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Admin Applications (OPEN)

Welcome to the Admin Applications breakdown. Please read through the journal carefully before applying to become an admin for Team Felvargs. Being an admin for an ARPG while exciting is also hardwork! We are currently accepting application for all of our administrative roles.


Being an admin for an ARPG group is a big commitment. Without each and every admin Felvargs could not run as smoothly as it does. These wonderful volunteers donate their free time every day so that members can enjoy the world and game features we have created. This job is done without expectation of any reward and can often become rather stressful; it is definitely not for everyone, but for those willing to weather the up's and down's it can be a positive, fulfilling experience.

The most important thing to remember is that each and every one of us is here to help. More than anything we want our members to succeed and grow. Please be patient and kind to us, and we will treat you with the very same kindness and respect.

Felvargs has an official copyright as well as a NDA (non-disclosure agreement). These things help to keep our ideas and project safe. Admin positions that require behind the scenes access will need to adhere to the group's personalized NDA. Breaking our privacy or sharing personal details of the project, to those outside the project is a punishable offense.


Thank you so much for taking the time to apply for a position within our group. It means a lot to us that you have an interest in helping us grow. Please keep in mind that we cannot hire everyone who applies. If you do not hear back from us, chances are we have already recruited or found someone suitable to join our team for the position you were interested in. Don't lose hope! If you are truly interested, feel free to apply again once the group opens more applications in the future.

Please send your application in by filling out the following form and noting it to Ulfrheim, you may also send the application to Kit herself on Discord. Kit#0002


Deviantart Username:

How long have you been playing Felvargs?:

Desired Role(s):

How long have you been participating in ARPGs?:

Previous Experience (If any):

Discord Username*:

Additional Notes:


Below is a list of roles the admin team is constructed of. Please be mindful all of our rollers track which admin rolled what and what the results were. Felvargs does and will not stand for any form of cheating whatsoever. Admins will be required to make an account within our admin panel, the rollers provided are not toys and so this means mock (pretend) rolls are not permitted. We take the distribution of in-game items very seriously and strive to create a stress free, fair, and peaceful atmosphere in the game. The group will happily show results on rewards that members may have felt cheated out of, please have reasonable doubt as we do not have time for silly requests.

High Queen

The founder and owner of the project, also known as the High Queen. As the owner Kissing sees to every area of the group, and is apart of every decision made, fine comb and all. This position leaves her extremely busy and so members are encouraged to reach out using the groups note system or our contact buttons on the website if they need assistance with something.

Warden | Overseer

The overseers of the group. Wardens & Overseers are trained in every area of the group and are head guardians, they have been apart of Felvargs for a great period of time and have mastered all aspects of the game whilst finding their way as a guardian. Wardens and Overseers are familiar with how the game ticks and work closely with the High Queen with large scale projects and administrative happenings.


The keepers of the group. These admins do a little of everything and are in charge of making sure every aspect of the group is running smoothly. They are the ones to go to if you are confused or concerned about something major, and each one does a great deal of work behind the scenes. Being a guardian for Felvargs requires great knowledge of the group as a whole and skills to be fair and balanced when making sensitive decisions.


A weaver of tales and keeper of history. The Storyteller builds Felvargs' lore as it develops and gives personality to its Alphas and NPCs. They are also responsible for reviewing new content and making sure it fits in with what is already established. This role is a closed role and is only offered to those the owner reaches out to or finds suitable.

Activity Roller

The deployers of loot. Activity rollers are the ones who look over your submitted activity entries and make sure you receive rewards for them! Felvargs' item roller is scripted/coded, so the rolling itself is not particularly complicated, but these admins are also responsible for checking that each entry meets the requirements and helping members fix things if something does not quite match up.

Design Approval

Design approval admins check over submitted import designs to ensure they match up with the restrictions outlined in our official design guide. Their job can be a bit stressful -- after all, who likes telling someone the design they worked hard on needs corrections? However, they're here to help and will be happy to give pointers if any questions about designs arise. Being a Champoin of the Nook is no easy task and so those who apply should make note of this, being familiar with our design guide is necessary.

Design Uploader

Once a design is formally approved, it is added to a queue to be uploaded! Design uploaders log into Ulfrheim and get your Felvarg added to the official gallery with all it's relevant information, including items, accessories, and traits. They also handle the websites import function.  Uploaders are in charge of tucking your Felvargs safely into Ulfrheim, making them official and ready to explore the island.

Breeding Roller

A rather fun job, Breeding Rollers handle everything well.. breeding related of course! The role consists of using Felvargs many rollers to check each breeding has everything it needs to be rolled. Breeding rollers keep track of all things slot related and use the group's intricate breeding roller to produce offspring for those submitting breedings in the group. Official Breeding Roller

PoC/Hierarchy Update Judge

PoC/Hierarchy judges have two main jobs: counting/confirming the EXP a Felvarg has acquired and making sure their hierarchy image entries fit the requirements. In the case of PoC's they determine the effort score for each entry, apply any bonuses, and finally combine those numbers with the RNG score to see what medal the Felvarg will receive. For Hierarchy updates the process is a bit more simple, but they must also log into Ulfrheim and update the Felvarg's official import to reflect it's new level. Passage of Courtship entries are rolled fairly using the group's coded roller, making them easy and effortless to roll.


Banking and redeem admins have a rather fast-paced job. They look through each and every type of activity redemption, purchase, item/trait application, event reward, or transfer, and then perform the requested bank or import update. They are the heart of the Felvargs' economy!


Welcomers are extremely valuable admins, they handle various aspects of the group. Most importantly welcomers handle the adoption center. They hand out Felvargs to new members and brainstorm concepts and details for Felvargs no longer wanted by members. They also welcome new players to the game and server, and offer their services to help navigate and explore aspects of the game they are confused with or new to. They are often referred to as chatter bugs and they are as kind as they come! You're free to message these admins when you need help, or even toss them general suggestions and concerns. They will bring it up with the appropriate heads and as it makes it way through the chain of command the group will explore it as a whole! Its not uncommon to see them giving away completely randomly rolled goodies to new members alongside other various event like happenings.

Quest (Lorekeeper)

The head of quests, or "Lorekeeper", is in charge of making sure quests are up and running every two weeks. Because the rewards change with each prompt, there will for the most part only be one quest roller at a time to ensure things stay consistent. The Lorekeeper will not only keep quest running smoothly, but they will also be the one to distribute quest rewards. Quest prompts are created by the entire staff team, most commonly the High Queen, Storyteller and Lorekeeper. While there is the odd lorekeeping on our team, the Owner herself often handles quest as a whole.


Event admins handle just that, events. Often you will see them updating and promoting events throughout the group. Events pertain to Recruiting, Felvarg of the Month, and Discord raffles. While this role seems inviting and exciting, it is also extremely important. A lot of these events have specific dates and times that these things need to be handled and because of this, the event admin must make themselves available. Eventers are seasoned admins and not necessarily a role on its own, so do keep that in mind when applying.


The groups battlemasters handle all player vs. player and competition held events. They use custom crafted rollers to distribute rewards and select winners. This area of the group will require the admin to select pairs while also rolling the results to those pairs. Outside of player vs. player the admin will roll seal hunting, marathon and capture the flag.


The groups packmaster handles all things pack related, they manage and keep packs in line and are the sole reason packs run as smoothly as they do. A packmasters job is not an easy one, it requires overseeing the very many packs in Ulfrheim and keeping all of the content, PP totals and members up to date and moving along as they should. Packmasters oversee all aspects/changes made to packs from creation to rank levels, they even manage private pack events hosted through the group itself.


This coder position is a full time one, requiring an admin that can be on hand for any maintenance or new features our game requires. It is a big, big job, but a very important one that helps keep things running as they should for members and admins alike. Coding is primarily HTML, CSS, JS and PHP. Coders are paid for their services and are hired in directly for Felvargs. A great deal of our coders do not even have a deviantart account and so it is not uncommon for them to not appear on the group's front page/admin list.


Contributors are those who have offered their artistic, literary, and/or coding expertise to build our project. From time to time ongoing or specific positions will open up, presenting a good opportunity to get involved without the pressures that other admin work may bring. Contributors are compensated with USD, points, or in-game rewards.

Content Copyright/Creation Kissing
© 2017 - 2021 Ulfrheim
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