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Phantom 1242

Name: Phantom
Nickname(s): O.G., Angel of Music, Erik
ID #: 1242
Health Status: Healthy
Owner: PantherZavantis
Breeder: Elryk-Vail
Species: Felvargs
Age: ???
Gender: Male
Height: 150cm
Weight: 718lbs
Build: Standard
Coat Type: Standard
Genotype: ss/cr/br/Bk/Lu/Ac/Dm // ss/cr/br/Bk/Ol/Ac/St
Phenotype: Dilute Black with Accents, Domino // Black with Overlay, Accents, Stitch
Mutations: Chimera

Hierarchy Level: 1/6
Passage of Courtship: 2/2
Pack: None

Item Application(s):

Tack by Ulfrheim
Map of Ulfrheim
 - +5% chance to return more valuable items while Tracking or Adventuring.
Standard Fishing Pole
- +5% Chance to return more valuable items while Fishing.
Eye Mutation X1 - Apply a customized eye mutation directly to your Felvarg.


Import Database: #1242
Personality: Phantom lives within his own jurisdiction, far, far away from most other Felvargs residing in Ulfrheim. He has managed to find an abandoned castle of which has fallen into complete and utter disrepair, and now calls it his home after wishing to discard his past and start anew in his solitude. He is quite a large pill to swallow when encountered, usually here one moment and gone the next. If he is not one to vanish or his visitors see through his ruse, he is more likely to lash out in his need to be left alone. He simply wants nothing more than to quietly live out the rest of his days in peace.

----------------------------------SSS: Unknown
---------------SS: Nannulf 294
----------------------------------SSD: Unknown
Sire: Butters 974
----------------------------------SDS: Unknown
---------------SD: Ingrid 13
----------------------------------SDD: Unknown
----------------------------------DSS: Unknown
---------------DS: Aros 295
----------------------------------DSD: Unknown
Dam: Belladonna 981
----------------------------------DDS: Titus 702
---------------DD: Ursa 788
----------------------------------DDD: Iris 699

Copyright: Volbeatic
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