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Art hobbyist living in Japan~

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JRPGs, Disgaea, Smash Bros, Final Fantasy 6
Pixel Art, it is something I do now. Time to start uploading it.
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Recently I have begun drawing and finishing artwork again. This is all thanks to my new assistant and colorist, Hendra ( . He's still a bit new to coloring, but he's improving incredibly rapidly. Since he's the main reason I've actually been finishing artwork lately, I'm giving him the props and letting him upload the images to his account as long as he credits my lineart. So if you're interested in my latest work, check out his gallery and give him some love. I'll be checking the comments on those pages myself. And I do so love comments. I'll try to favorite them as well. It's nice to be drawing again after so long.
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Deviation Now!

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Deviant art seems to be a really nice place. I suppose with -this- number of members, /someone/ would be bound to  comment on my pictures. ^_^ It's nice to actually hear what people think, people who actually care about art for art's sake. I'm pleased to see that there are people like that on this service. I hope not -all- my journal entries turn out to be this boring... So yeah, anyway, I started putting up my Dejimon Tarot cards, I hope some people on this board like Anime Tarot stuff... it's really hard to find people who do. ::sigh:: -ucchan
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I love your Digimon Tarot cards. I would love to know which cards you would identify the Digimon Universe characters with.
i love your tarot card set for digimon :o please tell me you're gonna make the rest? cause these are amazing
Waaaaaah, the Digimon Tarot was nice! (I just couldn't find Kouichi's card... Didn't you post it?)
Great job on the Digimon tarot. I just added all those you have done to my favorites. Did not expect to come across my most faithful reviewer just browsing Deviant Art.
Your Digimon Major Arcana cards are AWESOME!! I can't wait for you to finish the rest of them.
I hope you resume your Digimon Major Arcana cards in the future, I would say the Digimon Kaiser can be "The Emperor"...key question is who can be "The Empress" <_<() Ruki? -trying to piece things-
asked apology did not tell you before but now I ask, can I have permission to keep the gifs I've done with your Gatomon? and give me permission to continue using it? I ask you please not for me, if not all people who like the gifs that I made, please