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Arhima, the Wanderer 1731

Name: Arhima
ID #: 1731
Health Status: Healthy
Owner: LysitheaWO
Breeder: LysitheaWO
Species: Felvargs
Age: Young Adult
Gender: Female
Height: 157cm
Weight: 740lbs
Build: Standard
Coat Type: Standard
Genotype:  ss/cr/FBr/bk/Ol/Hl/Sp/Mm/Sa/Td/Ash/Fd/Dm
Phenotype:  Ashen Fox Brown with Overlay, Highlight, Splash, Maned, Saddle, Tipped, Faded, Domino
Physical Mutations: Mohawk

Hierarchy Level: 4/6
Passage of Courtship: 2/2
Pack: None

Item Application(s):

Tack by Ulfrheim
Accessories X1 - Apply customizable items directly to your Felvarg.
Pawpaints X1 - Apply customized paints directly to your Felvarg.
Pristine Fishing Pole - +10% Chance to return more valuable items while Fishing.
Magnifying Glass -
+5% chance to return more valuable items while excavating.
Title: The Wanderer - Obtained by roaming into 10 different official group locations solo.
Map of Ulfrheim - +5% chance to return more valuable items while tracking or adventuring.
Handcrafted Sword - +25% Chance to return an additional item while tracking.
Background Upgrade Kit - Level 4 - Apply a single custom background to your Felvarg.


Companion by Ulfrheim
Spooky Bat - Awards a gold passage of courtship medal to all direct offspring of the Felvarg and awards the companions owner an additional 2 lifetime breeding slots.
Bat -
+10% chance to duplicate all rewards found while drawn in a caving setting. (Tracking/Fishing/Adventure only)
Black Cat - Increased chance you will return with more valuable loot in usual group activities by 5%.


Traits by Ulfrheim
- Your brutality provides a chance to roll 1 additional hide in any Tracking roll.
Blessing of the High Queen -
You have gained Freyjas favor, providing a +5% chance to return more valuable items while Adventuring. 
Big Game Hunter - Increase the sell back price of items found during tracking large prey by 5%.

Import Database: #1731
Personality: Arhima is a really haughty and arrogant Felvarg with absolutely no respect for others. She has been totally spoiled by her mother Ganga 1184 who has never taught her anything about kindness and sharing. She's selfish, ungrateful, manipulative and lazy. Arhima loves taking advantage of her half-brother Kairo 1481 and she has been a total bully with him when they were youngers. 
However, she is a huge coward and she will never fight or bully someone bigger and stronger than her. 
Despite being quite skinny and not physically strong, she's swift and sneaky which often leads her to take advantage in fights.

Arhima is also known for her paranoid, even with her own packmates. She's always questioning about others' loyaulty and never fully trust someone. Arhima doesn't believe in any form of Gods or supernatural things and she often says that she only believe in what she has seen with her own eyes. 
She also loves beautiful things and often collect shells, feathers and other shiny things to decorate her den. 
Thorgein 2074 is one of her best friends and packmates. Though having a big and strong Felvarg around makes her feels totally unsafe Arhima appreciates his company and admires his devotion to their pack.

----------------------------------SSS: Unknown
---------------SS: Ezio 786
----------------------------------SSD: Solveig 287
Sire: Sverrir 1369
----------------------------------SDS: Titus 702
---------------SD: Ursa 788
----------------------------------SDD: Iris 699
----------------------------------DSS: Unknown
---------------DS: Unknown
----------------------------------DSD: Unknown
Dam: Ganga 1184
----------------------------------DDS: Eyrr 470
---------------DD: Anita 750
----------------------------------DDD: Grima 469

Copyright: LysitheaWO (Accessories by runandwine)
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