strongest can fall prey to the dark whispers of the unseen. They seem to know your darkest secrets and biggest insecurities, and you feel as weak as a newborn pup as they fill your head with doubt. How do you find the strength to cast their manipulative words out? Or, do you falter and crack under the pressure you have been keeping at bay for so long?

Sometimes even the brightest of lights dim in the persistent darkness and need help being rekindled. Perpetual hard times have befallen you;  depict your felvarg mustering the fortitude to soldier on until times get better. Inspiration and motivation can be found anywhere, from a close friend, to someone they admire, or even prayers to the Goddess Freyja.

It can be difficult to find harmony among all the different parts of your life. How do the pieces all fit together and work as one? This final pilgrimage you are on just might help bring it all into focus, giving you the tools you need to find the balance you so desperately seek. Depict your Felvarg meditating on this principle of stability, and how they can incorporate it into their life or display a way in which they already have.

You have come this far only to discover that your journey does not end where you thought it would. Perhaps all of your life you have done what was expected of you, never really pushed the boundaries or walked the line. Now, however, you are faced with a future that you are unfamiliar with. You have grown, and have acquired the skills needed to take this next step. Show your Felvarg accepting the uncharted path before them, and taking that first step into the unknown that has been laid out in front of them.

Be mindful how you react to each of the provided prompts will determine which light seeks you out. Please specify your choice in the form when submitted. Choosing from Balance, Light or Dark. If you do not specify our team will make an executive decision based on your response to the chosen prompt.

Ready to submit? Head over to the monthly Hierarchy Update journal and fill out the provided form!


Counting EXP / Official Counter
EXP is obtained by drawing images or writing/roleplaying your Felvarg, below we have broken down the details of what each image will be worth. The above EXP counter will detail any qualifying entry you have created by filling in the provided form.



Icon 0001 Artist by Ulfrheim Fullbody Sketch [Fbs] (100% Visible) +1EXP
Icon 0001 Artist by Ulfrheim Bust Image [B] (50% Visible) + 1EXP
Icon 0001 Artist by Ulfrheim Fullbody Image [Fb] (75% Visible) +2EXP

Icon 0001 Artist by Ulfrheim Flat Colored [Fc] (Not shaded) +2EXP
Icon 0001 Artist by Ulfrheim Colored and Shaded [Cs] +3EXP
Icon 0001 Artist by Ulfrheim Simple Background [Sbg] +1EXP
Icon 0001 Artist by Ulfrheim Complex Background [Cbg]+3EXP
Icon 0001 Artist by Ulfrheim Chibi/Sprite [Chi] +1EXP

+2EXP [Fb] +3EXP [Cs] +3EXP [Cbg] +2EXP [Nc]
Total: 10EXP


THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Literature (1000 Minimum Count for Activities!) [Wc]
THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Every 200 words +1EXP


Icon 0005 Horder by Ulfrheim Non-commissioned image (Drawn by the Felvargs owner!) [Nc] +2EXP
Icon 0020 Community-hand by Ulfrheim Collaboration (Drawn by two or more members.) [Clab] +2EXP
    (Collaborations must include a Felvarg for each person partaking!)
Icon 0005 Horder by Ulfrheim Activity entry (Tracking/Fishing/Adventure/Quest/Battleground)
[Act] +1EXP
Icon 0014 Winter-constest by Ulfrheim Event/Special Event/Seasonal +1EXP [Evt]
Icon 0008 Platinum-member by Ulfrheim Passage of Courtship [PoC] +2EXP

Icon 0008 Platinum-member by Ulfrheim Hierarchy Updates [Hu] +2EXP
Icon 0017 Wingman by Ulfrheim Pack Bonus (Unite) [Uni] +2EXP
Icon 0017 Wingman by Ulfrheim Figurehead (Level 4 Felvarg) [Fgh] +1EXP

Need help defining visible percentages?

% by Ulfrheim
THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Perspective? We allow it, however if we feel as though the perspective was abused to dodge the requirements above our Passage of Courtship admins have the authority to send images to corrections. So long as roughly 75% of the Felvarg is present you're all set, we are very reasonable when judging visual percentages.

Simple? or Complex?

Understanding what is classed as a simple background or a complex background can sometimes be stressful or even confusing. We will do our best to visually explain the differences as well as break it down in text to the best of our ability.

What defines a simple background?

A simple background will consist of minimal to no shading on flat solid objects. The background is seemingly flat or simplistic in shapes.
will i ever be enough? - honor to our father by kingalligator

What defines a complex background?

A complex background often has depth, shading and more or less detail in a large chunk of the itself. It is obvious at a glance the background received individual time and has some form of detail or effort visible.
Turkey Time Roundup Collab by Saleau

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