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How long have you been doing commissions for?

Since about 2003.

Why are you so expensive?  D:
I may be a bit "pricier" than other artists on the internet because unlike many of them, who do it as a hobby, I rely on my work to make a living.  Many hobbyist artists severely underprice their work and charge much less than they should be.
Considering I do this professionally, I do have pretty low rates as I have seen other pro artists charge $200+ for a pencil sketch.
Complaining that my prices are "too high" is incredibly rude.  And you are implying that my art is not worth making a living, which simply isn't fair for me.


Do you accept DeviantArt points?

No, sorry.  Here’s a little tip… if an artist relies on their work to make a living, then they likely aren’t going to accept points as payment.  Points are pretty much pointless and they really undervalue the art.  If taking commissions for 25 points (which is a little over 30 cents) makes you happy as an artist, then by all means, more power to you. However,  I can’t make a living off of that.


Do you do free requests?

No.  Not unless you are a very close friend and I make gift art for you.  Even that is rare.
I don't mean to be rude, but please understand that there are several reasons why I don't...
- I rely on my art for my living, doing free art takes time away from pictures that I'm getting paid to do.  Also it would be unfair to others who do pay for my services.
-  I have my own projects to work on.  "Free" art for other takes time away from that.

Oh really?  I bet that if I show you what my character looks like, you'll jump at the chance to draw them for free!
Um, the chances of that happening are literally zero.  While I may like your character design, it almost never happens that I feel the itch that I just have to draw them.  If I'm drawing characters without being paid, I'd rather draw my own, thank you!

Really?!  Isn't there anything that I can do to convince you to draw a free picture for me?  Pretty, pretty please?

Oh yes.  I just jump for joy at the idea of taking hours of my time (that I have so little of nowadays) to draw free art for a random stranger that I don't even know and getting absolutely nothing for it in return.  Essentially taking time away from commissions that I'm - oh, I don't know- getting paid to do so I in turn pay my rent, car insurance and groceries.  Food and shelter?  Who needs that?

(If you're thinking I'm serious about being thrilled to do free art for you, please look up the word "sarcasm" in the dictionary)

But my dad's sister's former roommate is in the hospital with cancer!  Can your draw me uh... I mean "him" a free picture?  Please?

I'm sorry that something sad has happened to you.  But in the end, it really isn't my problem.  I can't draw a free picture for everyone who is going through a tough time in their life.  And no offense to you if you are really going through a tough time, but some people do say that in an attempt to make the artist feel sorry for them and give them free stuff.

So you care more about yourself than helping others?!  You are a horrible person!  D: D: D:

No... by being concerned with making enough money to live off of, I am being a responsible adult.  Accusing me of such things is pretty laughable.  Most of the people that say this to me are underage kids and preteens, so I will just say that you will understand when you are older.


Do you do art trades as payment?

No.  I am too busy with paid commissions and personal work to take on art trades on top of it.

I do participate in the fantasy_xchange, so if you want a trade with me, doing through their Secret Santa style trades is the best way to get one.

I would like to commission you for a comic!  It's 50 pages and I would like it fully inked, colored, and worded with a month.  I'm willing to pay $200 for the entire project!

Would you like a side of magic beans with that?  Good like finding an artist to do that kind of work in such a short period of time on a ridiculously low budget.


Can I commission you to draw porn?



Why not?

Because I don’t draw porn.  If you want someone to illustrate your orgy picture, you will have to find another artist.


What about tasteful nudity?

That is acceptable for a commission.

I'm 12 years old!  Will you draw my fursona?

No offense to you, but I do not do business with children.  If you are underage and want me to draw your character, you will have to get your parents to communicate to me and do all business transactions. 


What kind of information do you need for my commission?

I really need a clear description of your character and how you would like him/her/it drawn.  Reference pictures are awesome!  If you don’t have reference pictures then please keep in mind that the picture will mostly be left up to my interpretation.

I mostly need physical details about your character and maybe a little bit about their personality.  Unless you have commissioned me to make a character sheet, in-depth character profiles that include their backstory/family history/number of cavities that they currently have/etc  are not necessary.

I know that you love your character and want to share everything about them with me, but massive walls of text art intimidating to me and I will likely not read all of it if I don’t feel that most of it isn’t relevant to the commission.

I’m going to take a minute and add this as well…

Please do not beat around the bush when I ask you questions about your commission.  If you do not directly answer my questions and leave out important details, then I will interpret it as such and things will likely be left out of your commission because of it.  I am not a mind reader, so I am not responsible for dissatisfaction with the artwork because you didn’t convey the desired aesthetics with me.



I’ve had bad experiences with artists running off with my money and not doing the commission.  How do I know that you won’t do that?

If you are asking that, then you really don’t know me as an artist.   As soon as money changes hands, then we have entered a business agreement and I will always honor that agreement.  I have had over 10 years of experience with commissions and I have always done the work that I have been hired to do.  Look in my gallery and let my past commissions speak for me.

If an artist takes money from a client without intending to do the work, then that is theft.  Plain and simple.  Unfortunately those thieves like that make things difficult for honest, hardworking artists.




Art is a luxury item. Not everyone can afford it. I wish that I could do art for others just for fun, since I enjoy doing it. But unfortunately that is not how life works.
Unlike many other artists, I make my living through illustration and graphic design, so I can't afford to work for low wages otherwise I do not eat and my bills do not get paid. I have to pay for food and bills, just like you or your parents do.

Complaining to an artist 'their prices are too high' is telling them that what they do is not worth making a living, and that simply is not fair to the artist.

Saying "I wouldn't pay that much for just a character sheet/illustration/whatever". All I can say to that is wow... JUST? Excuse me, but everything that I do takes hours and hours out of my life and comes from a skill that has taken me nearly a lifetime to perfect. Do not talk down to me in a way that makes it sound that the things that I make petty and not worth my time.

Saying "No way in hell I'd pay for that! Not ever!" is unbelievably rude. Didn't your parents ever teach you manners? Learn some basic social skills before talking to others, kthnx.

And honestly, artists in the furry fandom are grossly underpaid compared to other artists.
Seriously. Look at different industries and you will see what I mean. I've seen comic book artists charge upwards of $300-$400 for a simple pencil sketch!

Seriously. If you have an issue with an artist's pricing, whining about it and acting like an unholy asshole only succeeds in making yourself look like a complete jerk and/or a spoiled child.  Talk to me like that and you will likely go immediately on my block list without warning.




Oh?  So I charge too much?  Please continue to tell me about this art that you have to have that isn’t worth paying for.  :iconyoumustbenewhereplz:


What is VIP Status?

  • Basically clients who have earned my trust and I count them as friends as well as clients.  Those who have reached VIP status have a few perks with my commission services that regular clients don't have.
  • VIP clients can pay for their commission after I have started work on it.
  • People at the very top of the VIP list (like NewEnglander) can even pay after the commission has been finished.
  • VIPs may occasionally receive small  pieces of gift art from me.  Especially if I know that it's their birthday or the like.  :)
  • : Sometimes, I will surprise VIPs by upgrading their commission to a higher priced commission for no extra charge.  (IE 8.5x11 illustration becomes a 11x17, etc)
  • For A VIP client, I can "hold" slots on calender slots, egg adoptables, auctions and discounted commissions for far beyond the normal times that I wait for payment.
  • I am much more willing to bend my TOS rules.
  • More revisions are allowed during the sketch stage before I charge extra.
  • Access to my private Ventrillo server during streams.

NOTE:  VIP status does not effect the actual quality of the commission, since I always put my best efforts into any commission! 

Can I become a VIP client?
VIP clients are decided by me alone.  I will tell you if you have reached VIP status.  If I have not told you that you are, then you are not a VIP.
Being a pest and constantly badgering me with that question is a sure fire way to not become a VIP, or to have that status delayed.

Okay.  So how does one become a VIP?
First off, by being a frequent client that gives me awesome things to draw that I really have a lot of fun working on!
I also have to gain a certain amount of trust with you.
Talking to me like a human being instead of an art producing machine is also a great help!

List of Current VIP Clients (In No Particular Order):

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Jcyapha's avatar
Sorry I say this, but why is willy wonka on the last question? ( well reply actually )
Jcyapha's avatar
Sorry. I missed that.:)
Jcyapha's avatar
Just ignore jerks like that if you aren't willing to pay the price then not buy a commission. Only buy commissions if you're willing to pay. Art is not free and I understand it's your living and people like that are very impudent to the artist. You put effort into that piece of art, don't you? That's time and energy on a piece of art. People need to respect you more and think about how hard it is do that art. 

Do people do other stuff that's rude other then your commission price?
Ulario's avatar
I believe I answered that question in my previous response.  :)
Jcyapha's avatar
Sorry to disturb you but I completely agree that complaining to an artist that is good is rude and impudent. If you complain think about the effort they put into that piece of art. Think about how much time and energy that they put into it. Especially if it's your living. Even though I don't do commissions since I have no 3D Modeler and I think my pictures I draw suck and aren't wroth money. ( not even my pixel ethereal sky art. ) but anyway my prices are not cheap. Plus if you complain to the artist they may ignore your request. But people who do that are just impudent, inconsiderate, monotanious, insipid and monotonous people, so just ignore them. But also I saw someone charge 600$ just for a sketch. If I commission you a piece of art no complains from me since I'm considerate of the artist, I have two questions. One Can I post your name in an upcoming journal for more people to see your art? And Do you find it aggravating and rude when they complain about your price? Is that the only thing they complain about?
Ulario's avatar
It depends really.  I've seen people charge and a leg for sketch commission ($500 or more) just because they were 'popular', which I don't really agree with.
However, in the mainstream comic book industry, it is actually common for the artist to charge over $200 for a sketch commission at conventions.  It's just how that industry works.

To answer your questions:

Feel free to post a link to my site in your journal if you would like.  You don't even have to ask me to do that.

And of course I find it rude when people complain about prices.  People who have an 'entitled' attitude not only complain about that, but anything else that they can think of when they don't get their way.  Some will throw fits if an artist won't take 'points' as payment or do a picture for free.  Some will even go as far as whining to the artist that they don't draw enough of their interests.  I have heard of one artist who received a rather lengthy email from someone who explained that they were not going to watch that artist anymore because the artist was incorrectly drawing their 'fetish'.  People that are like that do exist, and dealing with them is just part of doing business on the internet.  Thankfully these people seem to be few and far between.
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