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May 27, 2024
The Dreamweaver by Ulfeid3
Featured by Ellysiumn
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The Dreamweaver


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"In the realm of dreams, where reality and fantasy intertwine, there exists a majestic being known as the Dreamweaver. Born from the cosmic fabric of the universe, this celestial whale glides through the velvet expanse of the night sky, its iridescent scales catching the light of distant stars... Legend whispers of its origins — a tale of ancient magic woven by the hands of the cosmos itself; forged from the remnants of shooting stars and imbued with the essence of nebulae, it became the guardian of the celestial realm, a symbol of hope and wonder to whoever looks at the sky. Each night, as the world slumbers beneath a blanket of stars, the Dreamweaver takes flight with shimmering waves of stardust cascading all around, painting the night with a kaleidoscope of colors. As it glides gracefully among the clouds, the creature watches over the slumbering world below, its presence a beacon of protection and guidance. And wherever it goes, it leaves behind a trail of magic and wonder, weaving dreams into reality with every flick of its tail."
Fullview recommended. 
A colorful piece inspired by the ever amazing Ellysiumn and @ShootingStarLogBook.
Honestly I've lost the count of how many stocks I used, so many! Nuu  Fav it +fav if you liked
it and spread the Heart love, hope you will love this magical whale as much as I did Love 

Nebula stocks x 6 courtesy of @Eerilyfair-Stock
Space texture courtesy of duzulek and FeralTears
Other stocks purchased + 2 textures AI generated.
Edited, manipulated and painted by Ulfeid3, do not
repost nor use without permission.  

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Gee, that is so cool!:happybounce: