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Round2 RockLee x Gaara (Naruto Shippuden doujin)

By Uky0
And here is maybe my oldest doujin project... 
Ten years away from now, I drew a full 36 pages fantasy story about the Shippuden version of a Rock Lee / Gaara fight !
After sketching, cleaning and inking all the pages, I totally lost the pages in a folder without being able to find it back... until last month.
And I could (using some sleepless nights) scan it for good, cleaning the pages (I made the mistake to ink on tracing paper at that time), and lettering them.
The story is still 36 pages but asI kept drawing extra sketches and more, I finally printed a 62 pages soft cover book !
I hope I can show you more with pdf samples !
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Wow, you're back! Nice work.

Because I never hear from you since.
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Thank you very much :)
I never really leave art, but I can't really keep up all the networks so I got reaaally lazy on DA... :/ 
Instagram and FB are much easier for me to follow/update. That's sad as DA was maybe the first art community site I joined...