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Artwork Copyrights

  • All artwork on this site and linking galleries are copyrighted Traci Vermeesch unless stated otherwise.
  • You may print a copy of the artwork for personal use, such as hanging it in your locker or room.
  • You may download any artwork for your personal collections or use as a desktop wallpaper.
  • You may not use the artwork for any type of personal financial gain unless it is commissioned for that specific purpose and a contract has been agreed on by both parties.
  • Unless it is a picture that you have commissioned or you have received written permission from the artist, you may not use the artwork for personal projects even if it is not for any monetary value.  Including but not limited to trading cards, YouTube videos, publications or website banners.
  • Unless it is a commission or character you have purchased, do not crop images and use them as your avatar on other sites.
  • You may not post my artwork on your websites without permission.  Permission will not be given for commissioned work or artwork of my personal characters or alien species.
  • If it is artwork that you have commissioned, then you are free to post the low res version with copyright information on your websites as long as credit is given to the artist.  This includes gallery sites such as DeviantArt and FurAffinity.
  • Proper credit should be given to Ulario on DeviantArt, UlarioGryphon on FurAffinity or to my personal website,


Personal Character Usage

  • All personal characters are copyrighted Traci Vermeesch unless stated otherwise.
  • I love fanart!  You don’t have to ask if you can draw fanart of my characters.  Just follow the rules and show me what you’re done!
  • No pornographic pictures of my personal characters should be drawn.  Tasteful nudity may be allowed if it fits the character, but please ask before drawing my characters nude.
  • My personal characters should not be used for any purpose that promotes hate.
  • You may not write stories about my personal characters.
  • My personal characters should not be used for personal financial gain!  The exception would be if I have commissioned you and you’d like to sell a few prints of the commission.  Credits for the picture written on the back of the print would be appreciated, but aren’t required.
  • “Shipping” or romantically pairing two characters who do not share such a romance in the Azure wheel canon is not allowed.  Nor is drawing my characters in a romantic relationship with your own. I don’t care if you’d think they’d make a ‘cute couple’, please respect my universe’s canon, the canon relationships and my characters sexuality (or lack thereof)
  • You may ask to commission me to draw my own characters for you.  However, keep in mind that any commissions that I do of my own characters must fit their canon.  I will not draw my characters in relationships with yours, change anything about them for the sake of a commission or draw them doing something that they would not normally do.
  • You may not ask or commission other artists to draw my characters without my permissions.
  • Personal characters of mine are not for sale.  Please do not ask to buy them.
  • If you do not agree to these terms, you may not use my character’s likeness in any form!


Azure Wheel Galaxy Usage

  • The Azure Wheel Galaxy and all alien species in it are copyrighted Traci Vermeesch.
  • Not really a rule, but I'm posting this to make people realize that this is how I work; please be aware that since my headworld is so personal to me coupled with the fact that I'm a very private person means that if someone that I don't know on a personal level acts "obsessed" with my characters or headworld, then I'll probably become really uncomfortable.  If this happens, then I'll probably try to distance myself from whomever is doing this.  Asking questions and showing interest in my headworld is fine; I'm laid back and generally a friendly person so usually I'm more than happy to answer said questions, but don't be obsessive about it.  I'm a card carrying Libra, so if someone annoys me/makes me uncomfortable/etc then that person no longer exists to me.  If I start ignoring you, then it's time for you to back off a little.
  • You may make “fan characters” out of my alien species that are labeled as an open species.  Just follow the rest of the rules.
  •  Athenians and Spaceborn are the two most pivotal species in my headworld’s lore and are not available for you to make fan characters out of unless I have given you specific permission.  Use of these species is a gift that I give my close friends.  Please be respectful of this fact.
  • Any alien or animal species that have been based on an adoptable that I have purchased will forever be a closed species with no chance of ever opening to the public out of respect for the person that I had purchased the design from.  It would not be right to let dozens of that species running around after I have purchased said species that was designed by someone else.  The same goes with any species that I have created in video games like Stellaris.
  • You may not make up new planets, locations, animals or alien species for the Azure Wheel Galaxy!  Period.


Adoptables and Character Design Usage

  • Any adoptable or character design commissions purchased from Traci Vermeesch comes with limited rights.
  • By purchasing one of my adopts, you are agreeing to follow these rules. 
  • These purchased characters are for your personal use.  You are free to change anything you want about them, give them a backstory, write stories about them, use them for roleplay, draw pictures of them, commission others to draw them, etc etc…
  • Because of some drama that happened on FurAffinity several years back, you may not purchase a character design or adoptable with the sole reason of killing them off in a single snuff or vore picture!  Just to be clear... I'm okay with you using my adoptables as one shot characters... such as a one scene cameo in your comic.  Hell, I'm even perfectly okay with you killing off one of my adoptable characters as long as they've been properly used in a story beforehand.  However, I am not okay with you buying them with intentions of just using them in one picture by killing them off for pure fetish fuel. 
  • Because the designs are attached to my name, I prefer you not buying the character for the sole reason of using them for weird fetish pictures.  I won’t stop you from doing this, but to keep my name clear, if I see the character being used in 100s of fetish pictures, I may not want to sell designs to you in the future
  • Please give credit for the design when it is used.  Once again, not a requirement, but it’s a nice thing to do to point potential clients back here to me.
  • You may not use these characters for personal financial gain unless you purchase a license to do so!  I’m okay with you using the character to sell a few prints or what not, but they are not allowed to be used in commercial projects.  This is in place to protect myself from people buying a cheap character than using it to make a massive profit.  If you plan on using the character in, let’s say a book you plan to publish, then I won’t be an ogre about this rule.  I’m pretty approachable and can help find a license agreement that you can afford.  In some cases, I’ve asked for as little as a free copy of whatever you are purchasing to use as an example in my professional portfolio.
  • You can use the character for pretty much everything else.
  • If you break these rules, then I have all rights to ban you from every adoptable or character design service that I offer. 
  • Purchased adopts cannot be resold.  You may give them to a friend if you no longer want them, but they cannot be resold or traded for any type of currency.  I may be willing to bend this rule if you some to me and ask first before reselling.  If I do bend this rule for you, then the design cannot be sold for more than what you paid for it unless it comes with extra art.
  • Purchased adopts cannot be refunded.


Rules for Creating a character from one of my open species.


  • This goes without saying, since you'd think it would be common sense to do this when using the brainchildren of someone else... but it is required to ask permission to use the species and then show me what you've done so I can approve it.  I won't hinder your creativity too much, but I do need to see how my species and headworld is being used.  If you do not do this, then I will consider your character to by unlicensed and they will not be considered part of my headworld's canon.  Plus it is just polite to do this.
  • These species are part of my headworld, which is very special to me. Therefore, you have to have a decent knowledge of my headworld in order to gain permission to use my species in any fashion. I will not grant permission to anyone who just wanders in randomly on my page or someone who sees a critter that I have purchased from someone else and decides that they want one. If I feel that you fit into this category, I have a right to decline your request or quiz you on my headworld before granting permission.
  • These species are for personal use only. Do not use them in any way intended for personal profit.
  • Give credit to me for the species. Proper credit would be Ulario (on deviantArt), UlarioGryphon (on FurAffinity) or a link to my personal website.
  • Show me what you've done! I favorite and show off every piece of art related to my universe that others have done and I'd love to see. I'm even considering a 'fan character' page on this Wiki if enough are made.
  • You can use your fan characters to draw pictures of, write stories about, or have RP chats with your friends.
  • I don't want an army of characters with super rare traits for their species running around, so to prevent this from happening, creating a character with rare physical traits for their species will require a small donation.  Don't worry, creating a character with all common traits will always be free.  And I will even allow 2 or 3 uncommon traits for free (the number depends on how uncommon said traits actually are and how noticeable they are).   A donation will only be required for the super rare traits and the amount will once again depend on how many traits and how noticeable or rare they are.  This will not effect characters who are already made.
  • I don't want members of my personal species to be sold or traded away like baseball cards. If you create one, it is with you for life.
  • All images I create of my species (including the images on species sheets) are not free for you to use! I don't want to see you cropping or tracing images of my species and reuploading them, claiming that it is your character because chances are it is an image of one of my canon characters or may become one of them in the future. This is considered art and/or character theft!


  • I'm going to come right out and say it. I've very picky about things in my universe remaining 'canon'.  My headworld is super personal to me and I remain private about a lot of it on purpose. 
  • I won’t be a complete jerk by banning it from the public completely.  However, if things are repeatedly abused, I do have the right to close off some of it, or even the entire thing to the public.
  • Keep in mind that I am one person creating an entire universe when I have time between running my day job of owning a pet store, commissioned work, drawing comics and whatever that thing I call a personal life is.  Therefore, it is very much a work in progress, and I am working on completing things when I have time.  Not everything that I have created is available to the public, yet… especially if it contains spoilers for stories I plan to write.
  • Fan characters should not have any strong relations to my canon characters or have any positions of power (IE don't create a character who you claim is the leader of their species, a relative or friend of my personal characters, etc)
  • Fan characters may have interactions with my own characters if they make sense and don't encroach too much on the cannon character's space.  IE - Your character may be of the many merchants that trades with Kyjja.  If you want your characters to interact with my own characters, please talk to me to make sure your idea is okay.
  • Please do not take my species out of the Azure Wheel Universe or use them in any stories not relating to the universe.
  • No sparkle critters or albinos. Naturally colored creatures only because I don't want an army of oddly colored aliens running around.  They may be made unnatural colors through dyes or tattoos if it fits the species.
  •  feral and feral/animal races cannot be sentient or 'anthro'.
  • Do not give your characters abilities or features that members of that race do not have.
  • None of the races in the Azure Wheel Universe (with the exception of a few supernatural creatures... which are not open) can have multiple forms, transform, or be were creatures.
  • If you are unsure about something, please ask rather than make something up willy-nilly about my universe.
  • I have the final say on what can be canon or not. Usually if you read the rules and adhere to the species' guidelines, then I'm usually cool about it.
  • DO NOT CREATE NEW SPECIES OR PLANETS FOR THE AZURE WHEEL UNIVERSE!  If you need a specific type of location for your story, talk to me first.  I most likely have a location in my head that would fit your needs.
  • On the same lines, I do not allow anyone to write lore about my universe. My headworld is very personal to me, and I don’t want anybody writing lore/important characters/species/etc since I may one day write it and if someone else has written about it than things will get hectic (and probably awkward as well). If I catch anyone breaking the last three rules, then I have the right to ban them from using anything related to my headworld and/or block them on social media. Seriously, this is a huge no-no.  
  • The only exception to these rules is Newie because he’s basically my co-writer. I will also make exceptions for a few close, personal friends and one or two artists that I trust enough to write for my universe. 

Sex and Sexuality

  • No explicit sexual pictures of my characters or races. Nothing above a PG13 rating! These species are still attached to my name.
  • Sensual and sexy are okay.
  • Your Azure Wheel based characters can choose lifemates
  • Different species cannot 'breed' with each other. "Parts" don't always fit together and even if they did, the body of a species will always reject genetic material from other races.   Sorry, but no hybrid species are possible unless it’s explicitly stated in their species sheet.
  • All races can be any sexual orientation possible (heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, whatever). The only exception to this would be any species that reproduces asexually like echinoans.


  • Yes, you can make characters out of my animal species.
  • Animal species that are based on an adoptable that I have purchased from someone else are forever closed with no chance of me opening them. This is out of respect for the original creator as I don't think they'd appreciate a bunch of their creation running around when it was meant to be for myself only. I will make exceptions if I have permission from the original creator to do this.
  • All animal species are instinctual beings and cannot speak or behave as sapients.
  • Wild animals really are wild animals. They are nameless, are skittish or hostile towards sentients depending on the species, and they behave like critters you'd see in the woods.
  • Animals that are kept as pets behave as pets. They show love towards their masters and even have feelings, but at the core they still are instinctual beings.
  • Not all species can be pets. For example, the Talokun is too wild and aggressive to ever be a pet... even by most members of the Blackmane Order.
  • My original animal species cannot be 'anthro'… unless it is the “fursona” of a different character from my headworld that happens to be a furry.

Other Info

  • Try to avoid creating Mary Su/Gary Stu characters.  If you are unsure of what this is, please use this guide to help you.  Sues and Stus don't really fit well in the Azure Wheel Galaxy.  Sorry.  >_<
Jcyapha Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2013   Digital Artist
I meant Changing not challenging, sorry it's the stupid autocorrection.
Jcyapha Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2013   Digital Artist
Yes I know what it's like to answer repetitive questions and you're a very good artist But also I know that you used to be an anthro artist but how are you changeling as a person to Sci-Fi? Personally your Anthro characters can be part of the stories they're already in but I hope you don't stop drawing your anthro characters. :)
Ulario Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2013  Professional Digital Artist

Simply put - anthro doesn't 'speak' to me on a personal level as much as it used to.  Since my personal characters and world are a direct extension of myself, it's naturally something that I've been drifting out of as far as my personal work goes.


I did try to keep my anthro characters as part of my world and stories for a long time.  Extending their life in my fictional galaxy long beyond the point that they should have been there.  Like I said, this isn't a quick decision.  It is something I've been mulling over for years now.


Not to worry, though... many of my alien races can be considered anthro and I will continue to work with them.  Just like the Star Wars universe, it is rather 'furry/anthro friendly'. 

I will always be drawing anthro to some extent, whether it be on commission or just because I feel like drawing a random anthro character at the time.

I just likely won't be continuing using my own straight-up furry-for-the-sake-of-the-furry-fandom characters as much as I used to.  If at all.

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