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I had hoped to power through the art I owe people over the next few days. However, I just received my second Covid shot yesterday so that's thrown a spammer in the works.

Typically, my immune system is a beast and most things have little to no effect on me, good or bad since I apparently have the healing factor of Wolverine. (Seriously, when I had lasik surgery done I was given a double dose of Valium and it still had zero effect on me).

However, I am Wolverine and not Superman. While I'm not as sick as everyone else I know who received their second poke, I'm still feeling a bit lethargic.

I'm going to spend today (and maybe tomorrow) chilling and doing personal art at my own pace. This also means that there is going to be a delay on posting the next page of diplomatic immunity on Patreon.

Hope you all are well and staying safe.

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Sorry to hear. Do hope you recover soon. I can wait however long I need to.