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Adoptables and Character Design Usage

  • These purchased characters are for your personal use.  You are free to change anything you want about them, give them a backstory, write stories about them, use them for roleplay, draw pictures of them, commission others to draw them, etc...
  • Please consider giving credit for the design when it is used.  It's not necessary, but it would be nice.
  • Do not claim that the original art or design was done by you.  Because it wasn't.
  • You may not use these characters for personal financial gain!  This rule is in place to help prevent a big company (IE Wal-Mart, Hot Topic) from buying a cheap character and using the design to make a lot of money from.  If you are are an individual or small business planning on using the character in a big project that you wish to publish, I should be okay with it.  Please let me know.  I may ask for a copy of it for my personal portfolio.
  • You can only resell designs for more than what you paid for if it comes with additional art.  If you are going to resell, let me know so I know who the design belongs to now.
  • You can use the character for pretty much everything else.  No, really.  They're yours.  Have fun with them.

Really, I'm not an Ogre about this.  I genuinely do want my clients to be happy with their purchases and I am often willing to bend over backwards to do so.  Because of this, I am often willing to bend TOS rules as long as the client comes to me and personally asks me in a respectful manner.  I consider myself to be a pretty approachable person and I'm always willing to listen to a client as long as they aren't behaving like a jerk. 

If there's any questions about the adoptables that aren't answered here, feel free to ask.
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so i have a comic im writing that will be produced on my tumblr. it wil be posted free of charge and mainly used to improve my artistic skills and get my name out there. aside from having a few drawings of the characters set up as prints on da i will not be selling anything (unless it becomes huge. if that's the case ill note you when it does  lol)  do i have to buy a license to do this? i can credit you for the design in the description of every page i post containing the character i get from you
Ulario's avatar
Nope, you don't have to buy a license unless you're planning on selling over 50 copies or so.  :)
LoneninjaBlade's avatar
So... does a book count as a commercial project? Meaning that, when I do finish the book that the character is in and want to publish the book, would I have to get a license for the character?

I just wanted to double check... ^^'
Ulario's avatar
A book would count as a commercial project if you are planning on selling mass quantities of it.  (I'd say over 50 copies or so).  A license would be required at that point. 
I don't mind if you're just making a few copies to sell at conventions or whatnot.  No license would be required then.  :)

I'm just protecting myself from people who are just using my adoptables as an excuse to get a super cheap character for a large commercial project.
LoneninjaBlade's avatar
Okaydokay. Thank you .w.
FlyingFire's avatar
All of your terms are agreeable and honest. I especially agree with the death part. Though I wouldn't want the character to die if at all possible. I'd rather they had a long lasting 'life'.
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I... don't think I'll ever understand clients who spend money on an adoptable with the intent on using them once in a vore/snuff picture.  Honestly, it seems pretty disrespectful to the artist and sort of reminds me of the d-bags back in my high school days that would vandalize student artwork.

Don't get me wrong, I really like seeing my adoptables being used in good storytelling so I don't mind the client eventually killing them off in their story as long as they were properly used for a little while beforehand and not just to flat out kill them off outright to satisfy a fetish. 
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What if you adopt a egg,and when it hatches ou dont like it at all?
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I don't do revisions or re-dos of eggs.  So blind character designs like this are always a bit of a gamble, whether they are purchased from me or another artist.  Although if you know and like my adoptable style, then you should know what types of adoptables to expect from me.  Most of the people that buy my adoptables keep this in mind and are very happy with the results.

If there are things that one does not like about their adoptable, then they are more than happy to change it themselves.

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Can it be a living weapon, like soul edge?
Ulario's avatar
No, creatures based on organic forms only. Cyborgs and robots count for this.

I just don't have enough interest in doing swords or inanimate objects for these.
Benusamuneth's avatar
What about a robot that turns into a sword?
iWhitefang's avatar
I have a question.

Do you have to wait for the egg to hatch or do you just buy it then it automatically hatches?
DeVoutNumelran's avatar
I got a question.

What if the character species you have in mind has a Unique way the egg is formed or seen? Like, for my species I created, their eggs are created by a mixture of Raw energy from the mother and sire.
Ulario's avatar

If you don't agree with adoptables then just move along and don't be rude.
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