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Trackers are vital when participating in day to day activities within the group, as their name implies they track very vital information for each individual Felvarg. Below we will break down what a trackers purpose is and how to utilize having one.

Steps to building a Tracker:

Step One: Create a Journal entry/Stash entry for your Felvargs tracker.
Most players title the Tracker with their Felvargs name. (IE. Felvarg12345 - Tracker)
Step Two: Link the Official Import Image in the journal entry.
Step Three: Submit your journal to Deviantart.
Step Four: Add comments to the journal as follows or even a single comment that says 'Results here!'>

This journal will now work as a tracker for your Felvarg, these comments are vital, without them the admins will not have anywhere to reply with the loot your Felvarg has found while participating in group activities.

What can a tracker, track?

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim A tracker can be used for multiple things, we will list a few of them below to give you a general idea of its purpose. Each of these things are are optional unless noted otherwise.

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Provide a place for admins to give you rolled rewards. (Not Optional)
THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Track/Log breeding slots. (Recommended)
Keep a detailed log of your Felvargs used/written slots. We cannot urge how important it is to know how many slots your Felvarg has available, overselling/overusing slots because of poor tracking/management is frowned upon and against the groups rules.
THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Log EXP earned and personal details about your Felvarg.
THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Showcase artwork you have had completed/artwork you have done for your Felvarg for all to see.
THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim List personal details, pack details or otherwise optional/plot information about your Felvarg.

Your Felvargs tracker is yours to do with as you please, we just ask you at least provide the required information above.

ADMIN NOT FREE by UlfrheimExample of a Tracker:

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