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Wolfsbane 1811

Name: Wolfsbane
Nickname(s): Bane, Wolf
ID #: 1811
Health Status: Healthy
Owner: Itachislilgirl
Breeder: Event
Species: Felvargs
Age: ???
Gender: Male
Height: 205cm
Weight: 1000lbs
Build: Brute
Coat Type: Arctic
Genotype: Ss/cr/br/bk/Ps/Rr/Pt/St/Ap/Sla
Phenotype: Silver with Pinstripes, Roan, Points, Stitch, Appaloosa, Slash
Physical Mutations:

Hierarchy Level: 3/6
Passage of Courtship: 2/2

Item Application(s):

Tack by Ulfrheim
Magnifying Glass - +5% chance to return more valuable items while excavating.
Leather Leg Guards - +5% chance to return more valuable items while tracking.
Map of Ulfrheim - +5% chance to return more valuable items while Tracking or Adventuring.
Accessories X2 - Apply customizable items directly to your Felvarg.
Rune of Expression X1 - Applies a custom expression to your Felvarg.
Import Background Set: Murder of Crows - Apply this background to your Felvarg. This background is a seasonal Halloween background.


Companion by Ulfrheim
Skeletal Cat - Awards a Felvarg with an additional lifetime breeding slot for every 200 EXP obtained after level 4. 
Spooky Bat - Awards a gold passage of courtship medal to all direct offspring of the Felvarg and awards the companions owner an additional 2 lifetime breeding slots.
Spooky Raccoon - Removes the ability for the Felvarg to sustain injuries when failing 1v1 encounters and provides a 10% chance to return a randomly rolled competition trait when failing any and all competitions.


Traits by Ulfrheim
Blessing of the High Queen - You have gained Freyjas favor, providing a +5% chance to return more valuable items while Adventuring.
Hawk Eye - Your keen senses increase your ability to find more valuable items while fishing by 5%.
Small Game Hunter - Increase the sell back price of items found during tracking small prey by 5%.
Persuasion - Your cunning tongue makes all items found while Tracking, Fishing or Adventuring worth 10% more than their initial value.
Flayer - Your brutality provides a chance to roll 1 additional hide in any Tracking roll.

Import Database: #1811
Personality: Known for the incredible feats he's accomplished and the beasts he's brought down, Wolfsbane is known throughout Ulfrheim as a warrior whose bad side you don't want to be on. He demands respect and he usually deserves it thanks to the things he's been through in his life. The male is definitely the rough and tough type but also enjoys surprising others (mainly females) with his fliratious and somewhat gentler side. He's still a mighty beast though and will sacrifice himself to save someone in order to receive the honor and valor that comes with such incredible achievements. He's out to be the best and isn't afraid to push himself and give it all he has.

----------------------------------SSS: Unknown
---------------SS: Unknown
----------------------------------SSD: Unknown
Sire: Reygar 6
----------------------------------SDS: Unknown
---------------SD: Unknown
----------------------------------SDD: Unknown
----------------------------------DSS: Unknown
---------------DS: Unknown
----------------------------------DSD: Unknown
Dam: Sigrid 293
----------------------------------DDS: Unknown
---------------DD: Unknown
----------------------------------DDD: Unknown

Copyright: PrinceAIex
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