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Kamen Rider 555 Blast form

By Uky0
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SIC Kamen Rider Blaster Form & Megahouse Monster Arch Orphenoch

555 was my first Kamen Rider series and the one which started it all, 9 years ago... I feel definitely old...

(SIC) is (c) Bandai
Kamen Rider is (c) Ishinomori Prod.
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It was the first series I watched from start to finish. I've watched several since than, but Faiz...really wore me out! Something happened to the characters in every...single...episode! It was great, but also made you want to watch the whole series all at once ya know? I don't know if it is my favorite ( love for you is like a truck.), but it is definitely close to the top of the list.

Oh, and the picture is good too :D Almost missed that in my rant. Really love the Arch Orphenoch in the back ground, but I wished they had used him more in series than they did. Faiz Blaster...I love you, but not your empty belt slot. Thanks for rectifying that Uky0. I really, really mean it.
wanna ask u something...
will u let me use any of your design here for my t-shirt collection..?
just need your permission...
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Is it for you personnal use ? Of brand ?
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Blaster...ANd on the back it's...Oh! god is it the king of the Orphenocs! (Or...Kamen Rider Other Agito o,o?)
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It's the Arch Orphenoch, aka King, yes :)
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i'ts really awesome...:)
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Thank you very much :)
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sitcom voice: pazuzu!! *laugh
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