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Trill - Commission

Commission for NewEnglander's character, Trill... a singer who wakes up to find herself in a guilded cage. Literally. :p

She's a bluebird. In the ref pic that he gave me, she was all blue... but I decided to add the orange throat that real bluebirds have just to add a little more color. I'm rather happy with this one because it isn't often when I draw full avians rather then gryphons. Still, I always feel like I should be drawing ears on them. XD

Time Taken: I worked off and on with this picture, so I wasn't really keeping track of time...
Medium: Mechanical Pencils (H & HB leads), Photoshop (Versions 6 & CS2)
Soundtrack: Frank Sinatra (It sounded appropriate :p )

Character "Trill" © NewEnglander
Image © 2008 Traci "Ulario" Vermeesch
Please do not copy, alter, repost, etc without the artist's consent!
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© 2008 - 2021 Ulario
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Ooooh,that's amazing!
K4nK4n's avatar
So adorable, pretty and sexy. :heart:
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I like them better without arms, because most birds are just as nimble with there feet, grabbing things and manipulating them and what not., oh and I for one dont mind "air sacs" on anthro birds, but I also dont mind them without, but my preference is still without hehe
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Okay, so how do your bird anthros make their hands? I'm sorry that I missed this but this is another character of Newenglander and his ideas are amazing, I really want to mee this guy someday. :) Anyway, is this character almost like the other characters that Newenglander has? :?
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My personal avian antros used to have wing/hand combinations, but I just recently switched them to having wings on their back like my gryphon characters.
Guilrel's avatar
Hey, that's what I think what bird anthro should do too. :nod: Sort of like Iago. :) Oh yeah, I think I noticed in that articuno comic. :nod:
Paskiewicz's avatar
Wow, very beautiful!
accidentalfox's avatar
This is fantastic! You never cease to amaze me! ^^
MajorCooke's avatar
Awww, very cute!
Stratadrake's avatar
Indeed, not very often you do an avian anthro with only wings and no traditional arms. But variety is a good thing, and new subject matter is always welcome.

I'll try not to complain about the use of "air sacs" on her figure....
victortky's avatar
such nice feathers and posture. I like the face and the posture. Nice colours too.
RingOfFireXL200's avatar
I know why the caged bird sings! *shot*

Lovly pic, she's beautiful ^V^
Ulario's avatar
Oddly enough... I thought of that book title quite frequently while working on this. XD
RingOfFireXL200's avatar
It was bound to happen X>
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