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Rebel Scum Stamp

This stamp seems to be getting a lot of attention... but it's just a goddamn stamp! I whipped it up in a few minutes! Please take a look at the rest of my gallery, too!


With all the Star Wars fans out there, I am VERY surprised that there aren't more rebellion related stamps. I could only find one other that was kinda like this and it was too friggin huge that I wasn't about ready to put it in my journal. So I decided to make my own. This is my very first attempt at stamp making.

Stamp template by $zilla774

If you are a subscribed member, feel free to use this.
Will probably be moved to scraps sometime soon since it's not really related to my art.
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Can anyone tell me how to apply a stamp onto their profile? Sweating a little... 
CeaciliaSolo's avatar
Like #thuglife against the Empire
Kunaheim's avatar
I love this stamp! It states my thoughts exactly. "Proud to be Rebel Scum!"
Time-dragonD's avatar
Lightsaber time ::D
FunnelVortex's avatar
No. Empire for the win.
Jazzlednightmare16's avatar
Rebel Scum and proud!
OdahviingsGirl's avatar
:jedi::emplllama: Proud indeed T^T
Stephthemando's avatar
Ilove this stamp!!!
cassandra667's avatar
may the force be with you
xwingpilot's avatar
Yay for Rebel Scum!
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I wish I could join the rebellion...
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Here's another Rebel Scum stamp: [link]

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DeeryMe's avatar
You can't beat the rebel alliance logo! :love:
Kotego's avatar
Rebel Alliance FTW D
TheDinosaurMann's avatar
SO TRUE!!! *faves and uses* nicely done! :)
Megadan5's avatar
Go Rebel Alliance!
Grigori77's avatar
Oh c'mon, OF COURSE this is gonna get some attention what with all us Star Wars fans on DA ... hell, I've been trying for fifteen years to find an excuse to get the Rogue Squadron insignia tattoo'd somewhere on me person ... :blush:
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