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I have this on the wiki, but I figured it would be helpful to post these here as well.


Species that are listed as 'Open' are available to play with and make characters out of. I don't want to control too much of your creativity when using them.  However, they are still my brainchildren and have my name attatched to them, so there are a few rules and guidelines for using them. If these rules are repeatedly abused, then I may close a species so nobody can make characters of them... or if things get too chaotic, I may close down all species so please read and follow the rules!

The Basics

  • This goes without saying, since you'd think it would be common sense to do this when using the brainchildren of someone else... but it is required to ask permission to use the species and then show me what you've done so I can approve it.  I won't hinder your creativity too much, but I do need to see how my species and headworld is being used.  If you do not do this, then I will consider your character to by unlicensed and they will not be considered part of my headworld's canon.  Plus it is just polite to do this.
  • These species are part of my headworld, which is very special to me. Therefore, you have to have a decent knowledge of my headworld in order to gain permission to use my species in any fashion. I will not grant permission to anyone who just wanders in randomly on my page or someone who sees a critter that I have purchased from someone else and decides that they want one. If I feel that you fit into this category, I have a right to decline your request or quiz you on my headworld before granting permission.
  • These species are for personal use only. Do not use them in any way intended for personal profit.
  • Give credit to me for the species. Proper credit would be Ulario (on deviantArt), UlarioGryphon (on FurAffinity) or a link to my personal website.
  • Show me what you've done! I favorite and show off every piece of art related to my universe that others have done and I'd love to see. I'm even considering a 'fan character' page on this Wiki if enough are made.
  • You can use your fan characters to draw pictures of, write stories about, or have RP chats with your friends.
  • I don't want an army of characters with super rare traits for their species running around, so to prevent this from happening, creating a character with rare physical traits for their species will require a small donation.  Don't worry, creating a character with all common traits will always be free.  And I will even allow 2 or 3 uncommon traits for free (the number depends on how uncommon said traits actually are and how noticeable they are). A donation will only be required for the super rare traits and the amount will once again depend on how many traits and how noticeable or rare they are.  This will not effect characters who are already made.
  • I don't want members of my personal species to be sold or traded away like baseball cards. If you create one, it is with you for life.
  • All images I create of my species (including the images on species sheets) are NOT free for you to use! I don't want to see you cropping or tracing images of my species and reuploading them, claiming that it is your character because chances are it is an image of one of my canon characters or may become one of them in the future. This is considered art and/or character theft!

Universe Canon

  • I'm going to come right out and say it. I've very picky about things in my universe remaining 'canon'.  I can be a real butt about it.
  • Fan characters should not have any strong relations to my canon characters or have any positions of power (IE don't create a character who you claim is "Rahst's secret lover" or "The king of the Ani-Gathier". If someone creates a character for a specific role and I later find out that role is replacing one of my canon characters, things might get a little chaotic. 
  • Fan characters may have interactions with my own characters if they make sense and don't encroach too much on the cannon character's space.  IE - Your character may be of the many merchants that trades with Kyjja.  If you want your characters to interact with my own characters, please talk to me to make sure your idea is okay.
  • Please do not take my species out of the Azure Wheel Universe or use them in any stories not relating to the universe.
  • No sparkle critters or albinos. Naturally colored creatures only because I don't want an army of oddly colred aliens running around and unnaturally colored aliens may not camoflauge well into their environment. Please look at information on each species to see what their natural colors are.  The only exception to this rule is my character, Cylor because he's Cylor.  His albinism carries religious significance, which is why other Ibirians readily follow him. 
  • Bipedal/Sentient races cannot be feral and feral/animal races cannot be sentient or 'anthro'.
  • Do not give your characters abilities or features that members of that race do not have (IE - Male Ibirians cannot have priest positions and Micans cannot be super-powerful lifestream infused mages since they are too much on the technological side of the galaxy).  You can give your character a non-cliche role for their species as long as it makes sense.  An Ibirian space pirate for example.
  • None of the races in the Azure Wheel Universe (with the exception of a few supernatural creatures... which are not open) can have multiple forms, transform, or be were creatures. I don't believe I even have to say this one...
  • If you are unsure about something, please ask rather then make something up willy-nilly about my universe.
  • I have the final say on what can be canon or not. Usually if you read the rules and adhere to the species' guidelines, then I'm usually pretty cool about it.
  • DO NOT CREATE NEW SPECIES OR PLANETS FOR THE AZURE WHEEL UNIVERSE!  If you need a specific type of location for your story, talk to me first.  I most likely have a location in my head that would fit your needs.

Sex and Sexuality

  • No explicit sexual pictures of my characters or races. Nothing above a PG13 rating! These species are still attatched to my name.
  • Sensual and sexy are okay.
  • Your Azure Wheel based characters can choose lifemates (preferably of their own species) and have children.
  • Different species cannot 'breed' with each other. "Parts" don't always fit together and even if they did, the body of a particular species will always reject genetic material from other races.   Sorry, but no hybrid species are possible.
  • No using my species' for fetish material. Especially snuff and vore.
  • All races can be any sexual orientation possible (heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, whatever). The only exception to this would be if I ever create a species that reproduces asexually or whatnot. Homosexuality is not a 'disease' and I'd thank you to not treat it as such when you're on my websites.

Animal Characters

  • Yes, you can make characters out of my animal species... but I'm not sure why you'd want to since they really are animals...
  • Most animal species that are based on an adoptable that I have purchased from someone else are forever closed with no chance of me opening them. This is out of respect for the original creator as I don't think they'd appreciate a bunch of their creation running around when it was meant to be for myself only. I will make exceptions if I have explicit permission from the original creator to do this.
  • All animal species are instinctual beings and cannot speak or behave as sentients.
  • Wild animals really are wild animals. They are nameless, are skittish or hostile towards sentients depending on the species, and they behave like critters you'd see in the woods.
  • Animals that are kept as pets behave as pets. They show love towards their masters and even have feelings, but at the core they still are instinctual beings.
  • Not all species can be pets. For example, the Talokun is too wild and aggressive to ever be a pet... even by most members of the Blackmane Order.
  • My original animal species cannot be 'anthro'.

Other Info

Try to avoid creating Mary Su/Gary Stu characters.  If you are unsure of what this is, please usethis guide to help you.  Sues and Stus don't really fit well in the Azure Wheel Galaxy.  Sorry.  >_<

If these rules are not followed, I reserve the right to revoke your character and/or refuse to let you create more characters out of my species in the future.

© 2016 - 2021 Ulario
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Although I have no interest in using other people's species (I have problem in drawing my own species, lol), I've read it; for some reason I enjoy reading your journals.
You're one strict momma, aren't you? :) Meaning, many of the points here seem very harsh from where I stand. Were there that many weird instances of species using?
Ulario's avatar
... You have no idea how many how many instances of species/world abuse there were in the past. :/

I hate being so strict with my rules, but since my universe and everything else is a direct representation of myself, I need to make sure it's represented properly.