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Word has traveled throughout the far reaches of Ulfrheim of a rogue band of Felvargs, who bring not only new and intriguing genetics but also offer fresh bloodlines to populate your pack. This wandering group may be swayed to join your pack, or at least one or two of them if you're lucky! It's fair to assume these ferals will only forge allegiance with the strongest and the bravest, and you are not the only one who wishes to recruit them! You must go toe to toe in a display of both brute strength and also sharp wit, in hopes you can sway the favour of these newcomers. Be warned, however, recruiting is not for the faint of heart and any who enter must be willing to accept that it might not just be the Feral's favour that can be lost; these showdowns will be brutal, are you prepared to leave with trophies upon your skin, or will you run away with your tail between your legs?


:bulletwhite: Each image must contain the Feral you're trying to recruit as well as a Felvarg of your own. (An Alpha should you not currently have a Felvarg!)
:bulletwhite: All Felvargs depicted in the image must be 75% visible.
:bulletwhite: Each image must be drawn in the setting/location the feral Felvarg was spotted in.
:bulletwhite: Images must be colored, shaded and have a complex background.
:bulletred: Please be mindful ferals are finalized on upload. They cannot partake in a redesign or makeover kit.
:bulletred: Literature entries must be 1,700+ words and be focused on the task at hand.
:bulletred: Each member may only have one personal entry per Feral.

Please submit your entries to the Recruiting folder, location in the groups gallery. Please also include the following form:

Official Import:
Official Import of Feral:
Use of EXP (Chosen Winner): yes/no

It is the artists choice if the image can be used for EXP provided they do not place. Please keep in mind that if you place 'no' in the Use of EXP field in the above form, if you win the feral in question you cannot use any artwork created during the recruiting event. (You may use your own artwork, just not artwork created by other members.)

Members that put 'yes' in the field can use any artwork created provided the field above also says yes.

3 runner ups chosen via effort score/poll will be awarded a random battlechest containing special rewards.
Legendary Battle Chest by Ulfrheim Pristine Battle Chest by Ulfrheim


There is no active feral at this time
Polling based on: N/a
Currently: N/a
Location: N/A

Polling based on: N/a
Currently: N/a
Location: N/a



Raevar 388 by Ulfrheim

Recruited by: wild-dracoyena

Eydis 387 by Ulfrheim

Recruited by: Volbeatic

Ragna, the Greenkeeper 498 by Ulfrheim

Recruited by: Mechamutt

Fell 497 by Ulfrheim

Recruited by: Vizzixi

Alvis 675 by Ulfrheim

Recruited by: Elryk-Vail

Gunnvor 659 by Ulfrheim

Recruited by: SozinThis

Syrix 824 by Ulfrheim

Recruited by: Sadbloom

Fjornir 912 by Ulfrheim

Recruited by: Risketch

Vigdis 1030 by Ulfrheim

Recruited by: Sukkol

Brier 1204 by Ulfrheim

Recruited by: xPathyTales

Rhaego 1393 by Ulfrheim

Recruited by: Nimiszu

Frodo 1550 by Ulfrheim

Recruited by: Phicarus

Aya 1727 by Ulfrheim

Recruited by: kalmansielu

Recruited by:

Recruited by:

Recruited by:

© 2016 - 2021 Ulfrheim
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KingPedle's avatar
I hate to bother you guys but I'm having the same issue, I can't seem to find recruiting as a folder to submit my entry into.

[Taming Entry] I am the one

There's my entry 
Ulfrheim's avatar
The permissions are all set right, so I'm not sure why this is causing issues. Can you please try to submit into this folder? felvargs.deviantart.com/galler…

KingPedle's avatar
There's no contribution to this gallery button and when I go to submit it the feral recruiting just.. isn't there. In the list where I go to submit. 
Ulfrheim's avatar
Can you try now please? :3

KingPedle's avatar
:,D I can submit now but It's giving me this message  
Submission would exceed the global limit of 1 deviation per 7 days.

On both my writing and this account when I try to put it in. 
Ulfrheim's avatar
Pfff I swear dA. It should work now. I just took off the settings and redid them all. Give that a go!

KingPedle's avatar
FINALLY! There it went through xD so sorry for the trouble 
Ulfrheim's avatar
No problem! Glad it worked.

uotterbe's avatar
I seem to be having the same issue as Phicarus! Though I can see the feral recruiting folder, I am unable to contribute to it :< it does not show up in the 'contribute to...' drop down on the main gallery page and if I go to the folder specifically it does not bring up the +Contribute to this gallery option.
link to my image here in case you need to invite: To the Pin! (Polaris + Axel)
MrsEvelyn's avatar
That's really strange! The permissions haven't changed at all. I've gone ahead and set an invite to the group, sorry about that!
uotterbe's avatar
No problem!! Thank you <3
Phicarus's avatar
Hello! The Feral Recruiting folder seems to be closed to new submissions at the moment? o3o
MrsEvelyn's avatar
Hi there! I checked the folder permissions and everything is alright. I've send an invite to your image, see if that works!
Phicarus's avatar
Oh well that seems to have worked thank you!
Hmm I wonder why it wouldn't let me submit though xwx;
Sorry for the trouble!!! ;A;
MrsEvelyn's avatar
No trouble at all! Glad it worked.
TheBrooklynnYouLove's avatar
Is it supposed to say July 31st or August?
Wessup's avatar
Is this still going on ? because it says it ended 27th but it says open
Ulfrheim's avatar
Hi there!

No this is closed for now, sorry about that! Keep your eyes peeled for the next one!
Wessup's avatar
Thank you!
Pathea's avatar
Imagine I win a Feral. Can I participate to the others Recruiting sessions? Or is it one feral per person?
Ulfrheim's avatar
You can participate in any and all ferals, no matter the amount of previous ferals you have won. :3
Pathea's avatar
Aww, thank you! :D
Wendigo-Wolf's avatar
Is it possible to combine both artwork and literature in a single recruiting attempt, as long as all the requirements are met by either the art or the literature?

Example: A 1,700-word story that has flat-coloured, simplistic background images to go with the story.
Example 2: A full-body, complex, backgrounded image that has a shorter-than-the-requirement story attached in the description.
Volbeatic's avatar
Hi there! Sorry for the delay!

You are more than welcome to write a story in addition to your entry image (or vice versa), so long as the entry you are submitting officially fits all requirements for the recruiting attempt. For example, you can make an image that fits the requirements and include a short story (or one to the length the prompt requires if you so choose) in the description!
Hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any additional questions!
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