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Sigrid 293

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Take2 by Ulfrheim
- Tier 2 -
Nickname(s): Sig
ID #: 293
Health Status: Healthy
Owner: Felvargs
Breeder: Alpha
Species: Felvargs
Age: ???
Gender: Female 
Height: 150cm
Weight: 780lbs  
Build: Standard
Coat Type: Standard 
Genotype: Ss/cr/br/bk/Ol/Hl/Sd/Dd
Phenotype: Silver with Overlay, Highlights, Shadow, Dun
Mutations: Curled tail

Item Application(s):

Tack by Ulfrheim
Pawpaints X1 - Apply customized paints directly to your Felvarg.
Accessories X1 - Apply customizable items directly to your Felvarg.
Rune of Expression X1 - Applies a custom expression to your Felvarg.
Import Background Set: Melrakki - The depths of Melrakki, one can easily get lost in its deadly winding caverns, explore with caution.
Shiva’s Coils - This Blessing allows you to apply a custom curled tail that curls upwards onto the Felvargs back.


Import Database: #293
Personality: Sigrid is gruff and harsh, but not mean-spirited.  Although others often read her as being cold in nature, she would describe herself as simply living her life by the book.  She might be nit picky and particular, but these qualities have contributed to her success as a leader and teacher. Her experience shines through in particular on the hunt -- Sigrid is a talented tracker with a great respect for all life.  She always gives prey their 'last rites' and takes her responsibility to honor the slain seriously. Likewise she makes every possible effort to prevent unnecessary harm from coming to those around her. Toward this end she appreciates gifts of hunting tack or items, equipment that will help ensure a job well done. (Stubborn | Careful | Noble) 
Ideal gifts: Tracking tack

----------------------------------SSS: Unknown
---------------SS: Unknown
----------------------------------SSD: Unknown
Sire: Unknown
----------------------------------SDS: Unknown
---------------SD: Unknown
----------------------------------SDD: Unknown
----------------------------------DSS: Unknown
---------------DS: Unknown
----------------------------------DSD: Unknown
Dam: Unknown
----------------------------------DDS: Unknown
---------------DD: Unknown
----------------------------------DDD: Unknown

Design (c) kalmansielu & Sephasaur, Items by Sephasaur
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