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How long have you been working on the Azure Wheel?
Since 1997, when I was still in High School.  :)

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Myself, mostly.  The Azure Wheel Galaxy is an extremely personal project where every planet, species, location and character is a different representation of different aspects of myself and my personality.  Each one is custom tailored to represent a different puzzle piece that makes up my personality.
Of course, certain aspects, such as clothing styles can be based off of something that I find a really important or inspirational.  For example, Ultimarian fashion is often based on the fashions found on the TV show, Firefly!
Many of my species and characters are things that I have seen in dreams.

Waiiiiit a minute!  There are things in your galaxy that aren't scientifically accurate!!!!

Nor are they meant to be!  While I do have science as a basis for my universe, and I try to make things believable... to properly represent a lot of my ideas, sometimes the laws of reality need to be stretched just a tad.  Think of my universe as being Science-Fiction-Fantasy or a Space Opera as opposed to hard science fiction.
More info about it:  About the AW Galaxy, Science and Spirituality.

Is there a place that I can learn more about the Azure Wheel Galaxy?
Either on the Wiki -…
Or my worldbuilding Tumblr -

What happened to the Therans?  D:
"Thera" was a planet that I used as a dumping ground for all of my furry characters.
Since I no longer have the interest in the Furry Fandom that I used to, it kind of didn't fit in the galaxy anymore.
Don't get me wrong, I'm planning on readapting planet Thera back into the Azure Wheel galaxy at some point, but it will be very, very different from what it was before.

What is this "Lifestream" or "Azeur" you've mentioned in some of your work?
The Azure Wheel Galaxy is conscious.  It thinks and feels.  It's basically galaxy's life force, often depicted as a female spiritual entity.
"Azeur" is the more appropriate name for it that I use most often because I think some people might confuse the name "Lifestream" with the one found in Final Fantasy 7.

Are you Azeur?
The short answer is yes.
But then again, every character and species that I have created is pretty much me.

So, what about the dual natures of the Azure Wheel universe?  Science and Spirituality?
I don't normally like to talk about what each thing in my galaxy represents to me, and I generally leave it up to audience participation.
Lets just say that I too have a logical and spiritual half.  Instead of these two aspects of my personality conflicting, these two halves have learned to coexist within me.  These halves are dependant on each other - one half cannot exist without the other.

Why was there a war beween the Ultimarians and Othae?

Answered here -…

What is a Reth'kaa?  Is it like a Jedi?

Ehhhh…. kind of, sort of, not really… A “Reth’kaa” is the Ultimarian word for those who are sensitive to Azeur. For most that can be called “Reth’kaa”, all it means is that they have a heightened sense of empathy for all life around them (Can sense other’s thoughts and emotions and what not). Juneri falls under this category. Rahst often calls Juneri’s abilities “Worthless”.
Stronger Reth’kaa, like Liah are very rare and can show other abilities. In her case, an ability to communicate with animals but other abilities can include psychic abilities, telekinesis, the ability to control the energy flowing through their own body. These abilities ALWAYS have something to do with the ebb and flow of life around them.
Most who show these abilities are pretty weak with them and typically have only one ability, however, the Imperial family is in a class all their own. The imperial family are the direct descendants of Rori Zemothe, the first recorded Ultimarian Reth’kaa and show signs of all Reth’kaa abilities and tend to be ridiculously strong. The only two members of the Imperial Family alive today is Emperor Himnare and his younger brother, Tetra.
So… long story short, being a Reth’kaa is more a connection and deep understanding to life in the Universe rather then saving the world with godly powers.  And they definitely don't get their powers by microscopic particles in their blood!

How many alien species/planets/characters are in your galaxy?

I can't really answer that since I don't know, myself.  I create them as they come to me.

Can I create a character from one of your alien species?
Yes.  I do let people play with some of my creations.  You may create characters from my open species, just follow the rules. -…
However, keep in mind that both Ultimarians and Spaceborn are closed species.  I only allow close personal friends who know me very well as both a person and a creator to use these species. 

Why are those species closed?!  D:
Those two species not only have the most significant impact on the Azure Wheel galaxy, but they are also the ones who were created to represent me the most.  IE - these two species most closely represent my philosophies, my morals, my humanity, and who I am as a person.
Therefore, any misrepresentations of this species made up willy-nilly by somebody who doesn't know much about me or what they represent to me has the potential to make me feel... extremely uncomfortable.
Consider the rights to create characters from this species a gift that I give only to close friends.

But Ultimarians are basically human!  How can you make them a closed species?!

No, Ultimarians are not humans.  They have key characteristics that separate them from humans.
I am not claiming to own the rights to humans in sci-fi universes (that would be ridiculous!), but the things that separate them from normal humans and the fact that they live in the Azure Wheel Galaxy make them uniquely my own.

It's unfair that you've made the only human-like species in your galaxy a closed species!  I only like to create human-like characters and really wanted to create an Ultimarian!  Well... I guess I'm fucked now!
**rubs temples**  Oh boy... where to start with this one. 
  • As I've stated before, Ultimarians have a huge significance in representing who I am as a person.  This is a very, very, VERY important species to me that I am very protective of.  Ultimarians are to me what Lockjaws are to BeastOfOblivion, what Avians are to Kilara, and so on.  Ultimarians are my babies.  Therefore, in order to represent them properly, I feel that one has to understand me as a person and creator.
  • Unfair?  How?  I've made pretty much every other species in my galaxy open species.  I... kinda feel like I've been more than generous with that.
  • I... also don't understand why you think you're "fucked".  I really don't.  I mean, is it that important to you to create a character from someone else's (very) personal species?  I don't know... I just really don't get it... and I'm sort of at a loss for words here.
  • If you really want a sci-fi humanoid character, there are plenty of other fictional universes out there that you can create them in.

If it's so personal, then why do you let people create characters from your other species?
Because I don't want to be a total ogre about others playing around with the species in my galaxy.  I see no harm in letting others play around with most of my alien species as long as rules are followed.

Why can't I create new alien species and planets for the Azure Wheel Galaxy?
Because due to the personal nature of the Azure Wheel galaxy, I'm pretty picky about what goes in there.  Every species in the Azure Wheel Galaxy has to have some sort of significance that ties itself to me.  The exception to this would be fan characters, since I'm sure not every member of every species would be directly tied to me.  ;)

I'm sure that I will think of more questions to answer here at a later date.  :)

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