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Hola, hoy vengo con comisiones de Splatoon, estas comisiones tu decides el valor de esta, una vez terminada la comicion pagaras lo que consideres justo o lo que consideres que vale la comición hecha.

1-La referencia del personaje (sea o no de Splatoon)
2-Si el personaje no es de splatoon espesificar si lo quieres Inkling u Octoling
3- Darme una breve descripcion de la personalidad del personaje y sus gustos(Ejemplo: dulces, comida favorita, musica, ETC)

Hi, today I come with Splatoon commissions, these commissions you decide the value of this, once finished the commission you will pay what you consider fair or what you consider that the commission made is worth.1-The reference of the character (whether or not Splatoon)
2-If the character is not splatoon specify if you want it Inkling or Octoling
3- Give me a brief description of the personality of the character and his tastes (Example: sweets, favorite food, music, ETC)
Splatfest Sketch #TeamBaseball by UkyoLovest  Sketch
Chibi Ukyo Inkling by UkyoLovest Chibi
Perla Splatoon2 by UkyoLovest Full
DarkrexS Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yo quiero unas
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