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Take2 by Ulfrheim

Nickname(s): The Savage Wolf
ID #: 2
Health Status:
Owner: Felvargs 
Species: Felvargs
Age: ???
Gender: Male
Height: 215 cm
Weight: 800 lbs
Build: Standard
Coat Type: Savage
Genotype: ss/cr/br/Bk/Ol/Hl/Sp/Tk/Bc
Phenotype: Black with Overlay, Highlights, Splash, Ticked, Bi-colored
Mutations: n/a

Hierarchy Level: Alpha
Passage of Courtship: n/a

Item Application(s):

Tack by Ulfrheim
Scar Kit: Large
- Apply large battle wounds directly to your Felvarg.


Import Database: #2
Personality: Also known throughout the world as 'The Savage Wolf', Ulfr is a hotheaded warlord whose name strikes fear into even the bravest of hearts.  He has an infamous reputation to which he lives up to with no struggle, and is the largest living Felvarg, challenged only by Fenrir himself.  Ulfr and his brother Bjorn are known to come to blows over their differences in leadership styles. The battles are epic and have only ever been stilled by their sister, Ylva. (Hotheaded | Fierce | Ruthless)
Ideal gifts: Weapons

----------------------------------SSS: Unknown
---------------SS: Unknown
----------------------------------SSD: Unknown
Sire: Fenrir 0
----------------------------------SDS: Unknown
---------------SD: Unknown
----------------------------------SDD: Unknown
----------------------------------DSS: Unknown
---------------DS: Unknown
----------------------------------DSD: Unknown
Dam: Unknown
----------------------------------DDS: Unknown
---------------DD: Unknown
----------------------------------DDD: Unknown

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