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Beast: Hlyde



Beast Hunting: Tag by Ulfrheim

Name: Hlyde
Species: Deer
Length:  8 Feet, 3 inches
Weight: 475 lbs
For more information on Hlyde, visit the Beast Directory

Hlyde is drawn to shinies of course, but not just any shinies. Only an item of value, located from the deepest depths of the islands icy water deeps will suffice as an offering. What you ask? Why precious gems of course, from the darkest depths of the hungry wolf herself. Bribe Hlyde with precious gems to make him 15% more compliant.
Bribe: precious gems

Beast Hunting: Hlyde by Ulfrheim

TemperamentReserved | Gentle | Mute | Remorseful | Indifferent
Location: Unknown
Current Mindset: Currently Resting

Chaos Log: 
(Inactive) July 5th 2022 - Unsuspectingly you wake up just like any other day and pull yourself onto all fours as you stretch your achy bones. As your claws join your stretch they to reach out to the surface beneath your figure and when they do a cold chill trails through the sensitive flesh upon them, it sends a shiver down your spine, something feels...different but you can't quite put your paw on it. You shake your head to clear your thoughts as you eagerly try to get on with your day. As you're traversing your surroundings you feel your fur stand on edge along your back, it's that feeling again, like you're being watched. You pause and turn to look around but see nofel in sight, as you turn to carry on you crash into something. Quickly you scramble to all fours and as you look up you're face to face with Hlyde. The great stag is standing proudly before you and his presence startles you. Does your Felvarg scream at him? Perhaps they throw a rock at him? Maybe their reaction becomes defensive. Regardless of your Felvargs reaction Hlyde stands before you unphased, his hollow sockets peering at you with silence. Have you heard the rumors as to why Hlyde might present himself to you? Or does your Felvarg have to figure it out on their own? Hlyde has sensed your heartbreak or sorrow and has followed the aura directly to you, where you will need to find the answer to getting the pesky beast to part ways with you.

(Inactive) July 4th, 2021 - A thick blanket of smoke has wrapped around the surrounding areas of Skalaness as their fields go up in flame. Many animals have fled the area, making it difficult to hunt. It would seem that the smoke has drawn out even the most elusive beast, Hlyde. The deer usually only comes to welcome in autumn, but the smoke has driven him from his slumber early. He is panicked and scared, the billows of smoke driving him to Seithr Grove within the depths of Melrakki. Deep in the Forest of Melrakki, the trees grow a bit denser and the air heavier; As if each breath weighs down the next until you find yourself gasping uncomfortably. It's common for the body to quiver as if in fear, but is that fear yours or does it belong to the sacred Grove itself? Studied by many alphas, this natural phenomenon has yet to be explained. Those who dwell on folktale speak of a presence that lingers there, longing for both life or death but granted neither. Here he lingers, frantic for a way back to his cave. There are specific orders NOT to attack the beast, but only to usher him back to his cave before his presents bring forth an early autumn. Better hurry, already the leaves in Melrakki have started to change into a golden hue.

(Inactive) September 2st, 2019 - Hlyde has surfaced from unknown depths which plays a tale that his presence means autumn is soon approaching. The tail end of summer means festivities are still at foot upon the island but Hlyde is oblivious to the fright his presence may bring. Locals are enjoying the bountiful Lake Reisa when the stag arrives igniting chaos. Unbeknownst to his triggering the chaos the beast roams the lake clueless and likewise.. harmless. Regardless of his naturally placid behaviour it’s best not to give the beast a fright, one must proceed with caution to send Hlyde safely on his way and restore a calm Lake Reisa once more.

Artwork Credits: Kissing Runandwine
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