If possible, what would you like to see available for sale from me ?
37 votes
Kamen Rider illustrations book
Kamen Rider original doujinshi
Kamen Rider illustration photoprints
Original characters doujinshi (Ocs, maids, etc...)
Naruto doujinshi
Commissions (SDs, Naruto, Ocs...)
Other (comments plz)

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By Uky0
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Mmm maybe some pins or kechains of the maids serie? I love it <3
(But I don't use to buy online so much, sorry :F)
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Don't worry, it is nice to know your opinion so I can see more what people expect to see :)
Thank you !
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Commission ... WTF, i'm the only crazy guy answering this ? i can't belive it !
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Hehe, I was expecting this kind od vote, and your reaction hahaha :D