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Beast: Mielikki



Name: Mielikki
Species: Great Brown Bear
Height: 3ft 5in (Shoulder)
Weight: 1,346lbs
For more information on Mielikki, visit the Beast Directory

Players may offer Mielikki the following bribes when soothing/hunting her to make her 5% more compliant.
Bribe: Fish and cooked food


Temperament: Sympathetic | Gentle | Elusive | Approachable
Location: Unknown
Current Mindset: Currently Resting 

Chaos Log:
(Inactive) September 1st 2022
The wind currents gently carry the sweet and savory smell of berries from Foresti’s back all throughout the surrounding area of Sanna’s Grasp. The aroma attracts all walks of wildlife from birds high in the sky, to squirrels down on the ground and Mielikki is no exception. The great beast has traveled far following the delicious fragrance and has found herself a way onto Foresti’s back. Mielikki follows her nose to a dense berry patch and begins to overindulge herself while remaining blissfully unaware of her surroundings. A sudden shift in foresti sends a jolt of panic down Mielikki’s spine and she makes a run for it. Quickly, back to safety, she races through the thick underbrush only to find that she is unable to escape. Mielikki is stuck on Foresti’s back. A sea of disgruntled roars can be heard echoing throughout Sanna’s grasp as Mielikki attempts to find her way off the giant turtle. The situation escalates with every passing moment as the vibrations from Mielikki’s cry for help alarms Foresti causing him to become unsettled. This unnatural movement from Foresti is foreign to Mielikki’s paws. The situation is not resolving itself and you must be resourceful if you are to soothe both beasts before things get even more perilous.

(Inactive) January 6th 2021 - 
Due to the rot that mysteriously swept the Melrakki forest several months ago, Mielikki was not able to store up enough food to last the winter. She has abandoned her home in The Great Maw and has taken up residence in the resident barns in Skalaness. She is feeding off the farms and cattle. This could be catastrophic for the local Felvarg community and those that rely on the produce coming from Skalaness.

Artwork Credits: Kissing Runandwine
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