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My Bio
I'm a science fiction-obsessed geek-ette from Michigan. I'm just a country girl from a small town that's been drawing, writing and world building as long as I can remember. I'm not sure what else to say about myself, so here's some things that I love:
Science fiction (my first love), Star Wars, Firefly, Gryphons, Cute Birdies (especially quaker parrots), mythological creatures, space and astronomy, tea, cooking.

Mean people, oreo cookies, fandom lingo, copycats, strangers who act clingy, earwigs.

This is a business site for me, so please act with respect towards myself and others while you are here. I have little tolerance for trolls, jerks, mooches and people who act like entitled little brats and think that I "owe" them something just because they watch me. I will block people who do not carry themselves with common decency and respect towards others on my sites so don't be one of "those" people.

I have zero tolerance for drama and will immediately ban anyone who tries to bring it to my page!!!

Also, DO NOT ask to buy one of my personal characters or an adopt that I have purchased! They are NOT for sale and you will will only succeed in annoying me and thinking you are incredibly rude!
When I buy or create a character, they are with me for the long haul. Even though you don't see art of them does not mean that I have not already placed them in my galaxy or have some art that I have not posted publicly! Remember, I work on commissions full time, so I do not always have time to draw all the personal characters that I want to!

Favourite Visual Artist
Jason Engle, Allison Theus, David Finch
Favourite Movies
Serenity, Sin City, Spaceballs, The original Star Wars trilogy
Favourite TV Shows
Firefly, Chuck, Supernatural, MST3K
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Alter Bridge, Tantric, Juno Reactor, Aerosmith, Frank Sinatra, Fox Amoore
Favourite Books
Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy (All of them!), the Gunslinger
Favourite Writers
Douglas Adams
Favourite Games
The Sims 3, Star Wars KOTOR, Portal
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Wacom Tablet, Photoshop Versions 6 & CS2, Mechanical Pencils
Other Interests
Drawing, Gryphons, Furries, Fantasy & Sci-Fi

General Info

No fave-bombs please! While I find it flattering that someone likes my work enough to favorite my entire gallery, and I do appreciate the sentiment... with Eclipse it is just too tedious to remove every single message. Thanks for understanding.

Generic Art FAQ

Image/Species/Character Usage FAQ

Commission FAQ

Adoptable FAQ

About the artist FAQ

Requests and Trades FAQ

Azure Wheel Galaxy FAQ

Worldbuilding/Writing FAQ

Character Design

Azure Wheel Character Creation Rules

I will periodically updating this with links to the planned FAQs More FAQs will be added if I think of them.

Have a question that is not answered in these FAQs? Ask via a comment in the appropriate FAQ and I will try to answer it and possibly add it to an FAQ if I feel it needs to be there. Unless you are being a douche and/or a troll. Then I will hide your comment.

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Solar-ParagonProfessional Digital Artist
Hey Ulario!
I had some trouble deciding just which idea to use for your Space Chef-

So I made all of them for you as a sci-fi kitchen crew! I hope that's acceptable!
[Design] Keyword Result : Space Ramsay by Solar-Paragon [Design] Keyword Result : And the kitchen sink by Solar-Paragon [Design] Keyword Result : Oops all chefs by Solar-Paragon [Design] Keyword Result : Too many cooks by Solar-Paragon
[Sorry to comment here! I'm having some trouble sendin' a note on mobile. Once I'm home I'll note your your files! I do hope you like them all! '7']
UlarioProfessional Digital Artist
Daaaang.  O_o

While I was expecting a new species, this is fantastic!  I certainly wasn't expecting an entire kitchen crew.  This is awesome!
Thanks for your hard work with this!
teamlpsandacnlHobbyist Digital Artist
request for me
dany-tetiProfessional Digital Artist
hey there ^^ thank you so much for the watch! I really appreciate it :D
CelticWarlordHobbyist General Artist
Hoi! Hru Ulario! Its been a while since we have chatted and I wanted to check up to make sure you were okay!
070829Student General Artist

I've seen your alien species refs and took a bit of interest in the language and names sections. What is your process for writing these descriptions? And how would you describe a language that sounds similar to Bahasa (Malay or Indonesian)?