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Lately, I've been getting a lot of emails and PMs asking me about how I draw things.  While I'm more than happy to answer any questions that people might have, it gets tiresome for me to answer the same questions over and over and over again.  So to preserve my sanity and to take less time typing the same things again and again, I am writing up this FAQ.  If someone asks a question that has already been answered here, then they will kindly be redirected to this FAQ.  There will be more of these FAQs on different topics in the future.

How do you draw?
-  If you are asking about the technical aspects about my process, I mostly do all of my sketching right on the computer.  There are rare occasions that I will scan in a sketch that I have drawn by hand.  From there I do all of my inking and coloring digitally.
-  If you are asking this in a very generic way about how to learn how to draw certain things, then you are going to get a generic answer from me.  Try to observe the world around you.  Keep practicing and always bring a sketchbook with you at all times (Seriously... I carry a massive purse around with me at all times because I have my sketchbook in there).  Art is not a skill that can be learned overnight.  It takes years of practice to learn and you will never be done learning.

What programs do you use?
Almost all of my work is done with Paint Tool Sai although I do occasionally use Photoshop CS5 and Corel Painter in my work.  Sai just works best for me.  However, one single computer program is not a guaranteed 'artistic soul mate' for every artist so it may not work best for you.  Play around with different programs to see what best fits with your style.

Do you use a drawing tablet?
Yes.  I use a Wacom Intuos.

Any advice on how to draw human (or anthro) bodies?
Drawing from life is probably the best way that you can learn.  If possible, take a life drawing class or ask a friend to pose for you.  If you cannot, then there are plenty of books out there that can help with anatomy.

Some of the ones that I can personally recommend are:
"Drawing the Head and Figure" by Jack Hamm
"Figure Drawing for All It's Worth" by Andrew Loomis
ANYTHING by Burne Hogarth

And this may sound really weird... but Playboy magazines and the like are actually really good references for learning how to draw the human body.

How do you draw animal faces or bodies?
References are your friend.  Look for images online or in books of the animal(s) that you want to draw and study them.  If you can, take a trip to your local zoo and draw from life.

How do you draw backgrounds?
I... really don't feel like I'm the one you should be asking about this since I feel that backgrounds are one of my weaker points as an artist.

Do you draw porn?



Why not?



If I can think of more questions then I will post them.


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Question do you want me to teach you how to draw trees? I think it'll make your backgrounds better in your pictures. :)

Just a thought :)
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Oh yeah, I love Burne Hogarth!

And, um, Playboy magazines are great references, can't deny that. :)

Of course we all know what the three secrets to success are:

Practice, practice and more practice.
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Psst. Here is some Andrew Loomis resources for your FAQ ;)
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*Slowly claps* Yay!!!