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Hello buddies !

Wow, I guess I just beat by far my record of non-updating my journal here.
For the ones following me here and there, I just wanted to say sorry for such a give up on DA...
Since last time, many things happened/changed/started/were planned.
- My Naruto doujinshi is on hold, but hopefully I can finally complete it and make it public. All the pages are done, but I need to frame/letter it to make is nicer...
- The next Kamen Rider doujinshi/fan book is starting. It will be in the same style as "Paint it Black" released in 2010.
- I made 20 pages for the now stopped Ankama magazine named "Wakfu mini". The story is not complete and I wish I could finish it somehow on online or self published version.
- I redid my facebook page. You can suscribe to it clicking here:
- I opened a Tumblr with more WIP and sometimes pictures from my various works, etc:
- I'm planning to open some comission slots for some b/w drawing. I'll tell me soon !

Thank you for reading !


PS: For SIC lovers, feel free to check my scraps (…). If you want to see some details of them, please note me !

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